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Fly Til Dusk (boyxboy) (CANCER - BOOK 2) By MoonlitFigures Characters: 14294

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Mylo watched as Idos ran out of the huge classroom with Lokki and his professor on his tail. He kept the growing pain in his hand by clenching it until blood appeared. The sheer amount of information that had been thrown at Idos was enough to trigger something inside that god's head. He even saw it.

What did Idos remember?

The pull of the mark on his palm grew, and he found himself walking outside into the sunshine. He turned a corner where it was empty before he felt himself shift into Idos' appearance. The stables were not far from here, and knowing Cancer, he'll be running and screaming until the burning stopped.

The gates of the Caeles manor were never so relieving to Mylo until now. He pushed the reigns of Moonwing while she followed effortlessly next to him. By that point, Mylo had shifted to his normal appearance.

What's happening to master? I sensed something wrong. The black shadow griffon spoke.

"Cancer is being branded too quickly, " Mylo whispered. He could always just talk back in his mind like she communicated, but that would require work. Mylo didn't feel like using the energy to perform such a simple yet consuming task.

Isn't that a good thing, Your Majesty? He'll get his power and he'll be able to fly with me! He'll even remember you!

Mylo's heart stung.

"I told you to just call me Mylo, Moony, " Mylo warned, "I've heard your Majesty too many times. I don't deserve it." Kelin had taken sights of the two now that they were finally walking into the estate.

I know better than anyone that you deserve it. Moonwing squawked. She tried to sound intimidating, but it never worked with this alpha morph demon. I may be a mount that everyone thinks is stupid, but I do know that you deserve it. You deserve the title of Royal Advisor and Husband of the Shadow Exalt.

Mylo sighed while he shook his head. No, he didn't. He could remember as clear as day the first day he had met Cancer. He was Wilton Caeles at the time, the man who built the road for this house and made it well known. He was a simple man with a dimple in his right cheek and a loving smile on his face. He was the man Mylo had run into in a snow storm and ended up married to the man two years after that day.

It wasn't that simple anymore.

"Stupid Cancer, " Mylo mumbled, "If you just didn't put me in this endless loop with you. . ." He was frustrated, but deep within his corrupted soul, he knew that this man, this god, was worth being forgotten and remembered again over and over and over and over.

"Hello, Mylo." Kelin had stopped Mylo in his tracks. Rough, worn-down armor hugged his strong yet aged frame while tired-out recruits behind him heaved with short breaths. This old man didn't look like he had run five hundred laps like the rest of them did.

"Hello, how has your day been going, Knight-Commander?" Mylo replied. Kelin signaled the recruits for a break, and some of them collapsed to the ground with a satisfied groan.

"Absolutely shit. I feel like I should be the one panting and burning with the exercise, but no, " Kelin laughed, "I wouldn't have it any other way, though. Yours?"

"Quite eventful so far. I was actually returning Idos' griffon here from the town's stable. He just ran out of class and disappeared, " Mylo explained, the lies were easy off his tongue, "Did you perhaps see him at all in the past hour or so?"

"Master Idos has fallen ill, I'm afraid, " Kelin frowned, "Not long ago, a man with these weird markings had entered the courtyard with the lord in his arms passed out. He claimed he was from this order. I was suspicious. Lady Ashhell, however, intervened in time to state that this man was trustworthy. I still do not believe her."

Mylo couldn't say he was surprised, but the worry in his chest started to grow. It had never been like this before. Usually, it would happen weeks after meeting up with Mylo, but no. It had only been a couple of days, and his brand is already working along his face. This meant his phantom limb would reveal itself.

Oh Luna, his phantom limb.

Idos was oblivious to all of this. He just thought that Mylo was an ordinary morph demon looking for a soul to profit from. He thought that he was the most lonely kid and undeserving of all his wealth, po

happy, " Aria frowned, looking back at her son, "He has been so closed off, so independent. I knew Mylo was something different. . . You treat my son well, ya' hear?"

"Absolutely, " Mylo whispered, not breaking the contact between his eyes and Idos' sleeping face, "I would die for him. I would kill Hesperides myself for him, only him."

"I think we should exit the room, Aria, " Lady Ashhell warned, pulling up her magic appearance again, "I will fill you in on any other details. I promise Mylo will be here to protect your son at any costs."

The only sound Mylo could hear was the breathing of Idos underneath him.

Mylo traced his fingers where the black ink of his brand etched to his skin, knowing that being close to him numbed the pain. He traced his cheeks and ran his index finger along his eyelids. Mylo sat next to the sleeping body of Idos on the edge with his head slowly lowering until he rested his head on Idos' shoulder.

"I miss you." Mylo whispered as he heard the heatbeat underneath him, " I miss the fun times we had. I miss the times where you would bring me on your little trips in the air. I miss the feeling of you in my arms. . ."

Idos sucked in a harsh breath, and Mylo could hear the heartbeat increase.

"I miss every single little time where we would just stare at each other. I love most of all every time you would finally remember that faithful day. Callum was the ringman, and Benny just wanted to be the one to throw flowers at everyone. I love how you begged your mother to perform the ceramony."

Idos stirred. The young lord shiffted positions, laying on his back. Mylo rolled his head over onto his chest, the pounding heartbeat suddenly louder than before.

"But you know what tops everything else?"


"It was when Benny finally was put to rest as he died on the bed as an old man. You were there. I was there. Callum was there. His son Collin was there, and his sister, Jasmine. The last thing he saw was his father, and his grandson, Laelia." Mylo explained as he pushed back the long curly strands out of Idos' face, "I was emotional, depressed that my son had finally died when I hadn't before him. You know what you did? You grabbed the soul before any other god could. You personally led him yourself to the Realm of Shadows, so I could see him again. You kissed each one of my fingers and my palm, looked up at my face, and said 'The pain is worth it, so the love can come in'."

Mylo laid his head back onto Idos' chest, an he closed his eyes. The memory was painful, but it was the most memorial.

"I hope you know that I love you so much, it hurts. If I have to wait years, then I will. If you push me away, I'll give you space. If you want me close, I'll come at your call. I'll always know, however, that you'll eventually come to love me again. You always do."

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