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   Chapter 10 No.10

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - A People Defiled By AaronDennis Characters: 5115

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By the time nightfall set in, and clouds swirled overhead obscuring the moon and stars, a chill settled onto the crew. The people from Ruvonia wrapped travel cloaks over their armor, but the men from Faaltosk were quite warm in their furs. Before too long, a glow grew visible in the darkness; an orange haze. After closing the distance, Cicatriz mentioned to everyone that people were up ahead. Curiosity got the best of Lyalla and Wilma; they jogged a few feet ahead to see three men in peasants' clothing standing under the light of a torch. It was mounted to a single post behind a row of shorter, hewn posts; someone had set up a blockade directly on the road just south of the Glennmoor farmlands.

Cicatriz told them all to halt, and as the caravan slowed, and the orders swam through the merchants and guards, Gonzalo snapped the reins on his horses. "Whoa, " he called to the animals. They snorted and puffed while the escort organized a formation around the convoy. Conversations regarding the placement of the blockade rushed through the crowd. "Calm down, everyone, " the head merchant placated his people.

Gonzalo hopped off the cart and approached one of the citizens while Cicatriz, Lyalla, and Wilma tottered behind him. "Excuse us, but we would like to continue on to Glennmoor, " the old merchant said.

The peasants moved away to a rack with spears resting against the wooden slats. Garrett, Larson, and Yoris had followed the regular guards and stood behind Gonzalo. Uneasy glances passed, and breaths were

ur offers, " he said, sadly. "But I must hear these words from the mayor…if she truly wishes us to leave…then, we will leave you in peace. Come on, everyone. We will go around these fools."

In dismay, the convoy took to moving around the posts. Since the blockade was not a true obstacle, the horses simply trotted over the loosely packed soil around the road. The citizens looked on helplessly. From grumbling to one another, they turned to shouting insults at the caravan. One of them had yet to learn his lesson and he blindsided one of the guards with a hay maker. The guard stumbled and fell over, but his friends were quick to provide retribution. No sooner had they begun to pummel to the citizen that the others joined in to help their folk. In a matter of seconds, the guards had knocked out the opposition and left them snoring on the ground.

Lyalla looked on in amazement and sympathy. She made to approach the injured, but Garrett held her back. He shook his head.

"I want to heal them, " she said.

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