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Updated: 2018-01-05 18:12

(This whole chapter is a freaking history lesson that I got TOO into writing, so early update! Important information in this chapter :) ~ Veinna)

"Please come in. We have much to discuss today as the final tests start in a couple weeks, " Professor Poppy, Idos' Fae professor, announced to the arriving students. Idos was already there being there almost a half hour early. He had sat in the back where no one seemed to ever want to join him. That's okay, though. Today, the last thing he needed was social interaction with none other than these dimwitted, bribed-my-way-to-the-top, snobby rich children.

Professor Poppy was one the rare fae that was born much larger than the usual foot tall race. She was easily two times that size and was the height of normal, human child. Her wings would often spaz behind her back without realizing it, but the blue shine made up for it. Her hair was a lighter blue than her wings, and her eyes held this bright yellow hue to them. It was unnatural for humans, of course, but common for the fae folk.

"We have important business to take care of. Come on! Come on! I rather not waste time waiting for you all to take a seat." See, Professor Poppy was the history teacher at Idos' college. This class was the most Idos looked forward too, because who wouldn't be interested in such interesting history? Because of his interest, it was easy to take his mind of his own problems by listening to others throughout history itself.

That's when he noticed that she wasn't alone at the front. A man stood next to the podium in a black cloak. His face was ridden with designs all over his face, and even his lips were inked with black. His head was shaved on both sides of his face except on top where his black set of hair was lined with wavy yet controllable locks. His hands were behind his back, and the cloak hid the rest of the marks that trailed down his neck and mostly down his chest. The clear sign of Cancer's sigil was forever tattooed into his neck.

Huh, interesting, Idos thought to himself as he brought out his notebook. His fingers trailed across the shadow tome, but he decided not to get that out. That would only result in him finding himself in trouble.

"Now, at the beginning of May, we started to talk about in depth of each god. I know you all remember how we pinpointed that our Moon Goddess, Luna, was created before mankind even existed. We only started to discover her and her wonderful likes and magic almost six hundred years ago. The Lunar Pact, her written history of everything, has shown that she has lived for thousands of years, only to be proved real once she was giving birth to her sons, the first stars in the sky." Professor Poppy grabbed her glasses off the podium.

Yes, history was fascinating, to say the least. Idos has read books beyond books about this subject, hence why he succeeded on any of the tests his professor threw at him. He has even gone as far as read Libra's first tome he wrote all by himself, with the help of people who could actually see.

"Now, we've talked about all the brothers. More in depth with some, and even one we haven't stepped into just yet. You see, I was waiting for the perfect time to present this topic because my good friend here is a follower of his. Today, we will be talking about Cancer. I realize this is a touchy subject for some, but I want you to listen to me today and tell me by the end of class that you aren't so judgemental on this poor god. After all, he is the God of Acceptance." Professor Poppy turned his stare over to the man who was patiently waiting beside her, "I would like to present you Lokki, a member of The Order of Dusk, a living and devoted follower of Cancer."

The man, Lokki, replaced his position with Professor Poppy, and Idos couldn't take his eyes off him. He finally pulled his cloak by to reveal that he was right, more beautiful designs inked his chest and arms. He only wore black leather pants and sandals, but that didn't stop him from looking like he could snap your neck in a matter of seconds.

"Thank you, Poppy. It's a wonderous idea to be able to speak in front of these students to inform them on the god I swore myself to at the age of eleven." Lokki had this playful glint to him, but his tone was serious, "Now, is there any questions before I help your professor here with your next lesson?"

One boy in the front raised his hand, "Many people say that the Order of Dusk is more a cult than an order since it is rumored they perform rituals that require human sacrifice. Is this true?"

"Absolutely not, " Lokki looked offended, "As a member of the order for most of my life, I can say that that's not the case. The Order of Dusk is a place where you are accepted for who you are as well as be able to perform magic without even mage blood. Hence, why I have these marks on me that produce the magic I need to use. W

d to be for a week. I'm sure you all know where I'm heading with this, " Professor turned her gaze to her hand as she depicted two babies, "Because of this trickery, twins were born. These were two identical twin boys by the names of Dawn and Dusk."

"May I?" Lokki jumped back in, and Professor Poppy nodded, "Both Dusk and Dawn are the founders of the Order of Dusk. Of course, there is the Order of Dawn, but clearly, I follow Dusk. My sister is in the Order of Dawn. It's pretty clear to what their titles are. Dusk is the God of Sunset as he is a mix between light and dark, but more tilting on his father's, Cancer, side. Dawn is the opposite. He is the God of Sunrise and is more Tharros than Cancer, though he still has darkness in him. They watch over the Realm of Shadows until Cancer finally arrives once more to rule over."

"Doesn't Cancer have another child as well?" A male voice asked. Idos glanced over to see a boy with curly black hair and looked rather fit. He had black robes on and hat to contain all his hair in. When Idos leaned to take a closer look, he found that the boy had orange and blue eyes.


Was that Mylo?

"Yeah, I was just about to get to him, " Lokki smiled, "That leaves us with Cancer's youngest child, Mateo. You see, he is absolutely a demigod. He wasn't birthed, but Cancer had created him. With the help of his mother and Gemini, the God of Life, he withdrew his own blood with his lover's, creating a hybrid of human, demon, and dragon blood, or god blood if you will. Mixing dragon blood with demon blood resulted in Mateo in becoming a sex god. Though he is considered as a demigod, he was branded by his grandmother to become the God of Temptation. Many have idols of him, so they can improve their sex lives as he inherited his extreme sex appeal from his grandfather with the added mixture of genetics."

"How does a morph demon and a god create a lust demon god?" Idos blurted out.

Lokki smirked, "Demon blood is demon blood. Mateo could have become something else, but he chooses to embrace the lustful side of things. Plus, with the added genes of the ultimate Sun God that is considered a sex symbol in Solar culture, it's pretty easy to guess, especially when Cancer has more of Hesperides' physical traits than he does his mother. The dragon blood he has only heightens the powers."

"I think you blew the kid's mind, " Professor Poppy laughed.

It wasn't that.

Idos was overwhelmed with pictures popped up inside his mind. They were going too fast for Idos to really focus on them. His head was practically exploding right now. He wrapped his left arm around himself as his professor further went on to explain the rivalry of Sagittarius and Cancer. She said if Sagittarius didn't play that trick on Cancer, then the world probably wouldn't be here today.

No, part of it was that.

It bothered Idos so badly that he messily gathered all his things and fled the classroom. Someone was following him, maybe even two. Hell, he didn't know. His nub ached so badly, and when he went to wipe off the sweat off his forehead and nose, even his nose stung so badly.

He needed something.


Only Aries' ice could cool down this incoming volcano about to erupt inside his head.

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