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It felt like nothingness had passed through him like water through a fine cloth, easy, fluid and uncomfortable. Idos was expecting his ultimate death, yet there was nothing but darkness. Was this how he would die? In the way he had been born? In true darkness?

The next thing he felt was the hard ground beneath him and the heavy breathing in his lungs. It was like he was heaving for air for the very first time as it entered his lungs. His eyes were blown open, and he heard whispers around him. His instincts pulled through him, and he pulled himself to his feet. There were... people looking at him.

These very people were in a line awaiting a desk, or what Idos assumed was a desk. They huffed and talked to one another, but he was not in that very line. He was outside the railing as he panted for his breath. Where was he? He looked up and saw nothing but the night sky, the stars of the loyal scattering across the vast canvas. He blinked back down before turning his head. It looked like a portal of sorts.

"Excuse me, sir?"

Idos turned his head. It was a child with red hair and freckles on his cheek. He was in line too with a woman striking similar to the child, his mother mayhap.

"The demons tell us to get in line to enter. Maybe you should get in line before you lose your spot inside?" The child innocently said.

Idos looked at him funny, but now that he looked around, he slowly began to realize that this wasn't the world he was so used to. These people. . .

They were in line to get inside the Realm of Shadows. All these people were dead.

Idos smiled, looking down upon him. No one recognized him, him being the lord of shadows for a reason. He approached the child and held out his hand. The mother was hesitant to have her own child grasp a stranger's hand, but when he did, the child gasped. He felt something inside Idos.


Idos pressed his finger to his lips, chuckling, "I think my place in line can be given to someone else, yes? Don't you worry." He let the child's hand go as the very same stared at him with wonder, "Just stay with your mother, and pretty soon, you'll see the rest of your family. Doesn't that sound neat?"

The child wasn't able to respond since demons were flocking the middle aisle where it bid entrance to this portal of sorts. They swarmed the poor god as he grew confused. Why were they surrounding him?

Oh right, God of Stealth and Shadows. No one can sense me unless I bid it so. Idos sighed to himself. That was a obvious problem when he didn't know how to to prove that he was Cancer. Most of the demons probably had never seen his face before.

"You're supposed to be in line, soul. How did you wander away from the barriers?" One demon asked with his trident almost poking him, "I smell demon, yet you are not of specific breed?"

Idos gulped.

"He smells different, not like any' other soul, " Another demon, quite big for his size, leaned and sniffed, "We needa' get em' to one of the officers. They'll know what ta' do with em'."

Suddenly, he was pushed towards the portal and his hands handcuffed--Is that necessary?--behind his person. They felt like strings were tied his wrist to one another, and Idos stumbled onto his feet. He looked back to the demons and scoffed before pulling apart the handcuffs like they were nothing. The power of the realm was his own source as Idos began to realize the reason why they felt like feathers on his wrists.

"That can't be.." One demon began, but Idos was already in a sprint towards the portal, a whole squad of demons on his tail.

Normally, human souls would not be able to pass the portal until given a pass, but Idos walked through it like water. As soon as he passed the barrier, that gasp of air held within his chest. He felt so many presences around him, and he grasped his chest in pain. He felt the power enter him like a cloud of smoke in his lungs. Idos coughed and struggled, but the demons behind him were catching up.

Idos glanced around and then down, tapping the elastic-like ground before looking back to his pursuers. His foot sunk inside, and he just let it completely devour him. It was like hot molten metal encasing around his body, and the next thing he knew, he was on a street.

They were busy streets around him like gold, and people walked them, laughing and not giving a care to the world. He blinked, looking back to see that the demons weren't behind him. Where had he ended up? He tried to run his fingers through his hair, and he noticed two things.

Idos looked down at his right hand. It was... real. It was skin and flesh, and he flexed it like it had never been gone in the first place. He looked down at his clothes that had changed from ball attire to something he would see the king would wear. He wore a tunic with bright ruby armor over it. There was a glove over his right hand, and his left was covered in a gauntlet the same color. He also had a dark cloak in with fur on the ends of that felt wolf in nature. On his forehead held a circlet, and when he looked in the window of what Idos assumed was a store, he saw numerous diamonds and his brand burning brightly.

People stared at him in the streets, and some even gasped. Idos tapped his head to feel his horns again, but... they had grown. They were fully-grown in this form, and his poor silver eyes looked like a predatory.

"My lord, Cancer!" A person, a warrior in armor, ran up and bowed as well as the rest of the street. He panted out of breath before standing back up, "We were not expecting you until next month!"

Idos cocked his head to the side before huffing. Not even a minute inside this realm, and he was already over

ars that dripped down her brother's face. He watched her look behind him until she backed up with surprise.

"Your majesty!" She gasped.

Mylo walked from behind the god dressed in what looked like golden robes only fit for a king. He had his own circlet and tails of the different variety followed underneath. Blue and orange eyes worked so well with the light shining down on them from the fire. He looked so elegant, royal.

Idos sobbed, hands grasping his wrists as the pain in his forehead suddenly collapsed altogether. The lord felt like a weightless feather in the arms of his lover, and he heard talking. It was sudden, aware, and subtle all at the same time. What were they saying? Idos wondered himself as everything felt so dizzy.

"You're a mess, " Was the first thing that idos heard Mylo hiss out of his mouth. It didn't sound malicious at all, only worrying and fear laced between the demon's voice. He had guided them to a lush bedroom, and from what Idos could tell, it was one for a king. Everything was gold-lined. The room was dim, and it almost held a romantic atmosphere to it.

"I think that's a given, my dear, " Idos had replied sarcastically, but he was punished by suddenly being pulled up to his feet.

An angry Mylo followed suit, "Bloody hell, Idos! I was worried for you! You had suddenly disappeared, and when I got word that someone had pushed you off the damned balcony, I went ballistic!"

Idos kept his gaze not on the royal advisor as the demon ranted on about how he was worried for his health and safety. He also went on about how Idos hadn't grown into his powers yet and he couldn't protect himself well within the empty pockets of space where monsters roamed freely.

"Mylo!" Idos breathed out, the brand on his forehead finally tame of its painful grasp, "I don't think you've noticed that I know magic. I know how to wield a sword with both of my hands. Have you ignored the fact that I have hundreds of years of experience with this. I think I have what it takes in order to protect myself."

Mylo crossed his arms, his expression only gaining momentum of anger, "I damn well know that. I stood by most of those years. I know what you're capable of. I know you can slaughter a ghoul as high as a castle! I know you can walk into the moon and back and say it was a walk in the fucking park."

Idos kept his mouth closed.

"More importantly, I am only a mother hen because I lost you too early last time. I don't want that to happen again. Do you understand me?"

Idos nodded.

"Now then, " Mylo sighed, "You owe me a dance."

Mylo, then, pulled Idos close to his body, the man leaning his forehead down against Idos's. It made his head calm to only an aching throb. He felt the soft hands of his lover squeeze his back, and before Idos knew it, he was being pushed back onto the plush black bed.

"Mylo?" Idos squeaked out, but his lips sealed shut when Mylo climbed on top of him. There it was again, that hungry look in his eyes, "I thought we were going to dance?"

"No, no, no. . . . " The morph demon whispered, his lips turning a dangerous red, "No, my dear, I mean another dance. I mean a dance I have been waiting to do ever since I saw you with my summoning book."

Idos groaned out when Mylo leaned down and placed his lips on his own, completely devouring the god under his body. Fingers threaded through his black, curly hair, and Idos couldn't help but feel utterly and completely hot. He was under Mylo's control, heart and soul.

He couldn't have it any other way.

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