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Fly Til Dusk (boyxboy) (CANCER - BOOK 2) By MoonlitFigures Characters: 10092

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(Dedicated to those who patiently and comment things that give me wicked ideas that aren't on purpose. Love you guys! Deserve a double chapter :)!)

It was unbelievable the amount of tension brewing in the atmosphere, but here Mylo was, up against the very two people he had seen betray him.

Mylo placed his hand Idos' shoulder. The boy was tense for obvious reasons.

"I thought I would come visit you first, Idos, " Emperor Valider said, surprisingly calmer than usual, "You are the largest, and your family has a history with Cancer. You know what happens when you work with the enemies?"

Idos nodded, "Of course, your majesty. I will be beheaded for treason."

"Good, I like to know that we understand each other, " The emperor smiled madly, "Cancer died and came back. I believe that he would come here since his pathetic little demon mate continued his line here. If I see any reason to suspect that there is a bit a drop of dark magic here, I will arrest you. Am I clear?"

Idos froze up, only for a millisecond, before nodding, "Of course. You may roam around and inspect my home. You'll see that everything is the way it should."

Mylo couldn't keep his eyes off of Daley, the woman that betrayed Noble, him, and their entire village. The demon was in the shadows while Kelin, as young as he was now, stood beside his lord, but that didn't calm his nerves and anger in the slightest.

"Good. I will have my guards search your home, and if you come up dry, then you will be invited to the castle to celebrate. I only want those who aren't fools to join me in my pursuits of the kingdom, " The emperor sat up as well as the lord as Idos bowed to him.

Mylo noticed that there was something in his eyes brewing. Hatred, anger, and he even saw a bit of. . . pain?

As soon as the king left, Idos was able to drop his facade. Idos was practically shaking with anger, his fists clenched.

Mylo never got to tell him, that he figured it out. Mylo figured why Idos was acting so strange. he had seen it before, but just about everything was keeping him from telling him that his secret was out. Mylo knew.

"My lord?" Kelin sat the lord down as Idos began to shake, "You must calm down before he comes back. he will be able to see your reaction."

"Just... Just let me calm down, okay? I need to breathe, and he was suffocating me. You're suffocating me. Please just go and do something, and when I feel the need to have you at my side, then I will very damn well call you at my side. Am I clear?" Idos sneered.

Kelin nodded and walked out like it was nothing. It was clear that was something was so terribly wrong now.

Mylo walked out of the shadows, settling down next to his husband. They were silent for a small moment, but it was evident that Idos was trying his hardest not to blow up at his demon.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Mylo whispered.

"I. . . " The lord closed his eyes and let out a long sigh, rubbing his face, "I don't know."

"Well, take a breath. It's going to b

s left hand felt so much more natural. He had been training with it for the last two and a half years of his life.

He walked up to the dummy and made precise movements. He made sure not to make too many scratches or use up the rest of his energy. He had so very little, but there was some therapeutic about releasing emotions like that despite not having the energy to even do so.

He put his family sword away and decided to go spar with a trainee. The boy looked nervous but slightly amused. Was he going to lose to a cripple?

Yes, he did, multiple times. It always ended with Idos standing and the other on the floor, panting. Being personally taught by the best sword hands in the country had its perks.

He managed to avoid Mylo for the rest of the day, seeing that if he tried to talk to him now, it would end in a very embarrassing and unavoidable conversation. Idos didn't even want to know what he was going to say. Idos was just that much of a coward when it came to his mistakes.

When it came time for the king to finish his search, he was pleasantly surprised to hear that he had passed his test. Idos guessed that he just wasn't that smart to begin with if he didn't smell any dark magic. The damn place was reeking of it.

Emperor Valider handed the lord a golden invitation, "Here, this is your access to the castle once the time comes. I will send a messenger once I have the traitor."

Idos could only bow and nod as the king was escorted back to his carriage in front of the manor.

As the carriage trotted off, Kelin stood beside him, watching them also, "I had the servants hide everything they could. I gave them light charms too, " He explained, standing behind him, "The church will be attending at the same time. They wish to speak to you before the party starts."

Idos nodded as he watched the gates close, finally.

But then he shook his head. Valider was a fool. The Leo bloodline had failed the monarchy.

Perhaps it was time for the Cancer Bloodline to begin.

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