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   Chapter 9 No.9

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - A People Defiled By AaronDennis Characters: 5254

Updated: 2018-01-08 12:03

"Sorry, " Larson and Garrett said.

"It is alright. I believe you are good people…excuse me. I will go and see my friend."

As the guard lumbered off, Larson widened his eyes and winced. Garrett smirked and shook his head before pushing his hair back. Nearly asleep on their feet, they tromped off to find a comfortable spot to rest, which wasn't easy since the sun was shining so brightly, and out in the open, there was no shade. Garrett decided to crawl beneath a cart. Larson purposefully tripped over Garrett's feet, claiming it an accident. A single finger protruded from beneath the cart, and the warrior laughed before he, too, found some shade by curling up on the ground behind a tent.


Larson came to as the garbled sound of chatter slowly rolled around his disassociated mind; he hadn't been dreaming, but he had obviously passed out in the shade, leaving his thoughts wild. As he drew breath and worked his stiff body to an upright position, he rubbed grit from his eyes and focused on the sound of voices; Gonzalo and Cicatriz were talking with some unfamiliar people. The warrior stumbled around some tents to find just about everyone else was also waking due to the commotion.

"Larson, " Yoris said and nodded.

"What's going on?"

"A fur trader has returned from Glennmoor."

The warrior looked from his orcish compatriot to the people chatting around a horse drawn cart. The trader and his mercenary escort were relaying their experience to the convoy. Gonzalo rubbed his chin and kept shaking his head. Cicatriz patted him on the shou

rett chuckled.

Wilma smirked and shook her head. The sound of small rocks being crushed into the dirt from the innumerable, booted feet gave the trek a solid tempo; everything was like a piece of an orchestra—the wagon wheels' squeaks, the horse hooves' clomps, and the parade of men whispering and chuckling—it all blended together. The old man cleared his throat, sipped from his water skin, and offered it to the others.

As the goat skin went around, Cicatriz turned to Garrett. "It looks like Thomas was truthful about the blockade." The old man trailed off for a moment. "I wonder if we'll see more trouble, and this business about ogres in Glennmoor…this is very upsetting."

"It certainly is, " Lyalla agreed.

"Aye, " Wilma added.

"What do you plan to do once we arrive, " Cicatriz pried.

"Once we get there, you'll be denied entry, so I hope you all turn back without too much fuss, and then, later that night, the six of us will sneak beyond the barricades and get a glimpse of the city for ourselves, " Garrett answered.

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