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"Thank you for the help, Caeles, " Jessla nodded her head in good graces, "Would you like to take any home for keeping? Of course, these are all your books, after all. . ."

Idos had quickly slipped out of the back to hide that shadow tome under his robe where he was originally sitting. He rushed to grab a tome about summoning fae sprites during battle and a history tome about the ruling of Willow the Merciful, "Yes, I do believe I will take these home with me. I'll be sure to run an errand boy to return them."

They both found their way back to the studying spot before Idos could finally slip the three tomes into his leather bag. Jessla seemed none the wiser, "No, no. I think you have more than enough to make someone not notice one is missing. Please request that Miller to return the Lunar Pact for me. I know we have a lot, but he seems fixated on this specific copy."

"Will do. I will see you later." Jessla helped Idos wrap his bag around his shoulders before waving off to the young lord. She knew he had grabbed three tomes instead of two, and sooner or later, she'll find out what he did steal. Of course, she couldn't stop him. She has been running this library for centuries now, under his exact order. She chuckled to herself before returning to the back.

Moonwing was happy to see Idos walk out of the library finally. She even squawked with happiness. She was always eager to move, play, exercise. Sadly, Idos had work to do as usual, and often times he couldn't fulfill those requests. Nobody else couldn't either. She let no one touch her except Idos and Lee when she was in a good mood. The sight of a fish heading for her made her more hyper than usual.

"Yes, yes, I know. You deserve it, and you will get more if you don't make me fall off like a few weeks ago." Idos smiled, but he felt like he was being watched. Then again, that was a normal feeling. If he wasn't being stared at by his disability, then he would be looked for his expensive wear and the rare griffon, showing the crest of his house on the saddle.

Idos handed the reigns to Lee as soon as he slid off his griffon. Idos was silent, his eyes cold and murderous. He knew it then that he was having a mood swing. He wanted to hit the closest thing nearest to him, and that wasn't going to be his prized friend being pulled away from him. He had around a half hour to himself before dinner was served.

He didn't care for the men walking in his way. He literally pushed them to the side, resulting in one actually falling to his side. They knew that ice cold look anywhere, then on, those trainees knew not to mess with the lord of the house right now. He ripped the doors open, and the echo of his boots sounded through the halls. The mood of the estate grew as cold as his stare.

The maids grew scared every time they passed him. Around this hour, they were preparing dinner while most tidied up the halls for any unexpected visitors. Idos even found one in his own room, and it took her a few minutes before she finally noticed her master was leaning against the door frame.

"Oh! I am so terribly sorry, Master--I-I!" She tried to collect her words together, but the stuttering was too much. Her black hair was wrapped in a bun on her head while she was on her knees cleaning the wood floors. A collar that branded that she could perform magic squeezed her neck while her ears were as sharp as a knife, an elf.

"I suggest you leave before I turn my anger on you. I do not want to hurt my staff." Idos voice ran as cold as Aries' heart. All he wanted was to be alone. He knew what he felt, and he knew that if he wasn't alone for it that he would hurt someone.

The elf ran out like the wind took her. Idos walked over to his dresser, pulled out a key, and locked the door. Then, he raced his way over to the curtains to block out the intense rays of the two suns outside. He was almost done. When every source of light was out except the candle in his hand, he sat in the middle of the rug with the lush chairs pushed to the side. With one last breath, he blew out the last of the light and into the darkness.

The dark felt. . . empty. But when Idos was in the darkness, he felt as if he was filling that void. He felt that the darkness was his own, and it was his safe haven. After his mother would calm him from his fits, he would pull the blankets over his head, plunging into darkness. Kids his age were still afraid what the darkness could become, but Idos felt that the darkness was lonely in some need of company.

He guessed that's how he felt.

Darkness was a beautiful thing. It was mostly unseen by the common eye, but with closer inspection, it had more to it than just no sight. Without darkness, the light wouldn't exist. Some of the biggest figures were born out of darkness. The Moon Goddess was born out of the darkness of night, and with that came her son, Cancer, the Shadow Exalt.

Idos was hammered on religious figures in school as he went to a school located in a high church deep within the city. His teacher talked about how the first son of Luna was Leo, the God of Royalty, and how he was given a share of the night sky called "The Northern Lights". Pisces was supposed to be assassinated the last cycle in their rebirth process, but Leo jumped in the rush of the sword, saving his younger brother. It used to be called "The Northern Stars" until Pisces gifted his people the floating lights in the sky that would appear every year on Leo's birthday.

Cancer, however, was the most misunderstood god of the twelve brothers. While all the brothers rejected the dark, he accepted it for what it was. In the Lunar Pact, all he did his first cycle was hide the moon every month, resulting in Luna being hidden in the day until the night came. He was the offspring of day and night. He was often called "The Bringer of the New Moon". Yet, he was pegged for being evil for creating demons. Without demons, who would clean up the mistakes of sinners? Without them, none of their lush emotions of desire and lust would exist.

Idos was misunderstood. He was seen as a freak of nature, unfit for a role as big as his. No one would listen to him if Kelin wasn't there, an adult who has been living for over fifty years now. He was just as capable of running this than any other lord out there. Though, what was a reality without these questions?

Idos blinked his silver eyes to the left as a book landed in his lap. Without an ounce of energy, the book opened as it flipped through hundreds of pages. The text lit up for him to read it in the dark, and the INDEX OF DEMONS entered his line of sights. He was really thinking of doing this. He truly believed that this was going to change his life for the better. What did he have to live for? Easily, he would give Kelin his lordship if Luna ta

kes him away from the physical realm and into the Realm of Shadows.

The thought was nice. . . Living in constant darkness while still in the light.

Pride Demon? Betray him in a heartbeat. Lust Demon? It was pretty clear that getting his soul literally sucked out of him wasn't pleasant at all. He didn't want just another wench either. Elemental Demon? It doesn't look too bad, but all the text about them was of their power and use in war. Messenger Demon? Probably not the best Idea. Solar Demon? Idos didn't know that kind existed. The more he flipped through the pages, the more frustrated he got. One side held a regular breed while the other held the alpha details. The only one that seemed in his standards was the Morph Demon.

Loyal til the end, He remembered.

"Lord Caeles, Master Kelin has sent me to remind you that dinner will be starting in five minutes." A voice said through the door. Idos blinked before the book fell back into his lap. Must of been too into it. He ran to the door, hastily unlocking the door before stopping the elf boy, "Yes Master?"

"I need you to go into town, " Idos pulled the boy in, clearly scaring him, before closing the door again, "I have a list of items you must buy as soon as you can."

"Yes, sir, whatever do you need?" The elf asked before Idos quickly wrote down the ingredients to summon his demon. He folded it and gave it to the boy with a sack of gold coins following.

"Go put on the cloak and ride on a horse in the stables. Show this, " Idos gave him a piece of paper he surprisingly already had on hand the permission of the lord for a mount, "to Lee and he will give you one. I ask you to keep this between you and me, and if any word of it spills to any other ears, I will not hesitate to put you on duty with Lee cleaning poop. Do you understand?"

"Right away, Master! I will be as quick as I can. Where shall I drop the items when I return?"

"Drop it in Moonwing's stable. She will be dead asleep when you return, I assure you." The servant flew off towards the servant quarters, most likely to retrieve his cloak. Idos just sighed to himself as his heart began to pound. This was the most adventurous he has felt in such a long time.

His actions weren't going unnoticed because the head butler, Charles, knew something was up. It was only when Idos pushed his apple pie around that he was guilty of something. That thing? He didn't know what, but he had a dreadful feeling about it.


"I'll see you later? Tomorrow, maybe?" The boy in front of him gave him a smirk, clearly feeling better after talking with his best friends.

"Totally, didn't I say you're never getting rid of me?" Mylo laughed before Daley exited the home with a small grin of her own. he waved off his best friend and walked a small distance in silence with the girl beside him. Today was exhausting, to say the least.

"They're getting closer, you know." Daley finally said, "I saw him in the forest being the curious little kitty he is."

"Well, it's good to know you're looking out for Tharros. We need to make sure they make contact." Mylo added, "The usual pains are coming, but something's gonna happen when the stuck-up preppy asswipe shows up on our door. We have to do something."

"Don't think I know that?" Daley brushed her 'rabbit' off her shoulders as the magic dust flew with the winter wind, "I contacted Milo, and he's got the stone. All he needs is a dumb backstory and some coins, a lot of coins. Ten thousand is way too much."

"I have a bad feeling about this, Daley, " Mylo whispered to himself, follow bowing Daley down the dirt and snow path, "Something's gonna happen. It's gonna be something to push Leo forward, but it's gonna be bad, real bad."

"Don't worry too much, " She giggled, stopping at her back porch door, "I think it's gonna work out. Now, go do what alpha demons always do. By the way, tell Callum to do a better job at confessing. I know he likes me and all and it went with our plans, but he needs to improve on his confessing skills." and with that, she closed her door.

Mylo found himself teleporting to his own housing for the time being. The demon posing as his "mother" glanced back with a stern expression.

"I should be saying you go to your room and think about how late you are, but if I did, I'll be banished for a couple months." Tesla was her name, and a pride demon was her game. She took everything as a challenge before boosting that she was better after she lost.

"Oh, I wouldn't mind calling up Minu and telling him that you're misbehaving. He'll send you back in a heartbeat." Mylo joked as he slid into a chair. He let his magic release for the day before he found himself in his normal form. He stretched out his two tails and lifted his two feline feet onto the table. He felt his two long horns grow back with a satisfying 'pop'.

"How's the progress? When can we finally get out of this run-down village?" Tesla stirred something in the pot before spilling it onto a plate, placing it in front of Mylo, "I hate being here. Everyone is insecure, and I can't get my fill in for the month."

"It's gonna be done when it's gonna be done." An unlikely face arrived back. Callum took the liberty growl at the pride demon before sitting next to Mylo, slowly returning to his own natural state. The face of this jock changed into many different faces--or pieces of different faces. He had a feminine nose with lips to match while one eye was from a cat shifter along with the brow and piece of a forehead. The other was a normal blue eye and a blonde eyebrow. His nose Mylo didn't know where he got it from.

"Ah, how was being humiliated in front of the whole village?" Tesla teased, and Callum's dog tail whipped right and left in excitement, "Good doggy then?"

"I had to do it. I got the task done even if my alpha was wheezing his brains out watching." Callum glared at Mylo before he could choke out a chuckle.

"I couldn't help it, " Mylo flicked his fork full of deer meat towards the lesser morph demon, "It was hilarious, and no one can deny it. Though you will get rewarded, I promise you."

"Yeah, yeah. 'Once Cancer summons me again, I will have anything I wish for. Blah, blah, blah.' I doubt he could find something that I want." Callum pouted, sinking in his seat.

"I know you want some feathers from a griffon so you can finally get some wings, " Mylo glanced over to him as Callum swallowed whatever he had in his mouth, "Doesn't beat the dragon wings I have, but it comes pretty close. I'll see what I can do. Lay low, stay here, and I'll get it done."

That's when Mylo began to walk off, but he was cut off. He hadn't expected it, but when he felt the rush of the wind past his furry legs and his shaggy hair, he could feel it. It was time, it was finally time.

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