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Fly Til Dusk (boyxboy) (CANCER - BOOK 2) By MoonlitFigures Characters: 11413

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"We will have scouts spy on the outer walls while we try and find a suitable entrance into the city, " Nina ordered, pointing to the map, "After that, we will find refuge inside Idos' home. He has a wing that is unused. We will be able to hide in there."

Idos looked around at the war table, spotting his brother and the lion.

"Doesn't that prove difficult?" Said Noble, pointing to the little token that was supposed to represent Idos' home, "The emperor is supposedly going around to check for signs of treason against him. My brother is clearly first since he is inside the capital city itself." Raja nodded as the god continued, "He would have to cloak us in darkness, and he does not have enough power to do that to a whole squad of scouts."

Nina looked to her fathers and sighed, "You are correct, but is it a risk we are willing to take?"

All the attention seemed to be placed onto the lord's shoulders. He wasn't powerful enough to even try and cloak thirty men with his powers. His silver eyes glanced down as they fluttered in a rush of anxiety.

"Let's do it, " Idos finally spoke, the back of his head being stared into by his husband behind him, "I'll try to improve my abilities by then."

Nina looked to her uncle before nodding, "Then it is settled. I will send some spies to find a hole in the wall big enough to fit a man through. We will inform you when it is safe to arrive at your house, uncle."

The meeting was dismissed after that, and Idos felt arms wrap around him.

"Idos, " Mylo whispered, "Can you meet me outside the camp? Near the lake? I need to talk to you about something important."

Idos suddenly felt somewhat... concerned. It may have been his insecurities, but he felt something off. The demon then walked out of the tent without the second word to him nor anyone for that matter.

Trust him, will you? Said a sweet voice in his head, strikingly as similar as his own. He would never hurt you, right?

Idos faltered as he got to his feet to leave the tent. Mylo would never hurt him. They were bound for life and whatever was after that, an endless cycle of loyalty. He raised his hand and played with the ring on his finger, the same ring that was centuries old.

"Til death does us part, " Idos muttered to himself. But then he realized that death didn't even part them. Mylo would live forever as long as Idos had a reason to exist.

Idos took his time walking down the winding path of the resistance camp. It was more like a village now that so many had come to see the possibilities of a better future. The market was even set up, and every time Idos would pass the very same tent with the children, they would all... stare.

It was odd, however, because he remembered seeing a little girl... right before he dropped at the party. It was a flash like she was pushing him instead of Capricorn. She was also there in the darkness, a small little light. She was there. She was here.

Idos stopped and stared at her light brown hair and her silver-gray eyes. She seemed so little, so innocent. She was playing with an elf boy. He had jet black hair and bright purple eyes. The man walked over and sat next to them, determined to figure out who she was.

"You two seem to be having fun, " Idos pointed out, crossing his legs.

They were both playing with a small ball.

The little girl giggled, "Yes, we are. Aren't we, Donovan?" She threw the b

bit his lip, "I knew I was, and I thought that if I just died, then my son Kelo would success me. I've trained him in everything I can possibly teach him. He is such a fine warrior and a tactician. He has love for everything, and I wouldn't leave you with a more suitable person. He's so loyal to the cause, but more importantly, to his lord, you."

Idos couldn't really fight that if he was being honest. Kelin always found a way to shut him up with his damned wise words and his emotionally-energized words.

"I trust you, " Idos murmured, "I trust you with my life. Just... take it carefully. Baby steps as they say. Mylo told me that Aquarius didn't know what he was doing, and in the thick of it, he placed a blessing on you."

Kelin then started to laugh, "Quite ironic, my lord. Wouldn't it be best that you place me with a blessing? I barely know the man, yet he placed such a scarred thing onto me. I pledge my soul unwilling to him but my own loyalty is to you."

"We will work it out, " Idos determined, "Just go to sleep. Warm yourself up. I trust the healers will keep me updated and you in safe arms." He pressed his forehead against his Commander's, "I give you my blessing. May you use my power to keep you safe." Idos pressed a kiss behind his ear before pulling away. There was a mark.

Idos left the tent with a sigh of relief. So many things were happening at the same time. At that point, the lord was socially drained of doing anything. His body just started to fall, the darkness consuming him.

The falling was thrilling, but it somehow calmed him. He stayed in the state of freefall, enjoying the darkness rushing past him.

It enjoyed his presence. Idos could feel it.

You're still running away from your problems? That little torturer whispered, You're leaving them when you need them most, but you rather spend time in here, the empty waste of space?

It isn't empty nor is it a waste, Idos snapped back, It is the darkness. It is the only thing that will understand me and the upcoming issues to come.

Who wants you to be king? That's your brother's job.

Idos didn't answer back. He was too tired to, but one thing was clear.

Someone wanted him to have that crown, and in that very moment at that very second, it was him.

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