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   Chapter 4 No.4

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - A People Defiled By AaronDennis Characters: 5537

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Yoris looked at Larson, who smiled back. The brute was certainly a strange mix of races. Though a bit greenish of hue due to his orcish heritage, he looked more like a human, but bald with angular features, a big, bottom jaw—which gave him a somber appearance—and he had dark, shiny eyes. The steel bracers and greaves Mathew had bought him accentuated his immense physique, and the straps holding his leather cuirass in place were ready to burst from his thick torso, yet his placid expression and intellectual demeanor made him an enigma.

"What is it, friend?" Larson asked with a furrowed brow.

The rest turned to him as well, and he said, "I have seen creatures moving through the low peaks."

"What creatures, " Garrett demanded.

"I believe they may have been the ogres Thomas fled."

"Did you see ogres?" Larson pressed him.

"It is difficult to say…I saw something, " he answered, looking to the ground. "Yet, whatever it was has only been following us."

"What exactly did you see, " Lyalla pried.

Slowly shaking his head, he said he saw only figures, shadows that occasionally appeared and vanished before he made an inference. He then admitted they could have been anything, even cultists, undead, or possibly spies of some sort.

"I'd hate to think the forces of destruction already know we're here, " Larson stated.

"We should take that into consideration, " Garrett posed. "We fought Lionel in Stormguard, and he teleported away before we could do anything. Since he's in league with Parish, and they can certainly both teleport, they could in fact communicate with one another. No doubt they've eyes and ears in Stormguard

called. The group nearly jumped out of their skin; they had forgotten they were among people, and Doris of Faaltosk had called them. "'Bout ready to head out?"

"That was a quick break, " Wilma spat. "Aye, we're ready!"

The rest grumbled, stretched, and started marching once again. After taking formations, they mingled with the regular contingent. More trudging persisted, but no one from Larson's gang spoke about the tumultuous plans regarding Minister Parish. Instead, they turned to idle conversations about wine, women, and work. Upon the rise of a full moon, they erected one more camp. Another flask of whiskey was passed around during dinner. Then, the question of who would take first watch arose.

Wilma and Yoris mentioned they were pleased to take the first watch; a few of Cicatriz's men also claimed they were too wired to sleep, so a group of six sat around a small fire. During that time, Garrett and Lyalla found a young merchant who wanted to chat with his friends, so he allowed them a stay in his tent. Larson was quick to dash over and poke his nose where it didn't belong.

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