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Fly Til Dusk (boyxboy) (CANCER - BOOK 2) By MoonlitFigures Characters: 12344

Updated: 2018-01-05 18:16

It all came in quick flashes. It was broken memories of his, yet he, himself, did not make those memories himself.

Idos stared at himself in the full mirror in his room while the maids started to dress him. He had arrived at the Avalen estate early in the morning in order to prepare for the ball the house was hosting to the nobility that could attend. He felt tired and weak. He wasn't ready for this. His movements were sluggish and remote. His mind, however, was a different story.

It raced with broken pictures and voices. He began to fully realize that he was what he strived to be. It was quite ironic, believe it or not.

The God of Acceptance prayed to himself for the mere satisfaction of the acceptance of his peers, his soldiers, and ultimately himself. He bargained his soul to a demon to a realm that was his. He could go at any time, yet he could not. His birthright to the darkness, it hadn't blossomed fully just yet. It was a little bud growing and waiting.

While he gazed upon himself, he saw the stray pieces of the sun kingdom, a distant memory. The wraith of his father had bestowed upon himself as he walked on holy land which did not claim him as a god. They were titans of misery in Solar religion. He felt the burn of the desert at his neck and the sweat pour down his forehead. Yet, there was none. It was just a broken memory that was there.

He glanced to the side where one could inspect the bathroom of the room. Mylo was being plucked and trimmed in order to be a worthy escort of Lord Caeles. Well, that's how Khalim put it. He would have nothing less than the best for his brother in arms. It was quite the surprise as to why the two families hadn't married one another yet. They were all a tight-knit family.

How daring. You finally found your missing piece, hmm? The voice in the back of his head whispered. You're Cancer. You have been presented as a god, yet here you are, weak and pathetic. How are your people going to look at you when they figure out that the God of Darkness, the most feared out of the brothers, is just a puny weakling?

Idos grunted, his fist clenching in annoyance.

You are in no condition to present yourself in front of your fellow lords. You're just going to embarrass yourself and further prove your immature suspicions.

"Milord?" One of the maids grabbed his attention, "Lift your arms and slip them in. It won't be much longer."

You are not worthy of the title of Shadow Exalt.

"SHUT UP!" Idos screamed, clenching his head. His horns burned with energy, and he clenched his head in agony, "SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP--"

"Idos!" Suddenly, his arm was pulled away and was replaced with a warm, soft chest, "Calm down, it's okay. . ."

Idos sucked in a breath before beginning to breathe deeply. He couldn't let this infernal voice inside his head get to him. It was too much to bear if it constantly bugged him. He wrapped his arm and his phantom arm around the man, letting the scent of this man drift into his head like an intoxicating welcome.

He was welcomed with a worried mess of curls as well as an unfinished buttoned coat as Mylo rested his hand on his cheek, the pain slipping like water from his head, "What you're hearing. . . It's natural. Just relax, and pretty soon, we will be able to forget it and enjoy ourselves, yes?"

That was surely a tempting image, so Idos nodded. He sat down on the floor like he always did when he needed to calm down before closing his eyes. The darkness his eyelids offered helped. He didn't like the flicker of the candles in the room. His instincts told him to retreat into the corner, or better yet, the walls where shadows offered him comfo

while at the same time, he smelled like the warm fire on a winter's night. Mylo was so different, and all these different aromas emitted off the alpha morph demon like Idos was a moth to a flame.

Of course, Idos wasn't going to admit that. He sounded a bit creepy too.

After giving him a moment to get used to it, Mylo pulled him onto a bench for them to talk. Their hands were intertwined with one another, and Idos could feel the mark of Cancer warm under his touch. This thing was his limb, yet it was not. It was the thing that kept Mylo alive. It was the very same thing that made Mylo so much more different. He was a demigod to demons. He was the Shadow Exalt's Royal Advisor and his husband. More importantly. . .

Mylo was his.

"Before we go in there, " Mylo smiled and used his available hand to reach into his front pocket. He pulled out two rings, very old looking yet shiny and new all the same. They were gold in color and worked well in the firelight, "I'd like to wear these again. . . I know you don't remember a lot, but since it has been made clear that we are together once more, then. . ."

Idos pulled the glove off with his teeth, holding his left hand out for him, "Of course."

Mylo's hazel eyes lit up in happiness before he pulled the hand towards him and with it, the ring. He carefully slipped the ring on his ring fingers, and the feeling of it just felt so right. Idos admired the perfect fit before Mylo pulled off his own left glove, in the same manner, holding it out, "Til death do us part."

Idos gently grabbed the ring with his shadow right hand before pulling the demon's own hand to his chest. He kissed the finger before slowly slipping it on, the size perfect too. He held the hand to his heart just to show how fast it was beating, "Death does not part us. We always find a way to search for each other in the next life. We are never too far from one another."

Mylo stared into his mercury eyes with something, love, and compassion, that was something. Yet, there was something else. Idos figured it out until Mylo grabbed his face and pulled him in for a kiss, making that very emotion apparent and clear. It was hungry and demanding, but the bells of the ball shook them apart. It was starting.

"We will continue this later then, " Mylo coughed, pulling on his glove before helping Idos into his, "We have a ball to attend and a crowd to entertain, do we not?"

Idos' eyes softened, "Of course."

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