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Fly Til Dusk (boyxboy) (CANCER - BOOK 2) By MoonlitFigures Characters: 14402

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The demon was surprised to hear Idos' request. He justs stood staring at the nineteen-year-old with wide eyes. Even the flames on the candles flickered at his emotions. Idos was belittled by the surprise, but he didn't let that get to him.

"I want a loyal friend. . . until I feel content, happy for the first time in two years." Idos sighed. his wrist starting to receive that dull ache once the adrenaline was starting to wear off. No doubt that his casual robes were soaked by his own blood now.

"Quite the request you're asking for, " The demon finally spoke, "I suppose all ages get lonely, huh? Are you sure about this? It means that I'm going to be in your life, living here, and taking your soul when it's time."

"I've never been so sure in my life." Idos proclaimed in a confident voice. He was sure that this was going to be a positive turn for his life. Once the demon had fulfilled his mission, Idos would freely go with him to the Realm of Shadows to become a citizen of light. Maybe if he was loyal enough to Cancer, he'll become a demon like a demon in front of him.

"Your words, Idos, " Idos sucked in a breath, "There're many ways to seal the deal. The hardest being draining a vial of blood from you for me to keep. Then, there's the easiest, a simple kiss. I assume you know best to your accommodations."

"A kiss. . ." Interesting way to seal the deal, but it made sense. Many of the books Idos had read in the romance section of the library was always dealing with kissing when involving a demon or some kind of deal. Of course, Idos had never kissed a lady or a man before if you didn't count a kiss to the hand a real kissable interaction. Idos sighed, but it seemed like his body and mind did not care that he was about to kiss a demon.

"Still, I have to ask. Are you sure you want to make a deal with me?" The demon wasn't given the answer he was expecting, but the answer he was hoping for. Idos stomped up to the demon, minding the candles beneath his feet. Though his wrist bloody, the lord grabbed the demon's chin and brought his lips to his.

Idos began to pull away, but the demon was a little too eager to dive for more. His hands grabbed both sides of Idos' face and forced the simple kiss into a heated mess. By that, he couldn't help but embrace this. Deep down, Idos knew this kind of behavior, even this being his first kiss. It was longing. He was grabbing to something that he hadn't been able to touch, see, breathe for a long time. Idos knew exactly what that felt.

"I-I'm sorry." The demon pulled back with a little color to his face, "I got out of hand. You remind me of someone I knew."

"No need to apologize." Idos said with a small smile.

"I guess the deal is made, " The demon announced before glancing down at the floor, "But I can't exit this circle until you blow out all the candles. The circles made to trap me."

Idos shook his head. Yes, it was made to trap the demon, but it was mainly for protection. He grabbed one of the lit candles to light another candle that would be their only light source after the candles were blown out. He took his time blowing out each and every one of them before the darkness overtook them, only a faint glow in the corner.

"What's your name?" Idos questioned.

"Mycarlo, but most call me Mylo." He answered. Mylo made no effort to move, almost like he was waiting for Idos' command.

"Can you help me store all of this in the sack?" Idos requested, and Mylo went straight to work to storing the candles and the griffon feathers into the sack. The young lord spotted the dagger that he had cut himself with and decided to store it in his belt. When they were finished, Idos lead the demon out into the hall, "Thank you for helping."

"No problem. That's what friends are for, right?" Mylo joked, and Idos' heart pumped inside his chest hard. He finally had a friend. He finally had a loyal friend that would be there for him. Gosh, the feeling was overwhelming but heavenly to Idos.

Idos' wrist began to swell at the cut, and he held back a wince. He was going to have to get to a healer about it, but hiding the summoning supplies was more important. When he looked back at Mylo, he looked nothing like himself. He looked like a normal teenager with hazel eyes and dark brown hair. A leather hunting jacket wrapped around him while he was barefoot. Idos thanked that it was near dark that he couldn't see the faint red on his face.

"You're hurting, " Mylo pointed out. They were almost there to the front of the house, the buzz of activity. Most of the house were most likely panicking to where their lord had slipped off to. Mylo snatched Idos' arm and lifted it up to his lips, his tongue gliding across the bloody intrusion of the skin.

"Manners like that in this house is going to get you killed, " Idos complained, but he didn't try to get his only arm back. His head began to burn through a headache, probably because of the loss of blood he dripped into the bowl, so it made him more aware of the fact that Mylo's tongue was forked.It did, however, heal the cut.

"I know how to act like a gentleman, especially in front ladies and lords." Mylo shrugged and stepped into the well-lit hall, "Speaking of which, I can't be walking around in this huge house in these, " He pointed to his hunter's wear, "I need something fancy like one of your robes. I'll fit in better that way."

"Then hurry, " Idos frantically whispered. He ran down the hall and took a left with his own bedroom not far. Mylo was right behind him, and the demon slammed the door when they finally arrived out of breath. Idos took in deep amounts of breaths before throwing the sack on the other side of his bed after turning to Mylo, "I'm sorry. I did this on the account that I could not be late to requests."

"That's stupid, " Mylo laughed with his breathing being labored, "This is going to be fun with you. The lord of the biggest house in the most powerful country right now? How did I get lucky?"

"Here, " Idos threw a robe at Mylo while he still laughed his stomach to death. The robe was a dark blue color with the crest of House Caeles on the back. The hood was deep like a cloak's, and two strings could be tired at the top of the torso. He also threw something comfortable to wear underneath with light beige pants. He would give the demon boots and a much-needed grooming after.

"Thanks, I won't be long!"

"Please do use the bath. Just push down the lever, and it will start filling. Once you're done, come out and wait in here. I will be right back!" Idos marched outside his room and closed the door. The halls were empty as assumed the servants were having their fill of dinner themselves finally. He successfully was able to find a maid to bring back with him. He tapped her shoulder to get her attention.

"Wha--? Oh! Master Idos! You're bleeding! Do you need me to grab a healer?" Idos groaned internally, forgetting that he was still wearing his bloody robe. In a rush, Idos grabbed her wrist and pulled her along with him back to his room.

"I need you to stay here until I dismiss you, yes?" Idos commanded, "There will be a man coming out of my ba

throom. Once he comes out, I want you to wait with him until I'm back. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Milord." She bowed her head.

"And make sure he bloody looks well. His hair is too crazy for me to handle. Make sure it's pulled back in a ponytail. I need to make sure he doesn't look like a thief in these halls, " Idos added. His nerves were beginning to rise, but he had no time for the darkness. He was terribly late for requests, and Kelin was going to yell at him for it. For now, he needed to dispose of his robes, or he could give it to a servant for them to wash.

It took ten minutes for Idos to give up his bloody robes and run back to his room. Once he arrived, no one was in his sanctuary until giggling could be heard from his bathroom. Once he entered, he found the same maid brushing back Mylo's hair while the devil was grinning in the mirror. They hadn't noticed he was there, but at least the demon looked more refine to freely walk the halls of his estate.

With a quiet sigh, Idos entered his closet to slide on one similar to Mylo's. Gosh, were his limbs tired from all the running he had to do today? Hell, it was worth it, though. The excitement and nervousness were pumping through his blood with even a small smile stretching across his face.

"Thank you, " Idos grabbed the servant's hand and slipped three gold coins inside, closing her fingers around them, "This is between you and I, you hear me?"

Her eyes brightened at the currency in her hands, "Absolutely, Milord. My mouth is sealed." She fled the room with a smile on her pale face, most likely going to save up on the money he had given her. Gold coins were worth a lot, easily one hundred silvers on Hellu's exchange rate. Idos had more gold coins than he could count numbers.

"I haven't been pampered like this in thirty-nine years, " Mylo chuckled to himself. He was still barefoot, but he was cleaner and well dressed than he was before. The robes fit well, but Idos noticed something in his right palm.

"What is that?" Idos asked and held out the demon's hand, revealing the symbol of cancer's own sigil.

"It's a brand, a thing that demons have, " He was lying. Idos could tell, but he didn't question him. Friends weren't supposed to doubt their friends.

"Now, we have to run towards the main hall for requests. I don't know how to explain you. . . or what position you would be to me. I didn't think this through, did I?" Idos shook his head as he left the room, Mylo, right behind him.

"No doubt you didn't, Idos, " Mylo grabbed his shoulder, halting Idos to a stop, "Possibly, I will sneak into the line for requests. I will simply pose as a new student at your college coming to visit and need some shelter. No one will know that I was thrown on a horse with a mother more than happy to give her son up to a knighthood's education."

That might just work, Idos thought to himself. He growled before continuing on through the hall with a nod. When he looked back, Mylo was completely gone, vanished into thin air. Sneaky demons were the most discreet.

Kelin had kept his anger to himself when Idos finally arrived at the main hall. Many faces watched him as he took his seat in between Head Priest Miller and Knight-Commander Kelin, his chair visibly more decorated than the two on each side of him.

"Ava Recuter, please come forward, " Idos started. The list was long tonight, many of the servants and common folk ready to request a change in their lands. Idos had even seen some Knights at the back of the room eager to share their opinions. The human woman stepped forward with papers in her hands.

The poor woman had asked for food policies to have risen in the more rural part of Caeles lands. She did look starved, and the little girl behind her didn't look so healthy either. They were both malnourished, and the sight of these two brought Idos a sense of dread in the pit of his stomach. If he were to send more food out there in those small villages, then he would have to raise the taxes higher than what they were to pay for it. He shook his head before signing his name to the paper, approving the plan only to tax those villages higher in the future months.

Some requests were downright insulting and stupid. One man came up to request that the house gives him a new cat since his own was slaughtered by wolves. Idos instantly rejected the idea, and Kelin was more than willing to escort him out of the room. The next filed a complaint on one of the ruling mayors of the villages because he was too strict on the growing children. Idos had commanded all villages to teach children, whether their race or rank, to be educated, hence why strict policies were into play.

Idos almost sighed in relief when a familiar name. He cocked his eyebrow when finally realizing it. Mycarlo Stommer? What the hell? Another question for another day. Knowing fully who this was, Idos simply yelled out, "Mycarlo Stom, please come forward."

Mylo came up the stairs with his hands behind his back, a smirk on his lips. He stopped at the last step before bowing with respect. At least he knew manners of how to treat the lord of a house.

"Idos, interesting to see you again. I didn't know you were the lord of this house." Mylo joked, but that seemed to alarm Kelin enough to be alert.

"You don't address the lord of the house in front of his court that way, " Kelin snapped, but Mylo wasn't intimidated by the Knight-Commander. He just stood there with the same smile on his face.

"I think I can address my friend the way I want to, " Mylo snapped back playfully before turning his hazel gaze towards Idos, "I come to seek the lord of the house for temporary housing until my time at the college is up. My mother is a good friend of Lady Caeles, in fact. Her name's Ayla Ashhell, if I do recall. I decided not to change my last name after she remarried."

"What a coincidence, Lady Ashhell will be visiting in just a couple days, " Kelin said with hostility in his voice.

"Yes, I know that. Hence, I am here. She is coming to visit a good friend and check up on her son. Is that not well for you, Knight-Commander?" There was venom in Mylo's voice and in all honesty, Idos was fighting himself from laughing.

"I can smell the hormones from here, " Miller muttered under his breath, and that was what set the young lord into a fit of laughter.

It wasn't often that Idos' servants would see him smile, no less watch him wheezing from laughter. All three men stared at him with wide eyes with at least thirty even wider eyes joining with them. With his only available hand, Idos wiped the small tears that were threatening to leak from his eyes. That's when Mylo starting to grow back his usual smirk.

"It's good to see you again, Mylo, " Idos lied but didn't at the same time, "You may stay here for as long as you wish. I will get you set up with a room after this." Kelin was more than annoyed with Idos' decision, but he couldn't do anything about it.

Kelin shook his head as Mylo rejoined the group behind him. He would have to accept this, but only because this was the first time in the last two years he had seen Idos laugh like that.

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