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   Chapter 16 NO.16

Fly Til Dusk (boyxboy) (CANCER - BOOK 2) By MoonlitFigures Characters: 14090

Updated: 2018-01-05 18:12

Everything was so blurry.

Why was everything so blurry?

With each passing step towards the entrance of his home, Idos felt like he was going to trip on his own feet. His boots suddenly felt like they were squeezing his feet, and gosh, his right amputee throbbed in painful heat. His head was quaking, and his throat felt like it was drier than the Flare. What was happening to him?

Idos finally was able to walk into the hall, with the help of the wall, only for him to quickly snatch the railing of the stairs. He scanned them, and he knew there was no possible way for him to walk down these steps without him tripping and breaking his neck. He carefully sat at the edge of the top stair before sliding down, thunder seemingly cracking in his spine with every thump.

"Master Idos!" Charles finally noticed his lord on his last breath. With Idos' permission, the butler gently brought him to his feet where Idos just went limp, crashing back into Charle's arms.

"I-I need to get o-out--" Idos could see his mother through the windows. Her back was to him, and it was clear that she was waiting for Idos to finally arrive by her side. Bella stood next to her with her arms across her chest. It was all too blurry from there, but his vision kept littering his eyesight with black specs where the two women were.

Every time he would blink, those very black specs began to encase them until their appearances were finally not their own.

Why. . . Why did Bella have horns?

I really am going insane, Idos thought to himself. Charles laid him down onto the floor until he beckoned a maid over. Her eyes widened in some foreign recognition when Charles rested the back of his hand on Idos' forehead. The butler nodded towards the maid before grabbing a familiar ruby hilt dagger in his hand.

Hell, Idos was too out of it to realize what was going on. He saw the flashes of unnatural orange eyes sweep across the maid's Irises. It was like water to the lord, dripping into his mouth and down his chin. He didn't even care for the taste nor did he care for much of the distress the maid was experiencing. He only felt his body begin to cool down once it slid down his throat.

Idos couldn't even conclude that what he was drinking wasn't even water, it was thicker than that.

"You're dismissed, " Charles said sternly. The maid nodded her head before running off. The butler sighed before resting his master's head in his lap, "You are going to be alright, Master Idos. Wait a moment for it to kick in."

Idos was hyper aware. He could feel this liquid drip down his throat only for it to jumpstart him. It was like he was waking from a nightmare. He jumped from Charles's lap with his breathing heavy and his eyes wide. He ran his hand through his hair before slowly getting to his feet. He noticed his head was as heavy and his legs weren't as wobbly. He lifted his fingers to his lips to wipe whatever trailed down his chin.


It was blood.

"I trust you that you can trust in my judgment, Master Idos, " Charles sighed before getting to his feet and wiping off the imaginary dust off his penny coat, "Please be careful. Not everyone is who you think they are."

Charles walked off with no words left. Idos' dagger lay on the ground, obvious that the maid had cut herself to heal him. It wasn't the normal red coloring blood usually had, no, it was more of a purplish tone. He squeezed it in his hand before staring at it. If this stopped the pounding in his body to a mere ache, then. . .

Idos ran his tongue along both sides of the blade. It had no taste, but it made a difference to his posture. He was able to finally walk straight without wobbling over into a mess. Idos sucked in a deep breath as he realized that Charles most likely knew what was happening to him.

Not every is who you think they are.

Idos shook his head before stashing the dagger out of plain sight. Surprised that he wasn't faltered by the show, he reminded himself that he would definitely have to hunt down Charles later. He opened the doors to join the two ladies. They didn't notice him at first, but Idos had intended to do so. He swore he saw horns on Bella's head. He knew that it wasn't bec

d her body with his foot before urging her, "Come on, I don't have all day. You know where the Grand Fountain is."

Right, sorry. Idos was expecting it, but his body wasn't. Again, he had to hang on for dear life so he wouldn't fall and break his neck. She didn't even have to run to get up into the air. That was a difficult thing to do, but somehow, Idos taught her best. Once she was stable enough in the air, she continued to talk.Everyone knows you're gonna have the brand, master. Once you start getting it, you'll be able to talk to creatures like me! I've been waiting so long. . .

"I suppose you don't mind explaining why I have this?" Idos questioned, but he could feel Moonwing tense under his body.

I think it's best that you find that out yourself. It isn't my place to tell you those things. Moonwing suddenly grew serious. Her preppy, go-to, cheery voice dropping for a more monotone depth. To be honest with you Master, I was not expecting this to happen so fast. Something is happening.

Great, more luggage to drop on Idos' back to solve.

"Does it got to do with these marks on my forehead?" It was a stupid question, but probably more important than he was letting on.

Yes. She simply answered.

Moonwing didn't continue on with her talking, and Idos didn't use the energy he needed to progress the conversation more. It only took around ten minutes to land near the Grand Fountain in the middle of the city. It surprised the many bystanders around him, but he didn't have a care. He just slid off the black griffon and lead her to the nearest stables. Of course, he had been here before and knew the man that lead this stables for those who need to store their mounts until school leads out.

The man, Jakson was his name, instantly recognized Idos the minute black feathers entered his sights. Idos didn't have to say anything as he slapped a few gold coins on the counter before giving the reigns to Jakson. He could hear the mopes of Moonwing behind him and in his mind, but he ignored it.

Everything was so confusing. His day hadn't started out the best as yesterday was plagued with an interrupted panic attack and Mylo inching too close for comfort. Now, it was blood, drama, and his griffon talking to him like it was normal for that kind of thing to happen. Sure, if he were a nymph, he could easily talk to animals. That wasn't out of the norm. Idos was just a human, a human with political power and nothing else.

This was all just his body trying to remind him that he was crazy. It all reminded him that he had the case of PTSD that created delusions to get him to feel normal. He was no nymph. He was nowhere near someone of importance in regards to the magical world. In fact, he was no one special.

Idos was just a teenage boy with a lot of problems.

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