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Updated: 2018-01-05 18:16

(I recommend before you start reading that you read Cancer's one shot. I have added some flashbacks that the one shot provides insight to. Plus, it'll make this chapter so much more emotional. Trust me.)

Idos often found himself at the mercy of his stares.

They would linger on one another with unwavering compassion and love, yet Idos couldn't bring himself to be rewarded in the bliss. His demons in his head stalked him day and night with regret and shame. They often spoke words of how his mother was weary and how Mylo was just feeding him what he wants.

As much as those words hurt, he believed the morph demon so much more.

Mylo was there on his own free will. He had taken up being his friend on his own will.

And maybe, Idos thought to himself, friends would blossom into something more.

What they had with one another was not friends anymore. It was a complicated mess in his head while it seemed so much more simple in words. He was engaged to Bella and in order to reproduce an heir for his house, he needed her. Marrying a woman was the top priority for a male noble in order to gain status.

He would lie to himself if he said he didn't think about marrying him.

Maybe it was too soon for such thoughts, or he was being hopeful. Perhaps the lavish attention he was spoiled with went to his head, but the idea. It stayed, and Idos was seriously considering asking Lady Ashhell for her son's hand in marriage. The lunar church allowed such unions but considering he was the most wealthy and powerful of Lunis lords, they had to take in the consideration of the line of succession and if he were of status high enough to be even thought of Lord Caeles.

After all, Idos was Cancer's bloodline. He had married his own male and produced a child. It was very possible.

Idos sighed in bliss. It was such a nice thought.

"What are you on about?" Bella's voice interrupted his train of thought.

The whole dinner table seemed to have all their eyes on the young lord, even Mylo's. Idos could see it, but he was hiding a smile under that straight face of his. Those playful eyes teased him for a break in his usual character, and Idos snapped back up.

"I can't be happy?" Idos replied sarcastically. He can't go anywhere in his own home without being judged.

"Well, of course, you can, milord. You just seem down always. It is a rare sight to see you in high spirits, " Bella explained, poking at her vegetables.

Idos blushed of embarrassment, "Then do, please, support it and not question it."

The silence returned, and Idos found himself inhaling his dinner. Any more moments at his dinner table with a suffocating silence would make him explode. He motioned for Charles to pick up his dirty dishes before trying to hightail it out of there. He was too shy for this kind of nonsense.

But with his luck, he was halted in his own chair with a question he felt he could not answer without making someone upset.

"When will we leave tomorrow towards the Avalen estate? I will have the servants prepare for our carriages so we can leave in the morning at once, " It was Bella again, "Have you sent a hand in order to get our attire too? I am aware it is supposed to be ready.

This time, Idos sighed annoyingly and tiredly. He didn't know how to answer this question.

His mother spoke up, "I will send one if you haven't already, darling, don't you worry."

"No need, " Idos shook his head, "I have already collected my attire. Your order was canceled." He might as well be blunt about it, no beating around the bush.

"What?" His fiance screeched, "I paid good money to get that especially sewn to match my dress. How will we look in front of the other lords with mismatched clothes? They will see you unfit to do your duties in the social scene!"

"Well, it was my money that bought it, and I paid for another for my own tastes. I don't need you to dictate my choices, " Idos snapped.

"Hey, hey, I think we should--" His mother tried.

"What's next? I'm not your escort anymore?" Bella added, and Idos went silent, revealing the answer to even that, "You have clearly lost your mind. Every since the damn boy entered this household, claiming to be your college friend, you have become distant. You have strayed away from your duties as a lord, and Luna forbid, you beg to the church to put off the wedding!"

The growing heat woke from its slumber in his head, and his fists clenched with annoyance, almos

e. He was told that his bloodline had died off long ago when the plague of the suns scorched the country. His great, great, great granddaughter perished with it, and his hopes for his future children were gone.

"I am sure you're aware that our line had died off of sickness, but in order to keep her child alive, which she had out of wedlock and in secret, she sent him to a village in the mountains. I'm sure you're aware that is the same one that his Majesty visited. Then, she traveled to another, a pack of werewolves."


"They served the goddess in every way, and they saw fit that the bloodline blessed by Cancer himself were to survive. That taught him the teachings of Cancer, and he joined the Dawn Order. That is how he migrated back down here only to find that his parents were dead, " He went on to explain.

"Titus, " Lokki said, "The Seer of the Dawn Order. He's still alive. . . and young."

"Correct, but he was also infected by the disease. The only way to cure him was to change him, " Kelin trailed off, pulling his hand aside, "I was born into the Dawn Order once my father had produced a child with the leader of the Dusk Order, Josephine. I was taught the ways as a teenager before I enlisted into milord's army."

"So you're saying that. . . I am not the only Stommer left alive?" Mylo spoke. Callum was still alive, but by means of death like he was. Mylo was only given this appearance because of the arm he used, Cancer's own flesh and blood.

"No, but we need to keep all of this in the shadows until we get him stabilized. In light of this, I have called upon a friend I am sure you will recognize. I predicted this would happen, " Kelin sighed.

"This person can help him?" Mylo started to get up with the god in his arms.

"Oh, I think she will. I have faith in her."

Mylo could only have so much faith himself.


The room was shaky and blurry as Idos struggled to open his eyes. He felt sweat roll down his forehead, and his breathing felt painfully sharp in his chest. However, the pain in his body was almost numb. Warmth wrapped around him, and he snuggled towards the source.

"Not so fast, my love, " He heard, and he felt the edge of a glass at his parched lips. Idos eagerly lapped up the refreshing liquid before sighing in relief.

"Where am I?" Idos questioned with a raspy tone.

"Your bedroom. You passed out, remember?"

The memories of the moment came flooding back, and the young lord winced at it. He saw so many pictures flash in his closed eyes. He saw laughing by the fire with men he recognized. He saw a Ruby dragon being ridden by a beautiful man. There were so many years of memories flooding his mind, and Idos gasped, trying to process it all.

"Take it slowly, or it'll hurt more, " Mylo whispered, gently rubbing his lower back, "Do you remember?"

He did remember.

It happened so quick, yet he forced the vault inside his head to run at a slow pace.

Idos did remember.

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