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   Chapter 13 No.13

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - A People Defiled By AaronDennis Characters: 5510

Updated: 2018-01-08 12:03

"They're serious, alright, " Garrett said.

"But this is preposterous, " Gonzalo barked. He stormed towards the fence, but Garrett ran after him and grabbed him by the elbow. A green glow enveloped the merchant. "Turn back, Senior Gonzalo. You must not engage these people. They are dangerous. My friends and I will settle everything. You did your best. It's time to go home." The fencer spoke, hurriedly.

Though Cicatriz was quick to give chase—he was worried about whatever spell had been casted—he heard Garrett's advice, however, and also agreed. "We will go home, friend. We will find another way."

"Yes…yes, of course, " Gonzalo smiled and then chuckled. "I don't know what came over me. We should go home." Glancing over his shoulder towards the Glennmoor mob, he added, "Something has defiled those people…."

Puffing, Garrett gave Cicatriz a look relief. The old man helped his friend back towards the caravan. Cicatriz's men followed, leaving Larson and Garrett by themselves. The citizens of Glennmoor yelled obscenities.

"Leave, " Elana said. "Go back to your decadent ways."


Back at the convoy, Larson and Garrett overheard Cicatriz addressing everyone. He apologized for the fruitless journey and assured them that they were going to band together and speak to King Roan. Though no one was happy about the wasted time, the perilous journey, or the lives lost, they agreed there was no sense in forcing their way into a town that did not want to listen to reason. The head of the guard then gathered Larson and his crew out of earshot.

"I suppose this is goodbye, " Cicatriz said.

"It was very nice meeting you

ng Garrett from the door. "We're weary travelers trying to find rest in Glennmoor for the night, but they won't have us in the city. Do you know why?"

The bar slid shut. The sound of a much larger brace being moved resounded. Finally, the door came open. An old man bent over with age with scraggly, white hair stood before them.

"Troubled times, mm, " he asked; his lips unconsciously moved up and down. "Alls' I can tell ya' is that the Church o' Thaud got everyone up in arms about the state o' the country, but if'n ya' ask me, everything's fine just the way it were. My name's Terry, by the way. Who're all of ya'?"

A speedy introduction was made. Larson stated they were an auxiliary of the king's guard sent on a mission to investigate Glennmoor, but were dismayed at their inability to gain entry to the town. Terry said he, his wife, their children, and their children's children were all confused about the citizens and their families, who had recently tried to convince him to join the rebellion, but maintained that apart from speak of an uprising, he liked his life just fine.

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