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Changing into something more comfortable was more challenging than Idos remembered. He was eager, yes. He had to take his time because sliding into a robe more comfortable than his last would prove difficult when done quickly. Now, he wore a regular short-sleeved shirt that was worn under armor.

It wasn't a beautiful sight. Idos was expecting to feel his wrist turn and twist and his fingers clench, but there was only nothingness there. His arm was forever stuck facing straight down since he had no use for his elbow anymore. The rough lines of sloppy cutting still scarred to him this day. He rubbed his nub with his left hand, feeling the bumps and the reasons for his insecurities.

"I made a promise to you, father, " Idos whispered to himself, "I would rule this house and make it go through its golden age. I would be the best lord this house would ever see. I don't feel as if I'm fulfilling your role. . . I'm trying so hard."

Nothing responded back.

"Am I making the right choice? Is summoning a demon to take my soul really going to give me the strength and happiness that I need?" Idos choked, "That I deserve?"

Yes, the little voice in his head whispered back. That one word set him straight. He will have to take it far in order to achieve his goal, and the only permission he needed was his own. If he didn't have faith in himself, then it was clear that he was just some useless teenager in charge of thousands of lives in his hands.

With little to no effort, he slid on his casual robe over his shoulders. Clenching his gloved hand, he opened the door to be greeted by someone he did not want to even talk to.

"Some of the maids informed me you were feeling ill, and I thought I would drop by to check on you, sweetie, " Bella smiled fakely. Her blonde hair and her brown eyes proved that he was beautiful, but her personality was the complete opposite, "I'll escort you to dinner even though you should be the one escorting me."

Idos cringed at the dirty intention of that last sentence. He held out his arm before Bella linked her arm through. She wore a rather expensive dress, one you'd see at a ball, with a necklace Idos was all too familiar with. She must have had a maid steal it from Laura's untouched room. It was a ruby necklace with diamonds surrounding it. It was a teardrop gem, and seeing it on Bella enraged Idos.

"How was your day?" Idos asked politely. He tried his best to hide his anger, but his words came out a little rougher than he had intended.

"Boring as always. Shellby came by and took me into the city. We dropped by the seamstress to get a few dresses done for Lord Avalen's party in two weeks. I think we should go as matching pair with a dark blue and brown color palette and all." Bella began to ramble on her conversation with herself, "Are you even listening to me?"

"Yes, I am." Idos wasn't.

"I will get the head maid to come wake you up tomorrow around nine o'clock. We will be going into the town to get you fitted. I want to really make an impression on the other lords as your bride since all of them will be attending. House Masfit, House Wellers, House Ashhell, Ourselves. . ." The list went on until they both finally reached the dining hall where Idos was greeted by Kelin, Miller, and his mother.

Idos pulled out a chair for Bella and see sat down with a pout. When Idos finally slipped into his own chair at the end of the table, he rang the bell to remind the maids to bring the well-needed food out to be eaten. Idos rested his head against the less than comfortable chair, closing his eyes for only a split second.

"How was your day, son?" His mother asked with a small smile. Her black hair was beautiful against her pale complexion with only sprouts of white hair forming. As of last month, she was finally in her fifties, but she was just as beautiful as he remembered her.

"Interesting, you could say." Idos replied while setting his napkin in his lap. It was simple manners to do so, "Insulted again in my own library, but I'm used to it. Got new tomes for the library as well. Jessla seemed most excited to have more books to read."

"Can you believe it that she's read almost every book in that library?" Bella rudely cut in, "It's unbelievable. Who would want to read that much?"

"I'm sorry for my words, Lady Bella, but anyone with some sense of wisdom or intelligence wouldn't pass up the opportunity to read what's in that library." Miller interrupted her with a stern, hard line on his lips.

"That reminds me, " Idos said, "Jessla would like that copy of the Lunar Pact back. Send an errand boy to return it."

"Yes milord, " Miller grew tenser because Idos could spot just how much this man didn't want to give it up. Idos didn't know why he was so attached. There were a ton in the church, but this rusty old book was like the others. Was it special because it had a black cover instead of its usual white?

"How was your day, mother?" Idos questioned in return. Their food had finally arrived and to no surprise, chicken was on the menu for dinner. Idos didn't complain. The chefs were great at their job at creating fine pieces of food to sink your teeth in. Charles took his place next to the door for any help that was required.

"It's been quiet, " His mother smiled as she slipped beans into her mouth, "Lady Ashhell contacted me, and she wants to come visit for a few days with only herself. I find it that you may approve of this for your mother's sake? She's a good friend."

Idos only met her two times in his life, but she really did make his mother laugh when he couldn't, "Of course. You don't need my permission, mother. You're the lady of the house, correct? You may approve of it on your own accord." He could see Bella tense up beside him because he knew that she would kill for that position. It was only when his mother died when she would finally snatch that title away from her.

"That's wonderful to hear." His mother added and from there, dinner was quiet. She bid no energy to talk no longer, and Idos was perfectly fine with that.

Kelin hadn't muttered a word for the hour of dinner, but he was tired of training new soldiers. Miller had excused himself early, most likely to finally return that Lunar Pact of his. Idos was beginning to feel nervous about his choice. Was he going to actually do this? It was dangerous, selfish, and unpredictable. Anything could go wrong, and everyone could be murdered because of a demon being let loose.

But those words, they got to him. Loyal til the end.

He was going to do it. He was going to summon a morph demon to fill this empty space in his heart. He needed a friend, a person he could talk to easily. He needed someone who could understand him. What better choice than a creation from the misunderstood god? The misunderstood guiding the disabled. The thought left him pushing his apple pie around on his plate, but he had a small grin on his face.

Dinner finally ended, and Idos gave no time to anyone. He turned through the halls and solved the endless mazes

that this house had to offer. As soon as he found the servant quarters, he sneaked his way out to the stables that were just outside. Some of the maids were surprised to see their master taking this exit, but he didn't want to be seen by Bella, Kelin, or even his mother. That would result in one of them disturbing him while he was performing his ritual.

"Milord, why are you doing out here so late? Ya' need to be--" Lee followed Idos, but the lord held his hand out.

"Don't question me, Lee." His tone was fierce, commanding, and Lee instantly stopped in his tracks with wide eyes. he had never seen his master become so hostile towards him before. Idos walked over to Moonwing's stall where she was dead asleep as he predicted. A large sack lay in the corner of the stable with a smaller one containing the rest of the money.

Idos kneeled down and gazed inside the bag. An assortment of red candles littered the bottom. AN package of burnable incense was in a silver bowl just as requested. A knife that looked oddly expensive lay at the side. Idos pulled it out to reveal that the hilt had a dragon etched inside with one ruby in the center of it all. it almost looked like his father's sword. Satisfied with the assortment, he reminded himself to reward the servant later.

After he collected black feathers from below his griffon, he threw them into the sack and threw it over his shoulder. Lee was in the same exact spot he was frozen in. He patted the stable boy's shoulder before walking off. A sigh of relief escaped from behind him.

Idos would have to perform this in a room not even the bugs knew about. Some parts of the manor were untouched because of its size. Most of it was the back part of the house where even maids were scared to clean. This had also been the many rooms lords would stay at for parties and ceremonies his father would create. For the last two years, Idos couldn't bear being back here with the memory of his father. Everything was left to collect dust.

The empty halls were filled with memories of the past. Often times, he would play with other children while their parents talked to the other nobles. Giggling and running overtook Idos' hearing. The rush of the wind flew past his sweat-ridden face. The bouncing of his curly, jet black hair jumped with every step as he was being chased by Bella at a young age.

They were good memories.

Idos had nearly forgotten that his father had kept a small library in the back. It was his father's own personal study away from the library in the inner city. Idos would jump and play on the rug while his father would read him stories of gods and heroes. The nostalgia was overwhelming for the young lord. His breathing became uneven, and his cold facade cracked down into nothingness.

"I would never have thought I would use your study as a summoning ritual, father, " Idos chuckled to himself, dropping the sack and taking out the contents, "Wild things happened in here with just you and me. More crazy is going to scar this room for life. Something tells me that I won't regret it. Is it you, father? Telling me this?"

Idos stood in the middle of the rug and set the six candles around him as evenly as he could put it. The mess of griffon feathers was neatly placed between the candles, evenly counting six in total. The circle was complete. He then placed the silver bowl in front of the fixture, pressing his fingers against the tops of the incense. hey quickly caught on fire, but Idos quickly whipped them around, causing small streams of smoke to rise. They rested in the bowl.

"How am I going to do this?" Idos murmured to himself. He quickly walked outside to steal one of the lone candles before lighting up each and every red candle. Once he was done with that step, he blew on the stolen candle and threw it to the side. All he needed to do was share his blood, cut himself open and pour blood into the bowl. The question is, how was he going to cut himself?

The cowardly side of him had the answer.

Idos lifted his arm, shaking it into the air until his sleeve slipped down. Lines of scars polluted his skin as he frowned. He could always do what he use to do after the raid of his carriage. No, he wasn't going to be a coward this time. He wasn't going to have the memories of his self-doing get to him. He raised the knife, biting down onto the hard metal hilt and lifted his wrist to the slice the sensitive skin. Blood easily slipped through the cracks of his old scars.

The pain was bearable. He quickly spat out the knife out to the side and held his bleeding arm over the bowl. As soon as the blood hit the incense, it began to bubble at alarming rates. The blood began to fill the bowl, but Ids wasn't going to let the lightheadedness get to him. The flames of the candles flickered left and right, Idos' heart began to pound.

This was it. He was summoning a demon. He was summoning a morph demon. Hopefully, he would get a normal one that would be grateful for his contract. There was no way in Orion's hell hole that he was able to contact the alpha. He was the farthest away from being a god.


The sudden sound of groaning and the big thump of something hitting the hard rug entered the young lord's ears. he lifted his wrist to himself and to his chest, hoping the blood flow would stop.

It worked.

There was a demon inside the circle.

A morph demon to be exact.

"W-Whoa! I didn't think it would actually work. . ." Idos stepped back in awe. He wasn't afraid of this creature. It was more of a curiosity type of surprise that entered his chest. The demon had a human head of dark brown hair while pieces of other of his. . . victims created what was his face. One eye was blue, and the other held an unnatural beautiful orange Idos couldn't describe. Long, twisted horns arose from his skull with both pointing and turning in different directions. His legs were of a golden lion, its fur much thicker than Idos has even seen. What surprised him the most was he had a very long cat tail with a much longer lizard tail to follow. There was no way that could be a dragon's tail, so it must have been a desert red back's tail, a huge lizard that lived in the deserts on Hellu's land.

Idos panicked when the demon finally began to rise from his fall. He shook his head and started to blush out of embarrassment.

"H-Hi. . . My name is Idos." The young lord stuttered. The demon was amused at his attempt to keep his calm mood, not to be scared of the creature in front of him.

"Why summon a demon, boy?" The demon asked. His voice was deeper than what idos was expecting. In all honesty, he was expecting a female demon to show up. Of course, he couldn't predict that. His blue and orange eyes gazed at the black griffon feathers at his feet.

Idos stood there silently, determining what to say to the demon in front of him. One wrong word, and the demon might just kill him.

"Well?" The demon urged Idos on, "Revenge? Do you desire wealth? A title worthy of a noble? What is it, boy?"

"A friend."

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