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(Song used is All to Myself - STACEY because you know me. I always eventually use a song. (the version I want is on Soundcloud and not youtube so rip) enjoy!!!)

Idos would never have thought that he would be in this situation, getting ready for a date.

His silver eyes glanced at his half naked body, every nook, and cranny indented into his pale skin. He felt self-conscious looking at himself naked in the mirror, even more so that one of the maids had been helping him in his pursuit for something to wear.

"Master, you know you look fine, " The human maid smiled, "May I suggest something common?"

Idos was easy to figure out, and it was obvious that he was going to sneak out. The maids are sworn not to talk, so why couldn't it help? He felt too nervous to even try and do this by himself.

"Like?" Idos hummed out, playing with his black curls on the top of his head.

"Hunter gear?" The maid walked back to the bed and pulled off some clothes she had picked herself. It was what he wore under his fancy noble robes, or at least that's what he called it.

Idos trusted her judgment by slipping on the brown trousers and beige short-sleeved shirt, the lord looking as plain as ever without the silk. She walked back over to argue with herself on what to pick.

"You remind me of my son, " She giggled to herself, "I always picked what he wore to events, but never have I pulled out common clothes for nobility."

Idos nervously laughed in response, "I may be a lord, but I am still a teenager. My friend will accompany me if any goes wrong."

"Ah? May I prod for more, milord?" The woman pulled off a jacket, thin and leather. it was dark brown in color and had pockets to accommodate holding fishing hooks and the sort. The silky fabric inside felt good against his nub, "I am sorry. I am curious and do shut me up when I am crossing the line."

"No, no, you are fine, " Idos was quick to speak as he slid his only arm inside the sleeve, "It's just. . . I am at a loss for words. He asked me to come with him into the city."

"So like a date, milord?" She chuckled and helped the last bit to slip on, fixing his pockets, "I wasn't aware you were taking in consorts so early!"

"Wait what? No, no, no--!" He spewed out. His face blew up in heat, and he could feel the warm feeling in his chest start to rise. He fumbled over his next choice of words, "It's not like that. . . or not yet, so it seems. Why am I telling you this?"

"It is easy to slip secrets to a stranger willing to listen, " The old woman explained, "So, do you like this friend? Am I aware I heard it was a young man?"

Idos swallowed his pride and stared at himself in the body mirror in his closet, "Yes. . . a man my age. He is my friend, but it is difficult. We became friends under. . . special circumstances that won't last long." Just remembering the fact that their friendship was built on making a deal crushed him as he was beginning to harbor feelings for a demon. Sure, Mylo showed some signs that he felt something, but it could have been just their deal.

"Ah, political?" She automatically assumed, and to keep up the act, Idos nodded. It worked. She pulled a drawer out and out came a bandana one would use on your head during training. It was navy in color, "Is he already married? Is that it? Or is he a commoner?"

"He is a bastard son, " Idos explained, the fingers of his left hand pulling at the sleeve of the jacket, "Very smart and charming, makes my heart flutter when he glances at me. . . Am I going crazy?"

The maid shook her head with a knowing smirk on her face. She pulled out boots and started to help his foot in, "No, milord. I often feel the same around my husband, " Idos gulped, hard, "It seems this is more than just feelings of attractiveness and chemistry. What else do you feel? If I may ask?"

"It just. . . every time he talks to me, it feels as if I have known him all my life. He is so gentle and beautiful. He has honestly put color in my dull world, " Idos's head leaned down, a small grin on his lips, "I. . . I have never felt like this for anyone in my life."

Idos finally slipped into the other boot, and the maid folded the bandana in half, wrapping it and tieing it around his neck. It looked like a little scarf, "I hope you have fun on your date, milord. Luna knows how much you slave to keep this estate and land in working order, " She held her hand out in order for him to slip down, "Let's get ya' all pretty."

"I. . . Okay, " Idos just accepted his fate.


By the time the maid, Helen was her name, finished fixing his hair, it was only five minutes 'til ten. Idos felt so nervous, a wreck waiting to explode. He felt like he was going to mess this all up and ruin it with something stupid. He was so clumsy sometimes, and he couldn't help the little quirks he hated having.

Idos sighed, his mirror image repeating the action in front of him, "I will be fine. All will be well. You will do fine!"

There was a knock.

One deep breath.

Two deep breaths.


The young lord walked from his bathroom and to his door. His hand hesitated for a moment, an opportunity to wuss out, but it seemed like fate had other plans. He squeezed the knob and opened the door slowly. His heart was pounding at this point.

On the other side was Mylo, also in common clothes, with his wild hair contained with whatever. He looked devilishly handsome, and I

ing to accept whatever he did.

"So, give it to me straight."

Idos felt hesitant. He had no right arm to hold onto Mylo's shoulder, and his other sensed his distress. He pulled his date to the makeshift dance floor, holding up the right jacket sleeve before blowing on it gently. A glimpse, a shadow, of a hand appeared.

"In the morning, will you stay?"

Idos felt it, a hand. He felt the feeling of a hand on his right side, and he experimentally squeezed it. He felt it. A look of panic flashed across his mercury orbs, but Mylo shushed him in comfort.

"Just go for it."

"I can't take it again to be left alone in bed."

Idos let out a long breath before setting that hand on Mylo's shoulder, a smokey form of one held on tight. Had Mylo held this much power this whole time?

Mylo pulled him close, stopping at a spot near three couples dancing. They naturally clicked with one another, a perfect fit.

Two broken halves make a whole.

"God, I want you, I want you all to myself."

It was slow, sensual. It was so comforting that Idos laid his head against the crease of Mylo's neck, the pulse underneath racing against time itself. He was so warm and welcoming.

This felt so familiar.

"So wait for me, baby, wait for me."

Pictures of an empty ballroom appeared. Pictures of a moonlit balcony followed. Emotions like relief and just pure affection came rushing into Idos's chest like a tidal wave, and he was overwhelmed, so overwhelmed.


Remember what?

Your purpose.

"They're lighting the lanterns now!"

Was it already midnight?

The tavern crowd when running out of the establishment. It gave idos little time to react, but when he did, Mylo was carefully pulling him along. Idos looked down at his right side and saw that the figure of his lost hand was still there, moving and real.

"It's called a phantom limb, " Mylo explained, pulling Idos close to him while they exited out the side. They went behind the tavern where they found a small fountain and benches. No one seemed to notice the little spot to watch the lanterns rise.

"How. . . How is this possible?" Idos whispered, his mind still in the moment.

"Shadow magic, " Mylo sighed, but that wasn't what he thought was important in the moment. All he cared for is to pull them close to one another, chest to chest, as he rested his forehead against another.


Mylo's hand caressed the short man's cheek, Idos shivering at the contact. Their lips, they were so close. They were so close to touching, and Idos yearned for it.

"By the gods, I love you so much, Cancer. I have for so long, " Mylo bled his heart out, "I always thought a god like you would never come to love someone as simple as I was. I was always so hesitant to confess because you'd not care for my words. I asked myself, 'Why would a god like him love me back when he could have anyone?'"

"I ask you not to think that way, my love, " He smiled sadly. He understood where he came from, "Believe it or not, but you are only one I have come to love. You're the only one. . . I feel that will accept me."

"In a heartbeat, " Mylo assured, "Anything for you, my love, my savior, my soulmate."

Idos leaned in, their lips touching at last. The innocence had blossomed and bubbled into a wholesome bud of a beginning. It was like a summer's day with the wind blowing lightly against your face, a subtle touch. It evolved into a pure caress, and Idos had come to familiarize every little line and curve is his lips. He had felt something was missing, and this was it.

He was utterly and blissfully complete.

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