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   Chapter 25 NO.25

Fly Til Dusk (boyxboy) (CANCER - BOOK 2) By MoonlitFigures Characters: 12821

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(Yes, I'm alive. So sorry..)

It was such a weird feeling to know that most of the men and women in the whole ballroom were. . . demons. He had only known Mylo to be a demon, but then again, his whole house consisted of them entirely. He was surprised that his poor mother didn't know that piece of information either. It seemed Idos was the last person to know a thing inside his own home.

That brought up a new point, the fact that anyone could have told him that he was Cancer. They knew, yet they kept their lips shut. Mylo had tried to explain that Idos had to grow and learn on his own how to accept himself. That was the only way his strength would recover. Then again, he felt a little hurt that it was kept from him. Everyone knew, even his mother.

Idos was standing in the corner, twisting and turning the ring on his finger. The ring felt right, made him feel that missing piece of himself was complete. The crowd of the party seemed to disappear, and he pranced inside his own mind that was for once peaceful. He kept to the dark corner so the people wouldn't see his fake limb, his power at work.

Once he fled from his thoughts, he watched the party go in full swing. He saw his brother-in-arms try and refuse a dance with a lady, but his father insisted that he do so, to find a suitable wife. He saw his mother talking to other ladies of the court with their gossip. Kelin had situated himself among the tables, eager for the food they brought out in small platters. Bella was dancing with a man that put a smile on her face.

Good for you, Bell. He thought to himself as he picked up a glass of a blueish drink. It tasted fruity and sweet, and a nice buzz ran through his senses.

Mylo, however, was in a heated discussion with some other men. He sensed their presence, and no doubt all of those who surrounded him were demons. He felt many presences, and it gave him shivers just thinking about it. There was so much power in this very room, and it all seemed to be attracted to him. His life force sucked it in like a hungry newborn baby as it fed off the darkness the demons gave off.

Yes, that's it, He heard himself, Let it grow.

Idos sucked in a breath and nodded to himself. You're going to be okay.

"Oh! Lord Caeles!" A voice peaked.

Idos opened his eyes and spotted the old man, a grand size of him, walk up with a hearty laugh. His name was Aster Helcon, one of the major houses like himself.

"Lord Helcon, a pleasure, " Idos nodded his head, his gaze on someone else in the crowd. He turned his gaze back to him and noticed the red badge. A demon.

"I was told you weren't attending, but clearly, that is not the case, " He laughed, and Idos returned the gesture. His life force lurched towards the man. He had a lot of power, "You looked lonely over here, so I came to distract you. I hope that's okay?"

"Of course, " Idos smiled and pointed towards the table. They both sat down as the strings of the instruments turned into another key, "You know I'm not so social at these kinds of things."

Parties always gave him anxiety, so many people in one place.

"You need to at least have some fun. Might I suggest you dance? Perhaps my daughter is a well choice, " He lifted his hand and ushered towards the ginger across the room. She had curls and freckles on her face, the genes of her mother at work. She was beautiful, yes, but unfortunately, this was a push towards trying to convince him to marry her. He ran in another direction, he was afraid, "I had heard that you called off your marriage, so you are a bachelor that has caught eyes of all the women in the country."

News traveled fast, apparently.

"Ah, yes. I have. It was for many reasons, but unfortunately, I have my own partner. Thank you for the offer, " Idos said as politely as possible, his eyes slowly dr

os felt his heart sink at his words, and it appeared on his face.

"Why? You must be asking that" Koki looked down at his boots, "I think it's time you break this cycle. He's in a constant state of watching you die, you know? He remembers you, but you don't remember him. He's cursed to live forever because of you."

"I..." Idos bit his lip, "I think that's his choice to make if he wants to marry me or not. It isn't your call."

"I've known him for longer than you have, " Koki pointed out, his mercury eyes slicing wounds in Idos's heart, "He continues to suffer. I think you should break him from it."

"What does..."

"Kill him, " Koki whispered in a simple tone.

Idos growled. This man had the nerve to tell him what to do? Even so more and tell him what is best? Killing Mylo, taking away what kept his heart beating, was never going to happen. So long, Mylo had been happy. He had been nothing but smiles and encouragement. That was happy. He was happy.


Idos let his anger get to him as he marched up and grabbed the front of his robes, pulling him close, "You have no right to tell me that. He's my husband. If he wanted to die, then he would have asked me a long time ago to kill him off."

That wasn't Idos talking at all.

The fire was in his face, and Idos felt his body jerk away. In Koki's hand held a blue flame, a holy flame. His silver eyes shifted to his own anger, the swirls of silver turning almost dark gray.

"Don't threaten me, brother. I'm only doing what is best for you, " He hissed, and Idos was thrown against the edge of the railing, the only thing that kept him from falling was Koki's hand, "Don't you get it? You need your power for the upcoming days. He has it! You need to take it back and reclaim your power."

Capricorn. Idos realized. He desperately tried to grasp onto something, anything. He was going to fall, he was definitely going to fall.

"Marrying him, falling in love with him again. It's going to hurt again. Don't you want to stop hurting him? Hurting yourself? He will be able to live on in the Realm of Shadows in peace with his family, yet you cling to him with little shreds of life you had given to him?" Koki tightened his grip on the legs of his brother as Idos yelped in pain.

"Capricorn! P-please!" Idos tried to beg.

"Maybe it would be best if you just left him, " Koki added quietly.

His grip loosened, and suddenly, Idos was falling towards the ground, his ultimate death.

But the funny thing about it all was that he kept falling into nothingness.

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