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   Chapter 3 No.3

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - A People Defiled By AaronDennis Characters: 5198

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"You never mentioned that, " Larson said.

"Never felt it was necessary."


Garrett drew a long breath and looked overhead. Puffy clouds washed over the deep blue sky. Some of the clouds were very high and looked painted over a blue canvas; it was a breath taking sight, yet the fencer grew despondent.

"It doesn't really matter, but I think in this case we should be prepared for ogres. They certainly could live in the mountains, and the men from Faaltosk seemed convinced of their presence."

"I'm sure they're real, " Seanessy said.

"They may be, but I would think they could have easily killed an unarmed traveler…I'm just not sure his story adds up, but we're here to provide safety, " Larson acquiesced.

"Well, technically, we're here to enter Glennmoor unnoticed, " Garrett corrected.

"Speaking of, " the warrior mumbled, "Mathew wasn't exactly clear on the details."

The fencer peeked around then slowed his gait. Larson slowed as well, and Seanessy, who was practically running, slowed to a dwarven mosey in order to listen. Since Garrett felt no one was able to hear them over hooves and wagon wheels, he answered his compatriot.

"So far as I can tell, we're simply here to escort these merchants into Glennmoor. Once they're there, our contract is over, and we can parade around the city as tourists. As usual, we'll hit the taverns, shops, and temples, and see what's what."

"But we're s'posed ta' flush out Parish, no, " Seanessy asked.

"Yes, " Larson and Garrett said. Then, Larson added, "But flush him out from where, and do what? Where do we corner him, and how will we make him talk? We couldn't even see Owens without Mathew's magick; he nearly killed us."

"The detective kind of left that up to us, " the fencer said and pushed back his hair.

"You have a plan, don't you, " the warrior smirked.

"I do, but I won't talk about it now, " he trailed off, mysteriously.

Their trek rolled on in relative comfort. There were no monsters and no sights of other traders taking that particular trail. The others of Larson's crew mixed and mingled with current company, and spirits were high. Marching across the vast landscape of northern Ruvonia was indeed a wonderful sight. Between the northern, jagged mountains, the southern, rocky hills, the pleasurable weather, and the decent company, the adventurers nearly forgot their quest, or at least they were able to take the time to enjoy life. While Larson thought about his brother from time to time, he kept his troubles to himself. He suspected the others were doing the same, and dec

ided to chat about something more amenable.

"So, " he started and cleared his throat. "Seansy, how's your wife feel about you traipsing all over the country while she's at home?"

"What's that s'posed' ta' mean?" he barked.

Raising his hands in a half shrug of disbelief, he said, "I mean; she must not miss your terrible attitude too much."

"Ya'd best be jokin', lad."

"Cool yer' forge, laddie, " Larson said, mimicking Seanessy's mannerisms.

"That's me line, not yers'!"

The warrior smiled. "Tell me about your wife, man."

"What's ta' say? She's tall, pretty, she can cook, she's a great mother–"

"Mother?!" Larson and Garrett exclaimed.

"Yes, mother! We've a beautiful, baby girl together!"

Laughing, they joked about what a child bred from human and dwarf must look like. "Well, she ain't got a beard!" Seanessy howled.

The others overheard and laughed. "Did, did you know humans and dwarves could mate?" Larson snickered.

"I did, " Garrett chuckled. "You'd be surprised how many people are half dwarven or elven. They don't always look like the other races; humans have a way of making their features prevalent…as much as the orcs do."

"Huh, " Larson mused.

The dwarf shook his head in aggravation. "I'd hate ta' see yer' child."

"Well, now, hold on, " the warrior said. "I didn't say your girl was ugly."

"Well, I'm sayin' yer' daughter would be!"

Again, they all laughed. Roaring laughter from behind them also ensued. They glanced to their rear. Apparently, the others near the forefront of the group enjoyed themselves just the same. Eventually, as the laughter died down, and feet grew sore, and knees grew tight, and bellies rumbled, they came to halt atop a propitious precipice overlooking the eastern meadows. The greening grasses a thousand feet below them danced, and as the zephyrs caressed the delicate blades, white puffs of dandelions cascaded over the expanse.

Once more, camp was made, except no tents were raised. Someone made a fire from some old wood pulled from a supply wagon. Larson's crew gathered a dozen or so yards from everyone else.

"How's erryone' doin'?" Wilma inquired.

"Traveling in armor is absolutely dreadful, " Lyalla claimed and plunked down on the ground. Garrett had talked her into purchasing a scaled vest like his own. She tugged at the padded seams by her armpits. "My gals are smooshed."

"Mf, oh yeah, " Garrett said and bit his lower lip, playing sexy.

The elf exhaled and shook her head. "You'll get used to it, " Wilma claimed.

"I certainly hope not, " Lyalla fired back.

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