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Fly Til Dusk (boyxboy) (CANCER - BOOK 2) By MoonlitFigures Characters: 13895

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"Are those teeth?" Idos cocked his head to the side, intrigued by the armband Mylo was wearing. Sharp teeth wrapped around his bicep that was held with a leather band. The more Idos looked at it, the more he felt weary of the article.

"What? Does it bother you?" Mylo turned his eyes back to the lord in front of him. His blue and orange eyes following his every move.

"I wouldn't say as such. . . I never really get a glimpse of your true self, and I never knew you looked so tribal, is what I'm trying to say." Idos tried to obtain the decency to describe his jumbled thoughts into words but to no avail.

"If it does bother you, I can remove them. . . the best I can. Some of them are on my skin and have grown around it, so I don't know what will happen if I try to pull it out, " Mylo chuckled. None of that stirred any discomfort inside the demon, but Idos was the opposite. Didn't it hurt to have teeth digging into his skin like that?

It had been a day after Idos' scene. They didn't discuss it with each other, and no words were spoken about the incident. idos didn't want to talk about it. He had basically been caught crying his eyes out because he was scared. He was having a stupid panic attack that a leader should never show. It was a weakness.

A leader should never show weakness.

Idos would never admit to himself that he loved the way Mylo had comforted him during that time. He was too stubborn for that, despite Mylo showing his full support. Something about the way he hushed him and rocked him back and forth the day before told Idos that he knew something. Idos could sense the longing in his whispers and sighs. Would he dig for more information? No, that's wrong.

Though the thought of Mylo having secrets and possibly a lover was making Idos curious.

Usually, demons were shown as cruel creatures signing deals with humans so they can have their dinner. Everyone refused to accept the positive side of these creatures because demons were their go-to excuse. They never talked about how they were the messengers of Cancer, the god responsible for darkness. They would send you to heaven, not to Orion's hell.

Mylo had this sort of gentleness to him. His appearance was scary to most. Even when he looked like a human, his cold but playful attitude towards everyone scared most. Even his stare would worry Idos when eating dinner with him. He would glare at Bella across the table like she was the most annoying thing on the planet. It was amusing, and it never got out of hand.

It was only to him that he would laugh, smile, and all around be goofy. Sometimes, Idos questioned if this man was even a demon in the first place, but then he remembered the deal. Mylo was his friend now, but was it mutual? Did he really begin to become friends with him? Or was it a part of the deal forcing him to act friendly only towards Idos?

The thought was conflicting.

Hell, Idos didn't know why he was acting this childish. Why was he so bothered by this? He was a demon doing his part of the contract they agreed on. It was nothing more than just a business deal. Act like a friend until he sucks our soul out and onto the Realm of Shadows, Idos went.

You want it to be more than that, huh? That little voice in his head whispered. You don't want this to be a deal. You want him to be your friend, truly.

Idos closed his eyes shut. No, no, no, no! He needed this to go through. It was just a deal he made with a morph demon that would ultimately end with his death. He brought it on himself, but he knew that most likely Mylo was faking it to get his soul. It was a part of the deal and. . . and. . .

Four days with him, and you've already grown attached? What happened to being the leader you want to become? The voice was louder now. It was deep, commanding, and unsettling. You're diving too deep. It's better to be feared than loved.

What's wrong with being loved? What's wrong with having a friend? Why was his mind so dead set against this, even if it was some fake relationship Idos craved for? He couldn't accept himself if his mind would create so many doubts.

Love will only get you hurt. Frien

o much, Child, " Aria smiled. She snatched the brush from one of the drawers and got to work on his endless tangles, "You look perfectly okay. As a lord as big as yourself, there's no way you won't go without having a bad night like this, other than your usual."

Idos stayed silent. His side swept bangs fell in his face as soon as his mother finally made them look like they hadn't been scarred for life during the night. He felt empty, and somehow the thought of last night made him shiver. It wasn't a shiver of the winter, no. it was a shiver one would receive when suffering a possible heat stroke. His head was killing him.

"Charles informed me of your schedule for today. You'll be greeting Lady Ashhell when she arrives with me. It's nearly noon, so I see to it that you eat something to fill you up. Then, you must attend your classes for the day. You'll return from your studies, and dinner will be served. After that, you have time to yourself until you must meet with Kelin and Miller, " Aria accidently yanked on a tangle causing Idos to hiss, "That's simple enough, yes?"

"Perfect, thank you, " Idos murmured under his breath. It felt like old times when his mother would brush his hair while Laura and Charlotte would weave bows in his braids. Back then, Idos had long hair only for his little sisters to play with. He truly loved his family.

When his mother finally finished with his godforsaken jumble of hair, she stored the brush back and fled to the door to say, "I will leave it to you that you wash your face. It will wake you up. I will see you in the main hall."

Idos didn't complain. He pushed the lever down from the bath and splashed his face into the semi-cool liquid. Once his eyes complain enough of their own, he returned to the mirror. He didn't catch it at first because of his bangs. He caught it when he rubbed his burning forehead with a wet rag.

It was black markings lining along his forehead in waves. A line intersecting straight down the middle reaches only halfway down his forehead. Idos watched it with confused stares until it stopped where his nose touched in between his eyes.

Idos hissed when he tapped the tip of his fingers to the tattooed marks that appeared out of nowhere. It must have been why his head felt like he was bashing it against the gates of The Flare, the opposite of Luna's heaven where the little brother sun, Orion, watches over the most hellish souls and creatures in existence.

For now, Idos would have to hide these mysterious marks with his bangs. They were long enough to shield them from view as he didn't want to get caught. Hopefully, his head would stop pounding when food entered his system.

Or maybe those marks weren't even there, and he was just finally going insane.

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