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Fly Til Dusk (boyxboy) (CANCER - BOOK 2) By MoonlitFigures Characters: 10794

Updated: 2018-07-11 12:17

It had been a long two weeks for Idos, and with the lords Valider had managed to scoop up, it was alarming.

The man didn't seem to house them in one area, no. None of them were aware of what was to come, and Idos wasn't either. There was just a party going on in the castle.

Mylo wasn't allowed. No one was unless you had the blood of a noble. Kelin didn't, and Mylo, realistically did not. The only exception to this was the priests that were in attendance.

They sat at a long table near the end of the room, discussing the matter at hand while the emperor sat on the throne like he owned the world. There was something about this that certainly was off.

Idos' sight steered off to the side, the very thought rousing him into the memory of the night before.

Nina pointed to the crudely drawn map on the table, the same one that was in his family's library.

"He trusts you. We send these scouts in for any other prisoners that he might have. After that, we leave, " The goddess explained as the others formed around her. She then looked to Idos, nodding, "I assume that you have enough control of your power to get yourself out of there?"

Idos nodded, Mylo's hand on his shoulder, "I have an idea. It hasn't come to me fully yet."

"And when will that be?" Nina suddenly asked, "You seem to be saying that a lot. Is there something you'd like to say to the rest of us?"

Idos tensed. It was a simple truth. You can't rush what you can't control.

"Nina, " Mylo warned.

The leader held her hand out, "Okay, okay. Sorry. I get this has lots of risks that involve you and your life in the line."

The others stayed quiet as they continued to converse. Idos, not having any to do with this doubt, got to his feet and walked out of the room. Mylo was hot on his trail.

"You shouldn't let her bully you, ya' know?" Mylo said, stopping him in the hall.

Idos was used to getting bullied all the time, and he was used to just taking it and sucking it up like a good boy. The boy turned to him and made a face, "She's not bullying me, Mylo. She's just... giving some tough love to her uncle."

Mylo rolled those beautiful eyes, "Tough love? Seriously, you barely said anything to her. If you want, I can talk to her."

Idos shook his head, continuing on his way, "I think I can defend myself, My."

"Is this about tomorrow? I get it, you're nervous, " Mylograbbed his shoulder and forced the god to stop on his heels, "It's a very big risk that we're taking, and you have a lot of pressure on your shoulders. I know you can't cope well with this kind of pressure on you and--"

"Mylo!" Idos snapped, turning to him and stabbing his finger to his chest, "You know nothing about how I feel right now, " His voice then grew quiet as he pulled away and clenched his fists, "I have so many depending on powers that I barely have an ounce of control over. I have priests barking in one ear and bloody soldiers in the next. I have so much on my plate that suddenly dumped onto me. I'm about to break."

Idos reached up to feel tears following down his cheeks. He was sobbing.

"Just go back to my bloody brother. Spending your damn time with him more than me, " He hissed, his pride getting the best of hi

was happening.

"Originally, I had hoped that he would be sensible and accept his fate, but he craves power. It is clear that the line has ended here, for now, " He let go of his hand as Valider gasped for breath, falling to the ground. The priest grabbed the sword as the jewels lit up brightly, "It will begin a new era. We have come here to denounce him from the throne and announce you, Idos Caeles, to be king of Luna's most holy land."

There were gasps around the room from the many nobles before him as Valider continued to catch his breath while he tried to pull himself away.

"You. . . you can't. . ." Valider started.

"Luna decides the fate of this land, and she has decided that you have failed your job and failed Leo. You have disgraced this land with your foolish actions. Idos Caeles, down to your knee, " He ordered. Idos followed as the priest placed the edge of the blade on his shoulder and then onto the other, "By the authority of the holy goddess and her grace, I denounce Leo's title of god of royalty. Cancer shall now be the god of Royalty and bear the line with his child, the first dark prince."

The priest dropped the sword and gently grabbed the egg. The others started to hum as both Idos and the egg started to glow. When they were done, the egg looked so much brighter, more full of life, if gems could even do such a thing.

Idos touched his face, his brand showing. He felt power enter him as he reached up to feel a crown on his head. The crown jewels weren't his brother's anymore. It was one fat ruby.

"You can't take this away from me!" Valider screamed as he fought to get to his feet. He had looked so menacing, but now, he looked corrupted. His skin was sickly pale, and anyone could see the pulsing dark blue veins underneath it, "I refuse to be thrown away. I will be important."

His assistant, the witch Daley, flicked her hand before teleporting him away along with her.

While that happened, Idos stood there, soaking it all in.

I. . . I didn't want to steal. . . He thought as he couldn't even finish the thought.

If Leo wasn't the God of Royalty, then. . . what was he anymore?

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