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Fly Til Dusk (boyxboy) (CANCER - BOOK 2) By MoonlitFigures Characters: 13768

Updated: 2018-01-05 18:13

(Oh my god, I am SO SORRY for the wait. I've been sucked into so many things :( Rip the life of a writer and a musician.~V)

"Only Luna will take him now, brothers." Idos heard. He tried to move, but he couldn't get a hold of his own body. He felt so cold, lonely, and hurt. Gods, he felt like he fought for hours and never stopped until he dropped dead of exhaustion, that's how tired he was.

"Give him more time to heal. He will come around. He's strong. Cancer's always been strong." Another welcoming voice said, a determination in his voice, "Let Aquarius work on him. Taking a blow to the chest like that won't be easy, but he won't die."

What are they talking about? Idos wondered, but he soon realized that this was that dull ache in his chest. When he tried to move his right arm. . . there was an arm there. Someone must have noticed it because a large hand squeezed that foreign right hand of his, "Come on, brother. I know you can do it."

Idos finally opened his eyes.

He was in a large red tent, the ceiling told that much. When he blinked a couple of times, he finally shifted his head towards the source of the deep voice. It was a man with light blonde curly hair and silver eyes just like Idos'. He had a smile on his face, and the hand he was holding had a fine, red silk scarf wrapped around his bicep, "Cancer, you are alive. See Aries, I knew he could do it."

Idos began to panic. Was this one of his weird dreams? It felt so real to him, yet he just couldn't control his body. He wasn't his to control. He could only watch the scene unfold within these stranger's eyes.

"Pish posh, he's going to die sooner or later, " Aries' voice quite cold and mean, but he was the ice son of Luna. It was in his nature to be cold as ice, "You're just lucky Mylo here found some of that root Aqua needed to get up to spit up that venom."

Mylo. . . This is a weird dream.

"Don't be so rude. Just be glad that he's still alive. I know you won't admit it, " The man laughed before turning back to Idos, "Alright, easy steps. I don't want Mylo hissing a fit when he sees you up on your feet with an injury that large."

"Thanks, dad." Idos' spoke, his voice not his own. Gods, it was the young lord's voice. Everything matched so well. Was this his mind's way of making fun of him? Is this something that his mind mocked that he truly wished to be sent to the Realm of Shadows? With Cancer? "Mylo will hiss a fit if I get a tiny scratch from beating up guards with my tail."

"Can't deny that, " The man chuckled, "Just wait here. I'll get Tharros to give you some energy. Maybe I'll go get Apollo to cook something up for you as well, that is if he isn't attached to Libra's side."

"I'll be fine here, " Idos said, slowly accepting that he just had to calm down and accept the dream as it went. He couldn't control it. He began to walk around aimlessly, but the hook in chest hurt him. He looked down to see large bandages covering a bloody wound along with her fists bloody and swollen. Had he gotten into a fight?

After a couple of minutes, the man came back into the tent with a wooden cup along with someone trailing behind him. Before Idos even realized it, Mylo had stomped up to the god and pulled him in, gently of course, for a hug. After the worried squeeze, he brought his face up to his, only to kiss him. It was possessive and toe-curling, and not being able to control his own body, Idos had to accept it.

"Bloody hell, Wilton, You're supposed to be laying down and healing." Mylo sighed, the stressful thought of losing his other half eating him up, "But I come here with Leo to see you walking about like there wasn't just a sword plunged into your heart."

Really? Idos thought, but he shook his head, "I'm fine. I swear it." Leo handed him what looked like a cup of blood, one that you used for dark rituals. Idos took it easily, but this all reminded him of his encounter with Charles. It numbed the pain in his head. . . and now this godforsaken liquid was numbing his chest. Mylo had a bandage off his own wrapped around his wrist.

This was all too weird. This

Even when his voice was shaky and raspy, it dripped of control and leadership. Lokki gulped as he was literally pinned down in the corner, "I brought back the boy here like I was told. He had the same markings as me, as you know, and I couldn't help it. I reported back to my sister, and she told me to gather information. . . I'm so sorry, your holiness, I did not expect you, the dark one, to appear." The Dusk fell to his knees, bowing to the crippled god.

"Ayla, d-do something a-about him. . ." Cancer whimpered, and the morph demon was straight to obey. That's when he turned to Mylo, "I-I don't have m-much time. Valider. . . He-he did something. The brand i-is coming too f-fast." Both real and fake hand grasped at the demon's shoulders, "You need to t-teach him. H-help him learn. . . The more he rejects me, t-the more it h-hurts."

To make matters much worse, the Knight Commander of the house came busting in with a raging anger at his side. He marched up, ready to save his superior before noticing that the man he entrusted to Idos, much like a father, had horns. . . and lion legs. . . Was that a dragon tail?

"Kelin, " Cancer finally spoke up, "Take him away for the time being and look after him." His voice was a little more steady, but much of it was still cut and strained.

"Yes, Milord, " Kelin didn't question it. That was a good trait to have.

"But, Your highness!" Lokki began to spaz in Knight Commander Kelin's hold, "I must inform my commander! They must contact your sons, so they can--!" Kelin, with the help of two other guards, managed to shut him up while escorting him out of the hall.

"Have patience, " Cancer muttered, the thumb of his phantom hand pulling Mylo's face closer, "He will come around. . . I will come around. I heard everything." Mylo bit his lip, his mouth unable to speak words.

The dark god pulled their faces together, and Mylo relished the little time he had with his lover before all would let loose once again. It was fiery, passionate, loving. Mylo had held him so close, the god heard the beating of his cold heart inside the demonic chest. But Cancer grew limp in Mylo's embrace, and that caused tears to spring from the demon's eyes.

Idos awoke, finally, only to be greeted with the sorrowful face of Mylo. There was a strange tingling of his nub, and his lips felt warm and moist. Mylo was crying, despite the smile on his face. He didn't try to hide how he had two horns on his head or that his face was stitched together with two beautiful blue and orange eyes.

Beautiful? Idos thought to himself, unbelieving that he would think of that.

Yes, beautiful. The voice of common sense spoke back to him.

Yeah. . . Beautiful. They're beautiful. Idos accepted.

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