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   Chapter 11 No.11

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - A People Defiled By AaronDennis Characters: 5426

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"They need ta' learn their lesson, " Wilma claimed. "These damned fools really thought they could take us all out…."

So, they continued, leaving the unconscious to wonder about their decisions; once they came to, of course. Silence persisted for a while. Then, whispers washed over the caravan.

"This is unbelievable, " some of the merchants were astonished. "Maybe Senior Gonzalo is right, " others questioned. "We must make a living, " more stated.

Larson's crew kept pace in silence, though. Glennmoor's outskirts were less than a day away, and the warrior's wondered about the state of the city. Under a clouding sky of dark gray, they trudged onwards to their destination. It was only once the fences corralling the livestock came into view that Cicatriz approached Garrett.

"I believe we may need to turn back, " the old man said.

"I think that you should. There's no need to get involved in fighting townsfolk. These political issues aren't something merchants and mercenaries should be handling. It's best to let the king and his court decide what to do, " Garrett replied.

"I will have words with Gonzalo…what will you do if he does not turn back?"

"Nothing…I doubt he'll have any more luck once we get to the city. He'll turn back. I just hope we don't have to fight again; these poor saps surely don't even understand why they're fighting with us."

By the time they were meandering through the dusty trails, which encircled the farmlands, the crew spotted ranch hands. The people gawked at the convoy, but then they ran indoors. It seemed they were frightened; the lights from candles burning

o have been fooled by his evil pretense."

"Then, what exactly do you plan to do?" Cicatriz pressed.

"I'm hoping Gonzalo turns back without too big a fuss, and then our crew can try to gather some information form the farmers while the merchants bring these troubles to the attention of King Roan, " Garrett stated.

"Let's go, " Gonzalo said. He had walked up to them as they finished their thoughts. Cicatriz looked him up and down. Worried expressions creased faces, and the old merchant adjusted his finery. "I think a dozen of us will be enough to keeps things civil."

So, a dozen guards including Cicatriz, Larson, Garrett, Lyalla, and eight others escorted Gonzalo the next mile to the hewn posts surrounding the whole of Glennmoor. The closer they came, they heavier the rains fell; their surroundings grew dark, ominous, and chilly. Wiry trees and bushes danced in the winds, and two dozen citizens gathered on their side of the road.

"Turn back, " one of them called out.

"We come simply to discuss these troubled times with the mayor, " Gonzalo declared.

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