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   Chapter 5 No.5

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - A People Defiled By AaronDennis Characters: 5347

Updated: 2018-01-08 12:03

"Get out, " Garrett laughed, and Lyalla threw a pillow at the warrior.

"Hey, so violent. I just wanted to make sure you two were alright, " the warrior jested.

"We're fine, " Lyalla huffed.

"Go away, " Garrett added.

"Fiiine, " the warrior laughed, turned, and left only to poke his head right back in. The young couple were already sprawled out on the sheets. "One more thing." Garrett chucked a full water skin at his friend. "Ouch! Okay!"

Larson heard his friends laughing, so he walked off to climb a cart and lied down on the hard, wooden bench. Removing his helmet and closing his eyes, he focused his awareness on his ears. He heard the guards on watch telling tales of adventure. Someone joked about their childhood trial of fighting bears. A sudden groan drew his attention, but before he was able to react, a thud resounded followed by screams of horror.

"To arms! To arms!" someone howled out.

Larson deftly hopped from the cart while everyone came bolting out of their tents. He had to push past people to find someone on the ground surrounded by the guards, who had weapons drawn. They were claiming that in the middle of conversations, one of the guards had been struck by a boulder that came hurtling from the cliffs above them.

"Garrett! Lyalla!" Yoris shouted.

As another horrendous roar emanated from the darkness, most of the warriors surrounded the campfire; the others tried to force the gasping merchants back into their tents. Yoris dragged a barely dressed Lyalla by the sleeve and set her to heal the injured guard, but his head was smashed beyond reco

"Cicatriz, " Gonzalo called.


"Are we safe?"

"For the moment, " the warrior claimed.

"Who is harmed, " the old merchant asked, peeking over his friend's shoulder.

"Two of our men are dead. The elf is healing the wounded."

"Seanessy, " Gonzalo said as the dwarf approached. "Your friend was right to sell me your contract."

"Aye, " the dwarf nodded. "These be dangerous routes fer' certain."

"Wait a minute, " Garrett huffed as he, too, came jogging over. "Where's Thomas?"

They held their breaths and scanned the area. From what they were able to see under the light of a campfire and a full moon, most everyone was accounted, yet Thomas was not present.

"Where is he, " Cicatriz asked and stormed off to look for him. The others also started looking for the stranger, but no one saw a sign of him. The head of the guard then approached Senior Gonzalo. "Sir, I."

"What is it, " the old merchant asked.

"Gianna is dead."

Another hush washed over the convoy for a moment. Then, a man stumbled over, his hand to his mouth.

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