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   Chapter 20 NO.20

Fly Til Dusk (boyxboy) (CANCER - BOOK 2) By MoonlitFigures Characters: 12130

Updated: 2018-01-05 18:14

(Yes, I am alive. So sorry!)

Valider, he was back.

Idos had a busy week as the horrors of running an estate got worse for him. His headaches increased, the burning sensation continuing to slowly eat him inside out. Yet, Idos denied that the presence of Mylo had eased it.

It does, and it always will. Another voice whispered in a gentle tone, Don't push him away. He will save you from yourself.

This voice had joined in his internal conversation after he had woken up to a sorrowful Mylo in front of him. It was almost mother-like, and it somehow comforted him when he felt like he would just explode. It was odd, but it made him doubt the other voice, the one dead set on keeping him to himself.

Idos would really need that encouragement, as today would bring him great stress. The king was back, and he had called for an immediate council of all the lords whom could attend the meeting. Of course, Idos had to go seeing that he lived literally in the city while only a ten-minute griffin ride to the castle. Most would anyway, excluding the ones that lived on the very edges of the country.

Idos looked at himself in the mirror as the maids prepared him his clothes for the day. He looked better. His cheeks were full of color. His forehead still held those marks, but the burning attacks had lessened. His black curly hair wasn't as dull as it used to be. It had a sort of shine to it.

Then again, those last couple of days he had spent outside, taking a break from his duties and the worries of college. It was nice because he had mended his relationship with Mylo in that time. They didn't exactly speak of anything serious, but they did play around, laugh, talk, all that made the lord smile and even laugh.

See? Having a friend is good. That voice said, almost chuckling. Idos began to accept that he was on the edge of insanity, but those voices actually helped him heal just a tiny bit. So much so that he smiled to himself in the mirror because of that comment, despite how bipolar his emotions felt this entire week.

"Master, your clothes are ready. The lady of the house wishes to speak with you before you leave, " One of the maids informed, and Idos sighed, nodding his head. No doubt this had some worry and 'Don't be mouthing out to the other lords'.

Once he looked suitable enough, seeing that he would have to wear armor and all fancy crap, he walked off from his bedroom and into the main chamber. Kelin, his mother, Bella, and Mylo was talking with one another. Once the Lord appeared, they all seemed to relax, and Mylo sent him a smile.

"My lord, Moonwing is ready. I will meet you there at the castle, " Kelin explained, nodding towards the young adult. Usually, it was only Idos and Kelin that would go to these kinds of meetings. It was always the lord and their second in command, but Idos' eyes trailed over to Mylo. His mind trailed over to the idea of bringing him with Idos. . . It certainly wasn't uncommon to bring a plus one.

Idos nodded, "Get there as quick as you can. Mylo, you will be coming with us." The demon wasn't surprised, but he did have a satisfied look on his face.

"Be safe, my. . . my son, " His mother hesitated before bringing him into a hug, "You know how urgent meetings of the court like this end up." She pulled away and rested her hand on his cheek, a hint of wonder in her eyes. Did he have something in his hair?

"Of course, mother. I have been to plenty of these."

It took some power to leave because of a worried mother, but Idos eventually escaped her grasp. Before approaching his griffon, he pulled his hair down to cover his fore

r chubby face. She had come from the coven from the sun country, her magic said to almost match the previous Empress'.

Only six of the lords had shown up, and Idos could only be so grateful to Luna for the gift. It got personal and bloody sometimes, and Idos was all too familiar with it all.

"It saddens me to see our court is not complete, but messages will be sent out as soon as this session ends, " The king explained, his voice strained, "I bring news that we have captured the mountain village and have located the whereabouts of Leo with his lion."

The court suddenly grew quiet. They were all expecting just a friendly visit to the city state was going to be enough, but the news of a god sighting was rather happy news to the king. However, as Idos looked around, he couldn't help but spot many expressions of discontentment and a hint of worry.

Valider looked around and burst into laughter, "Oh come on, men, you can at least smile a little bit!" That's when the others started to laugh, fake Idos pointed out. Appease the Emperor or die a terrible death.

Khalim caught his gaze, and his face contorted into a expression of disgust before turning into a tired frown. They both hated being there.

"Well, that's not all, " Valider waved his hand towards the guards, and with the platform below where the court would judge criminals opened, "Sadly, I could not catch the lions in time, as I triggered his brand before his birthday. In return, I have gotten leverage that he will come back."

A beaten woman was pushed onto the filthy floors of the chamber, and when she looked up, Idos knew right then and there.

It was the Empress.


Mylo had previously expected it. He was so close yet so far. His eyes roamed across the court, and he met his stare with the traitor, Daley.

What are you doing? Said his hazel gaze.

Daley frowned, and she followed her gaze to Idos and back to him.

What are YOU doing?

There was a reason to her betrayal, because of all the years he had known her, that was something out of her league. She wasn't the type to have this much confidence to face the king to tell him everything she knew over the years. She knew every location of the brothers and where they lingered. She refused to tell him any and everything.

Would she share all that information with him?

All Mylo knew was that she was a mysterious woman, one that had her reasons.

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