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Fly Til Dusk (boyxboy) (CANCER - BOOK 2) By MoonlitFigures Characters: 11334

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The reunion with his older brother had been a long-coming one. After Idos had awakened to his powers, he had been hailed and crowned again as the shadow realms exalt once more. It was a truly good feeling for him, and his memories finally returned. Also saving his younger brother Aquarius had been a feat on its own. Luckily, he hadn't been caught.


Idos watched as Leo made his way with him back towards camp. It was a somber silence between the two, but it was a comfortable one at best. The camp was a welcoming sight, and Mylo, of course, was waiting there for the lord as they walked back.

"You hadn't told me you were guiding my older brother, " Idos pointed out, stabbing his finger into Mylo's chest.

The demon grinned, "Well, I was set on a mission. We didn't want him prematurely killed. That was twice, but now, he should be safe."

Idos looked over back to his brother. Raja or Tharros instantly stuck to Noble's side. Nina was discussing something with them. It didn't look too dire, so the exalt didn't worry too much.

"You look a bit upset, love. What bothers you?" Mylo inquired. He leaned into Idos's personal space so that he could whisper it if he must, "Did the return of your brother upset you?"

No, is what Idos wanted to say, but he couldn't exactly pinpoint how he felt. His family. . . His true family is coming together, yet why did he feel so aggravated by the idea? Idos bit his lip at the thought and shook his head, "No, I am just a little tired. I'm having to transport here and back to the manor. With that, you must come with. It is tiring to both of us."

Mylo didn't say anything, because Idos knew he was telling the truth.

An uncomfortable amount of minutes went past, and Mylo, being the more confident one, decided to break the silence.

"How about we go for a fly, huh? That always seems to clear your head, " Mylo suggested.

Idos nodded his head before he could really answer him verbally.

The Lord remembered the first time he had shifted into his dragon this lifetime. It was painful, but he felt free. He always felt free when he flew on top of the world and into the stars.

Both of them got to a secluded area before Idos started to strip out of his clothes. His draconian features started to form as soon as he shirt was thrown to the side. Once he was completely naked, he found Mylo staring at him, biting his lip.

"Is there a problem?"

Mylo shook his head, "Well, I don't consider watching my husband strip in front of me a problem. It's more an invitation more than anything."

Before Mylo could get his dirty little hands on Idos, he shifted to a dragon. The gleam of his ruby scales reflected off the twin suns' rays. His wings ached to be free and to stretch. Idos was so ready to feel the air on his face. That was the best part about it.

Sadly, it ended as quickly as it started. Idos was really feeling out of it, and eventually, he was going to have to get back to the estate and live normally. But why should he when he could fly freely through the clouds now? avoiding the doubt that plagued him for years?

Idos kept Mylo there to stay there for the night to situate his brother and help him figure out some things. He entered the realm, and by the time he opened his eyes, he was already in his bedroom. The silky sheets hugged his slim torso, and his pillow was fluffy. It seemed. . .

." He glanced at the man, "I will do everything in my power for you to stay with me, by my side. You are so valuable. I will follow your advice and become the emperor. But whatever happens, even with the rebellion, I will always protect you. Always."


The word got around that Valider was coming to the manor first in his conquest to snuff out Cancer, or whatever God he would come across. The demons weren't really scared of him, but the peasant servants, elves, humans, and the such, were afraid of him.

It was no lie that Idos was afraid. There should be no reason for him to be. He was a god. He could teleport, and he could turn into a dragon. He also was chosen by the official church that he would take the throne.

It was. . . overwhelming, at best.

Idos found comfort in the blankets of his sheets. They smelled like Mylo. He felt his being flourish in it. His little bud of power. When will it grow? Idos did not have the answers to that question.

Idos should have told his brother of this, but in reality, the lord of darkness wanted to be selfish. This knowledge must be kept secret. It was between him and his Knight-commander. Even when he didn't want such a larger role in this country he already had, he wanted to be the powerful one this time.

It was refreshing.

It is normal to feel selfish. A voice whispered, one too familiar. But what good is it when you cannot run your own manor, much more manage your own country?

"I rule a part of the sky, " he whispered back, his voice lost in the pillow he rested his head on, "A castle is nothing compared to an endless amount of generations."

You don't rule it. You draw power from it. Your sons rule it. Each and every soul is your power source. They gave their essence to you once they agreed to stay there. The voice was oddly calm and not as hostile as it used to be. Power is power. What you take is not free. Running a country requires a lot of power. Are you ready to face that?

Idos closed his eyes and nodded.

Then, you are ready.

(For my readers, thank you so very much for ALL your patience. Once I am done with school work, I will keep myself to a schedule and update more frequently. Senior year... is harsh on me. Thank you for all understanding.)

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