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   Chapter 2 No.2

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"Um, greenish, I guess, " Thomas replied. "Tough to say in the dark, but I think they were green, or brown, and very big with puffy, frog eyes."

His answer started a new argument about the reality of ogres, and the men from Faaltosk remained adamant that the description fit their sightings of the monsters. Eventually, the Ruvonians agreed it was possible that ogres inhabited the mountains. Larson's crew eyed each other. Frowns wrinkled faced.

"These people don't seem to get along all too well, " Garrett whispered.

"The guards might work together, but they be from different countries, " Seanessy announced, also in a whisper.

"Well, it doesn't matter much, " Lyalla said. "Thomas?"


"When did you last see the ogres?"

"When I broke my leg. I jumped from a high rock to a much lower area to get away—they were nearly on me—but that was the last time I saw them clearly. After that, as I scrambled on, I just saw some shadows move here and there."

"Senior, " Cicatriz asked the aged, wiry man wearing a silken doublet.

The head merchant strode over to Thomas. "How many were there?"

"I didn't count them, " Thomas snipped. Cicatriz then invaded his personal space. Though Thomas was a bit taller than the guard, he was only about half as thick. "Um, maybe six?" he peeped.

"Can we handle six ogres, " Senior Gonzalo asked his man.

"I can maybe handle one."

"As can I, " Yoris added.

"We can whittle away at the rest, " Seanessy remarked.

"I'd like to see that, " Larson chuckled to Garrett, who smiled.

"No doubt he can whack one right in the noodle, " the fencer joked.

"Yer' damned right, " the dwarf howled.

"Yes, " Larson finally said. "We could handle six ogres, but do you want to run the risk? It's fine by me either way."

"You're all crazy, " Thomas disputed. "Six ogres can tear your carts to pieces and eat the horses while they're at it. We need to leave immediately."

"We will wait, " Gonzalo ordered, fiddled with the jewels on his wrists, and moseyed off to his tent.

"I suppose that's it then, " Cicatriz said. "Double the guard. The rest of you try to get some rest. Garrett and Lyalla, will you keep watch with us?"

The duo glanced at each other then nodded. Thomas was led to a tent for food, water and rest, and the eight guards discussed the best way to handle ogres. Wilma and Seanessy commented on their clumsy movement and said that taking out their legs was the key to success, but although they remained alert for hours, nothing presented itself, and they began wo

ndering about Thomas's claim. Eventually, the eight guards were relieved by Yoris and seven others; some of them maintained Thomas was a liar.


The following morning, as the sun rose over the flat, southwestern horizon and the hawks and the vultures took to the skies, the travelers secured their gear, mounted their carts or horses, and started taking the precarious trails that wound into the mountains' base. Wilma had advised Cicatriz that the trail through the flatter extent away from the mountain was safer, but the old man replied that Gonzalo always took the mountain trail because attacks were only possible from their front. He also mentioned that it was one day shorter as they didn't have to wander south, out of their way, to avoid the cliffs.

Marching ahead of the caravan, the better part of the escorts kept their eyes peeled for a sign of danger; be it ogres, men, or undead. Larson fiddled with his new helmet, another spiked helmet, but since it was purchased from a general smith, it hadn't been tailored for his square head. Griping about it resulted in a witty comeback from the dwarf.

"Told ya' dwarven smiths is the way ta' go, " Seanessy chuckled. "O'course', I don't think there be enough steel ta' cover that mountain ya' calls a head."

Rolling his eyes and shaking his head as some of the guards chuckled at his expense, Larson admitted dwarven craftsmanship was indeed superb. "However, " he added, "Margol back in Xorinth can teach you dwarves a thing or two about working steel."

"Keep yer' eyes on the road, " the dwarf rebutted.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah."

The convoy trudged on, up, and down the rocky, hilly extent. The grayish mountains loomed ominously, and the heavy shadow cast down by the noon sun behind the peaks made the strenuous journey a little less miserable. Sometimes, the guards passed around flasks or chewed a bit of dried meat. Conversations regarding ogres kept arising. Frowning, Larson glanced around for Thomas and spotted him talking to a merchant on horseback. He seemed much calmer than the previous night.

"Hey, " Garrett called as he jogged up to Seanessy and Larson. "What do you think about those ogres?"

"I was just wondering about them, myself, " Larson admitted.

"I don't think we'll be seein' 'em, " Seanessy remarked.

"I'm inclined to agree, " the warrior nodded.

"Lyalla is convinced Thomas was telling the truth, " Garrett mentioned.

"And you, " Larson asked.

"Well…I didn't believe in kobolds until I saw them kill my friends, " the fencer sighed.

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