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Fly Til Dusk (boyxboy) (CANCER - BOOK 2) By MoonlitFigures Characters: 16197

Updated: 2018-01-05 18:18

(This is long overdue, but I have to give a warning! Smut ahead! It's been awhile since I last wrote smut... so go easy on me. *****IMPORTANT I also have to give a slight tw? Talks a little bit about self-harm for a tiny bit. Thank you for reading ;)!)

Idos didn't get to think as he pushed his body against the comforter of the bed. Mylo was on top of him, climbing closer and closer until Idos couldn't help but hit the headboard. He was officially trapped, and Mylo took advantage of it by climbing into his lap and trapping him there.

Idos whimpered when his silver eyes trailed up to see a flaring orange and a rising blue staring down at him with such fervor. The sudden memory of his past rushed onto him like a gust of wind in his face.

"Wilton, why must you make this so difficult?" The voice of Mylo sounded in his ear. The ghost in his head leaned in real close, smirking, "The more you struggle, the tighter they become."

His previous self-was tied to the very same bed, his hands bound to the edges with silk rope. He saw himself struggle before whimpering with need. His body looked so pink with blush, and Idos even noticed the many bruises bit into his neck. They were hickeys.

"Mylo. . ." Idos whispered, tucking his hands beneath his legs, "The ball. . . Isn't it important that we return to it?"

Mylo scoffed and pulled the hidden hands out and together. He ripped open his sash and wrapped the golden Orion silk around his wrists, tying them together like he had been treated when he first arrived. After that, the demon set them down in his lap and jumped off, starting to shed his jacket, "The ball can wait. And don't tell me you want to go back because it's clear you don't."

Mylo got him there.

Idos struggled against the binding, but there was no use. Mylo was going to get his way.

"So, here's the thing, love, " Mylo started, the smirk on his lips never leaving, "It's about time that we get your powers back up and going. That means you need to be as close to the source as you can, and only then will you unlock that. I'm sure you remember what I'm talking about."

Idos watched him pull off his shirt, and the poor boy gulped. He was absolutely flawless in his eyes. The man wasn't completely ripped. He had lines and curves that kings dreamed they had, but it was all his. All that pretty flesh was his to touch and lick and taste.

The very thought of it made Idos's stomach flutter and melt with feelings.

Mylo slowly made his way over to the shadow lord, pulling on some black leather gloves. He made sure that he was a tempting treat that Idos couldn't touch and reach out to. He climbed onto the bed near his feet before climbing up slowly on all fours like he was preying on Idos. The glint in his demonic eyes enticed the whole room, and Idos was suddenly hot on the inside.

His hands ran up his legs and to Idos's inner thighs which made the young lord breathe out shakily. Mylo's hands slowly crept up until it was right in front of the belt and button that held his dignity together. As embarrassed as it felt, the lord was already seduced, the evidence there and under the demon's palm.

Mylo looked up at him for approval, and Idos nodded. It was now or never.

But Mylo decided to explain as he undid the belt as painfully slow as possible, "Much like the rest of your brothers, they will need to reach their core and take from it and use it. Your core is your marked hand from your third cycle, and that means it's me, " Idos gasped when he suddenly pushed down, the virgin inside him causing him to be sensitive, "You often hear voices in your head telling you things, and that's your more primal side, your dragon. Knowing yours, it never mentioned this at all."

Idos paused and then nodded. His anxiety flooded him the closer the demon got to his member. It was so close.

Once he unbuttoned it finally, Mylo pulled down his pants off his legs, making sure to get his feet too. Mylo was pleasantly surprised to see that Idos hadn't worn anything under. Cancer never really did like constricting things. Idos, on the other hand, was a nervous wreck. He shook with nerves, and his innermost insecurities came out all at once.

No one had seen him like this in his life, not until now.

"I'm going to prompt him out of you so you can return to the god I know you are, " Mylo looked up yet his finger traced the outline of the hard mass, a few seconds later gripping it with his warm hands, "But not only that, I think it was high time we deserve this. I love you, Idos. I've loved you for more than the moon loves the earth. You deserve to know what love feels like, and not the heavy burden of losing someone."

Idos finally cried out when Mylo squeezed him in his hand. Suddenly, the golden sash was abandoned, and Mylo was in his lap. Their lips molded toget

t as he crawled forward, setting his hands on each side of the god's hips. His fingers trailed down to the eager hole. He could already tell it was tight for him. it would need some stretching, but Cancer was not the. . . most gentle type. He liked it rough, no matter how innocent he looked and acted.

"Fine, " Mylo muttered under his breath, lining up his member against it, "You want it, little dragon? Sure, you'll get it."

He shoved inside, and Mylo watched the masochistic-like god arch his back in pleasure while he squeezed around Mylo's dick. It was just as tight as Mylo anticipated as he struggled to move his hips. He managed to move back out before plunging back in with one deep flick of his hips.

"Y-Yes, yes, Mylo, gods yes, please. . ." Idos whimpered out, grabbing his shoulders and pulling him down in order to wrap his arms around his neck.

Mylo enticed to create more slurring pleas from the god, stared to pick his hips up, slamming into the god quickly like a piston. The only thing that sounded in the room was the sound skin slapping skin and the breathy moans of Idos.

That all changed when the sounding of the bell rang in the background. The realm knew of Cancer's arrival, yet that didn't discourage Mylo from stopping. If any, that forced his hips to ho almost inhumanly fast. He hushed the god from moaning out with his hand, having Idos bite into his fingers with drops of demon blood slipping out.

Mylo spotted the door handle shaking from someone trying to force the knob to turn, but he kept going. The sounds of yelling for someone to find the commander with the keys rang in their ears.

The sounds of Idos under him popped him from his bubble as he saw those silver eyes glow, and just as the door opened, pitch darkness suffocated the room. It was nothing like the darkness of the realm. It was thicker and coated the room with a thin veil. The voices of the demon guards were snuffed out, and the only visible thing was their brands.

"M-Mylo... f-fuck!" Idos hissed when he spat out his hand, moving his hips to get Mylo to hit him at the right angle, "There! there, fucking hell, pound into me, Mylo. Ruin this body!" A pair of sharp nails ran down his back, forming red lines along his back.

Mylo growled before leaning down to find his lips and captured them into a fiery dance. He fucked the living hell out of the god, just like the boy had begged him to do. Each thrust sent them both over the edge, and soon enough, Idos was spasming underneath him. Mylo reached over and rested his palm against Idos's forehead, the burning blinding both of them.

But that was it, the thing that sent them both over the edge and into the crashing waves of their orgasms.

Mylo shoved in one last time before spilling everything he had inside the man, his hips soon following a series of quick twitches to ride it out.

Idos had covered his mouth with his hands to muffle the screams of the most intense orgasm of his entire life, his very first. Ropes beyond ropes of cum flowed onto his chest in large bursts that made Idos shake like was on fire. His chest blossomed and constricted at the same time.

Everything in his being exploded.

Idos was a roaring fire now.

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