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Updated: 2018-01-05 18:15

(Yeah, I know. I need to update more often, I'm sorry :(. Anyways, here!! Thank for the awesome comments, but I'm noticing that on mobile, it repeats certain sentences and cuts off sometimes. It's fine here. I don't know why it happens, so I'm sorry! Enjoy though!!)

"Your Majesty, " One Lord Idos wasn't too fond of rose his hand, "All of the Gods usually are able to be located once their twentieth birthday has arrived. It is one week before his birthday. How can you be so sure it is Leo?"

Bold words, Idos thought, his gaze searching the small crowd of men and even a woman.

"Why do you question my words, Ser Ferrick? Do you not believe in the power of your ruler and his bloodline?" Valider spoke harshly towards the old man before speaking back up, "He reacted to my touch, to my blood. He reacted to his descendant, fool."

No one liked to talk about it about how he was a descendant of a god, the god of royalty no less. He had been quite the turnabout in the line of succession. The Empress before Valider had two sons, but they had died by the hands of Sun kingdom's sultan in battle. However, the Empress had a brother who had mated with an elf out of wedlock, which would be Valider, the peasant child the only line of succession the throne had. His blood was very faint of Leo's blood.

In light of it, the true Empress died in the grief of her two children, and when the Lunar church found a child with royal blood, they had decreed him the Emperor at the age of fifteen. He killed his father not long after that, and the boy decided it was time to change the kingdom in his own controlling, greedy hands.

Valider couldn't wield any magical power. The only power he had was the symbol on his palm, a reminder that he was just a half elf with a birthmark. He sought to punish those who were able to perform magic, as he was not given the right to. That's when the Magic Prohibition Act was passed which collared and branded each magic user.

Idos was one of the lucky few that was able to keep his secret. Luna was looking out for him now.

I pray to you, Cancer, that you continue to shield me in the shadows for I will not survive if I am caught, Idos prayed to himself, sending it off when he realized his breath.

"I am deeply sorry, your Majesty. I simply did not intend to insult your intelligence. I only ask that to secure that we are certain we have caught His Majesty. What do you intend to do?" Ser Ferrick sat back down, his cheeks full of color of embarrassment and fear.

"We must capture him before he arrives at that rebellion camp. We will have to track down this camp and him. He will be our guide the to the other brothers, " Valider sat down on his throne-like chair and pulled out his feathered pen, "I am aware that he is not the only one being awoken."

Kelin leaned down into Idos' ear, quickly whispering, "You need to calm down. You're breathing rather quickly, my lord."

He was. The Lord sucked in a deep breath, letting it out deep and slow. Why was he acting so strange? It wasn't the marks, for they burned like Capricorn's fire in his head when they reacted. He bit his lip before setting down his own pen, rubbing his face from the sweat.

A soothing feeling entered his face when a hand started to massage the back of his neck. Whatever attack was haunting his body had immediately stopped, and Idos didn't have to look to see who it was.

You're falling for him, aren't you? That tiny voice whispered in his ear. It was gentle and warm. It was a child's voice, and something seemed. . . familiar about it. It's only been a week, and you're fluttering like a little butterfly whenever you're near him.

Idos grabbed the edge of the desk, his silver orbs glancing over towards his Emperor Valider. He was talking, yet he couldn't hear a thing.

Every time he touches you, warmth spreads through your body like a wildfire.

No, no it doesn't. Those words screamed in his head, I'm not falling for him. I'm sick. I'm so sick, and this sickness has made me catch fire everywhere and I--.

It only happens when he is around. It was different this time. A grown man. . . It was his father's voice!

Then he met those eyes.

Across the room held Khalim, his head tilted towards his shoulder in curiosity and his silver eyes stabbed daggers into his chest. He knew something. He smiled too, a reassuring pat on the back that made Idos return to his senses finally.

"Cancer is starting to appear, and he can be in any class of nobility, " It was the woman talking now, "Cancer has always appeared around such places or in villages around it, much like the last cycle. I advise that if any of you happen to see a young adult male that diddles in dark magic, please report it immediately to the royal guards. Cancer, as you know, is peculiar about summoning demons and traveling late at night."

"We will have another session in two weeks time to update on the situation. Until then, please report all your findings to the respected commanders that will report for me. You are all dismissed, " The emperor's voice boomed, and just like that, Idos could finally breathe again.

"My lord?" Mylo leaned to the side to get a better glance at Idos and saw that he was finally recovering.

"I-I'm fine, " Idos shoved his hand away from

mannequin next to the wooden desk in the corner.

"Ah, welcome milord, " Riley greeted Mylo, shaking his hand before sitting them both across from him, "Lord Caeles has agreed that matching or coordinating with colors that compliment one another is the best choice. He has agreed to go dark, so maybe shades of dark blue or red? May you go as bold as to go black?"

Mylo watched Idos scan the colors of small cut up fabric he got to choose from. They felt like silk found in the middle desert near the Midnight Sea. It must be costing him a fortune to even consider these kinds to begin with.

Idos pointed to the dark blue and the back, "I think either of these two colors will look good on you."

"Whatever you trust, I will take, " Mylo didn't have much of a fashionable taste. He was more gold and silver and jewelry kind of guy than picking out clothes.

Idos rolled his eyes as his words didn't help in the decision. He focussed before Riley started to recommend others.

"Ser Caeles, might I suggest something light? You did choose black as your jacket color with a touch of silver here and there. It will give off a bold statement as well as a probable first impression on the crowd if Ser Stommer is to be introduced for the first time, " The tailor pulled out a soft gray fabric and velvet-feeling light blue, the same color of his eye in his natural form, "Use the grey as the primary for the suit and the sash will be this blue as well as his pockets."

Idos hummed in approval, "That does look nice. . ."

"Is that something you would see well with yours or do you want to go back to dark colors?"

"No, please, I love it, " Idos compiled the little strips together in their respective piles, "I trust you will put this first, and if you do it quickly, I will reward you."

"Ah. . ." The tailor smiled brightly, "Of course! You can rely on me!"

Mylo shook his head with a sneaking smile creeping up. He never changes, does he?

They all left the shop feeling satisfied. Lord Avalen, left to question until later, dropped the two off by the Caeles estate with a goodbye and a next time. Idos and Mylo walked inside together, and Idos could feel something lift off his chest. He felt better, definitely.

Mylo, however, caught him before he decided to flee to his room and to his duties. He grabbed his hand, pulling the young lord back closer. Idos gulped.

"Hey, you busy later? Around ten or so?"

"At night?"

"When else?" Mylo laughed, still not letting his hand away from the other's, "So are you?"

"I should be finishing up my duties around then, yes. Why?" Idos cocked his head to the side, his curly hair sliding with him.

"I was thinking, uh. . . that. . . Shoot, this is harder than I thought, " Mylo's laugh turned nervous, "Maybe you wanted to go out in the town? Get away from being a lord for a few hours?"

The offer was definitely tempting. He lived in the city, and if done right, he would be able to blend in with the other commoners and merchants on the street. The capital city certainly had a nightlife, that's for sure. It was around the time he went to bed, so one would assume he was fast asleep. Plus, it sure did sound like a. . .

A date.

It sounded like a date.

"Okay, " Idos blurted out, his cheeks tinting a nice pink.

"Wait, really?" Idos said in disbelief.

"Why not?"

Idos had been suddenly spun around before being plopped back down, a huge smile stretching across Mylo's face, "It's a date."

So it was.

"It's a date, " Idos repeated.

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