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   Chapter 12 No.12

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - A People Defiled By AaronDennis Characters: 5314

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"The mayor ordered us to keep rabble out of Glennmoor, " another hollered back.

"Please, " Gonzalo insisted. "Let her tell me of your troubles. I have influence with the merchants' guild; we will take your concerns to the king, and we will resolve our differences."

"We are tired of oppression, " one woman yelled. "Those stinking nobles only care about the money lining their pockets!"

"That may be, " the old merchant said, still marching towards the people. "Please, I beg of you, listen to reason; our concerns are the same. We wish only to trade with the cities in order to provide people with the goods they need. Your lands are harsh, and we offer you timber, and fruit, and grains. There are others who need your livestock and furs. Why can't we be civil? We are not agents of the nobility."

"You don't understand, " an older man yelled. "Your eyes are closed to the real troubles plaguing this country. An evil has usurped the rulers of Ruvonia and its military; the king will send his guards to kill us, and there is no one we can trust."

"He's probably working for the king, " another claimed.

"Yeah. Look at those guys. They're probably the king's guards here to kill us, " someone else shouted.

"No, " Cicatriz said. He tried to talk some sense into them, but they quickly raised their voices, shook their weapons, and made allegations that there were no traders among the convoy, just an army ready to slaughter the men, women, and children of Glennmoor. "You are mistaken. Can you not see?"

The closer the escort came, the angrier the people of Glennmoor


They turned back towards Glennmoor. A woman with long, dark, braided hair wearing a fine dress was approaching the blockade. An armed escort was with her. They looked to be city guards, but among them were more members of White Wraith. The citizens quieted down when the woman reached the posts. She and her escort took a few steps beyond the perimeter.

"I am Elana, Mayor of the fine city of Glennmoor. I will say this to you; join us in removing the corruption, which has blighted the once proud country of Ruvonia. Listen to the good words of Minister Parish; he has already sparked change in many cities, and his presence in Stormguard has received much adulation. Join us or leave. The choice is yours, but if you do not choose one or the other, we will burn your carts to the ground, " the woman admonished.

At the end of the short speech, the members of White Wraith, along with those in blue robes, raised their hands to the Heavens. Undulating, magickal flames manifested from their palms. Gonzalo and his guards all looked to each other.

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