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Fly Til Dusk (boyxboy) (CANCER - BOOK 2) By MoonlitFigures Characters: 15036

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He gave him one sidelong glance before he smiled to himself.

Mylo already felt tingly, and it had only been two days into the friendship. Often times, he would find himself clenching and unclenching his right hand, the brand Cancer had given him burning lightly. He just knew it was finally on his side of life. It had started to glow, so wearing a glove to hide it would prove important until it happened.

The playful demon followed him everywhere. Sometimes, he was by his side, laughing and talking. Other instances, it was Mylo disguised as a maid or a soldier. Mylo had learned that Idos always wanted some time to himself, and he respected it kind of. Plus, he had duties to attend to, being the lord of the house.

Every time Mylo looked at him, it was like an explosion in his chest. It had been so long since he had seen his master, his god, his own alpha. Thirty-nine years seemed like a lifetime to a lot, but it was just another wait to reunite with his true calling. Being an alpha meant that he could never die. He had a whole species of demons at his command. Dying wasn't a part of the job.

That very mark on his palm was a blessing and a curse.

Mylo would always be drawn to Cancer, much more than the other alphas. No matter what, Mylo would be by his side whether he liked it or not. Once they come in contact with one another, he couldn't stay away for long periods of time, not until he died for another cycle to begin. A week at most was Mylo's limit until the urge to be next to the one he loved was greater than his hunger for souls.

Mylo watched as Idos practiced his sword with Kelin in the yard. There had been a crowd flocking around them, and Mylo was on the balcony watching the whole fight in the skin of a regular guard himself. He was impressed at how Idos had come to learn swordplay with just one arm, but Mylo always knew that he was better with his left than his right.

"At least, he isn't blind like last time, " Mylo muttered under his breath before porting into nothingness. The familiar stiffness of the Realm of Shadows entered his pores, forcing him to drop the morph magic surrounding him. He wasn't there long. By the use of shadows as a transportation, Mylo easily found himself behind Noble in his usual clothing.

At least, he felt comfortable.

"Dude, you okay?" Mylo asked, and Noble jumped as if he was poked with a sharp stick in his behind. The beast tamer sighed in relief as soon as he realized it was just his best friend.

"I'm fine, just panicked a little." Noble replied and fixed his red scarf to cover his mouth.


"Well. . ." That's when the demon saw Daley approach in the corner of his eye with a not-so-much happy expression.

"Because that stupid hoe of a Maglarin had almost hit him one, " Daley growled as she rubbed Noble's back motherly, "Don't worry about it. I gave her one back." Wink.

"Thanks. . ." Noble drifted off into his own head. Mylo shot Daley a worried glance. That was interrupted when Noble decided to pull them both down the dirt road leading to his home. Even if he was a god and didn't know it, he still had some strength in his unawakened form.

When Daley approved of their distance away from the village, she finally asked, "Are you sure you're okay, mister?"

Noble said something back, but Mylo had muted himself from the world. He stared into the endless amount of pine trees that housed snow on the tops of its needles. Daley did most of the questioning, and he followed silently behind them. As much as he would've like to join her, he knew that Noble had to grow at his own pace.

All three had walked for a few more minutes but as the time went by, Mylo could sense that something was wrong-- or right? Noble was acting weird. Usually, that meant two things. It could be him finally realizing that he had that damn lion as a spirit or it was him feeling ill, the proceeding to puke his stomach's contents.

"Noble?" Daley called out to the boy, but Noble continued to stare into the forest entrance like something was calling him.

Realizing that the fazed tamer wasn't going to snap out of it, Mylo walked in front of his vision before smacking his lips on Noble for only a split second. That awoke him from his daze which followed with a disgusted expression on his face. Mylo, personally, was offended. If he didn't like his kisses, he should just ask--

Oh yeah.

"Seriously, what's wrong with you? You've been all out it since the first of school." Myl

lled away and gazed at the only light source in the room.

Well, he's right in front of me, "Yes, I have."

"What's he like?"

Mylo scoffed at the irony of the situation.

"Well, if I had to describe him, " Mylo began, "He's a very powerful god. He's able to slip through his own shadows and end up anywhere in this world. He's the reason why the night sky stays dark, so Luna's followers are able to see the stars above them."

"Sounds like a lot of work, " Idos pointed out as he wiped the wetness from his face.

"He's misunderstood, but he's a good guy. He makes decisions wisely as he rules over millions of souls in his realm as well as his followers that are still living. He's very intelligent since he loves to read books when he has the time. He's also very handsome, dashing. He has most of his father's features, his beauty coming from the sun god. His hair used to be blonde like his mother's, but the darkness changed it black. Many underestimate his power because he is compared to his brother, Leo, as well as his youngest brother, Gemini, the god of life." All this talking was beginning to bring back memories.

"So, when you finally take me to him, would I fit in? Would anyone accept me?" Idos had calmed his erratic breathing, but Mylo could sense hope in his muffled voice.

"Cancer accepts everyone with open arms. He isn't just the God of Darkness; He's also the God of Acceptance. I can only send you there once you have finally succeeded into accepting yourself, so he can accept you with a smile."

"Thank you, " Idos murmured. The unused candle beside him lit up into a small, kindled flame. The young lord wasn't faltered by Mylo's appearance. The more Idos stared at him, the more Mylo's mark burned. That's when he noticed that Idos was holding back something behind a painful smile. He lifted his hand to rest upon his forehead, the burning almost too much for the demon to handle. Mylo hissed at the pain.

"Are you okay, truly?" Mylo asked honestly.

"I-I'm fine. just a bit of a headache that the healers can't fix, " Idos sighed before rising to his feet, the expression of pain taking hold of his once sad smile. He was stumbling to walk, and this worried the demon.

No, it's too early for it to start happening. Why is it happening now? Mylo couldn't think of a way to why the process was growing at such a fast rate. The lines of Cancer's brand starting to branch out in Mylo's palm. That only meant one thing.

Mylo rested his right palm to Idos' forehead as the boy sighed of relief. Mylo held back the cries of pain as he absorbed what pain he could from his friend. At least, Mylo stopped the process from happening, or at the least, hid it so no one could watch it etch itself into his skin.

Mylo needed more time. If his brand were to grow in, he wouldn't be able to stay out for as long as he could. He had to help his best friend first, only then will Mylo be able to help Idos through that transition, as ironic as it sounds.

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