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Two years later. . .

"Milord, you have serfs requesting your audience, " Charles, the head butler, informed as he walked into the main hall of the house. There sat Idos in his chair with Knight-Commander Kelin to his right and Head Priest Miller to his left. They were all discussing public affairs that resulted in a number of mounts they will have this year.

"Why was I not informed of such an appointment?" The nineteen-year-old Lord glanced up with glasses low on the bridge of his nose. Kelin and Miller ceased their talking.

"It is a sudden visit from the serfs out in the fields. They request the permission to marry from the Lord of the house." Charles added.

"Bring them in then." Great, more time placed on top of his shoulders. Already, Idos had to go to a meeting in town that he really did not want to attend. After that, he would listen to requests from the people who lived on his lands. Why didn't they wait til then? He didn't know. He was beyond annoyed, and the aching nub of his right arm was sore for unknown reasons.

The two serfs, one elven woman, and a human male walked inside the large room. Idos dismissed his butler until the two stopped at a suitable distance. They lowered their heads in respect before returning to their normal positions. The human male spoke first.

"I am sorry to bother you, Lord Caeles. We have come to request permission to marry in the church. We need approval before we are able to wed."

"I am aware." Idos said coldly. Kelin snatched the piece of paper from the man's hands before setting it in front of Idos. Serfs of their class were never suppose to come near their Lord or even touch him. Valider's rule of thinking that everyone below him is pathetic in anyway he sees it. Idos hated the rule, "Please tell me why this paper requests from visitors as well? Why is it that you wed when you are as old as yourselves?"

"Zoey's mother here is fairing well, and she wants to see her daughter wed before she passes into Luna's hands. She also wants to see the birth of her first grandchild, " The man, named Thomas on the papers, patted the elven's stomach, signifying that they were expecting. Zoey smiled with hope in her green eyes.

Idos scanned the papers once more.

Church of Sagittarius under House Caeles :

Zoey Tashuce and Thomas Trevellon request to be wed at this specific location under the graces of Luna and permission from the Lord of House Caeles. They will be wed in three weeks time. They also request that Zoey's mother, Gracie Tashuce visit on LORD CAELES land until the two have officially binded together.


Idos glanced at her stomach and back at the papers, coming to a conclusion.

"I will approve of this marriage, " Idos started, but the couple already started to celebrate, "BUT when the child is born, He or She will be a serf on my property as you are. I will provide food, clothing, and shelter in return for the child to be binded to the land. Only then will I sign this."

"Thank you, Lord Caeles. We accept!" Zoey had tears in her eyes, and Idos wasn't going to smile now. The sight brought him a rush of happiness, but he couldn't show it yet. With the paper signed in an almost perfect signature, they skipped out of the room with grins on their faces.

"You can breathe now, Idos, " Kelin chuckled, and Idos let out a breath he surprisingly was holding in for the whole duration of that deal. Only Kelin, Charles, and Miller were able to see Idos as he normally was. The rest saw him as a strong leader, but most of the soldiers he commanded saw him as a teenager not able to handle an army. They mocked him behind his back, but he ignored it. He knew that they would always follow his orders or else Kelin would strike them with an iron fist.

"Have I ever told you this job is tiring?" Idos complained, and Kelin shrugged.

"That's the seven hundredth time if I'm counting correctly, " Kelin replied. He got up from his chair, much smaller than Idos', and bowed to him, "I cannot stay long, I'm afraid.The new shipment of trainees have arrived that I am suppose to whip into shape. I will see you when dinner is served."

"If I don't, then you might as well see to it that I eat your apple pie slice before you arrive, " Idos joked.

"I wouldn't have it any other way." Kelin laughed before finally excusing himself from his presence.

The last two years have been a rough spot for the young lord. Many saw him unfit for the role of being in charge of more than half the city. He inherited the Bank, in which held every Noble, commoner, and middle class savings as well as the library that housed him in his time of need. His estate was built in the capital city bounds, so most of his soldiers, serfs, and workers lived in houses in the cities with the serfs in built shelters out in the fields. House Caeles was the biggest House still to this day.

When he returned to his schooling after he recovered, he was immediately branded as the freak. No one has survived having their limb sawed in half. It was a miracle that he was still breathing to this day like some unknown force refused to let him die. Some days he wished he died on that bed as he suffered through all that pain. Others he was grateful for his mother would be dead of alcohol poisoned if he were to have passed the three truths and into Luna's arms.

Idos also grew introverted, unpredictable. He would be cold, mean, grumpy one hour and be shy, giggly, and a blushing mess the next. The trauma had itched its stone cold hands into his skin and never left him without making him feel paranoid at times. Even one time, he had a panic attack, because he thought those elven bandits were going to return to chop off his left arm or even a foot. His mother would whisper to him those days, holding him in her arms. When she was out performing foreign business, Kelin would even step in to hold him tightly.

Kelin was like a father to Idos. He was that one person that understood that life sucks, but it gets better. Kelin never left his side after he was appointed Lord of House Caeles. He was loyal, even go as far as to defend him with his death.

Sometimes, just having one friend wasn't enough.

Idos only socialized only when forced to. He would never speak in court unless the emperor had asked him on his input, which was rare. Often times the other lords that were a good forty years older would look down on him, and that there decreased his self esteem drastically.

Idos spent his time reading and when a year passed after the grave incident, Idos started to learn swordplay with his left hand. Surprisingly, he was better with his left hand than he was with his right. His father's sword never left his waist, only to put down when he slept. The professors at his school had even approved of it, despite the first time around they despised it. They slowly learned to accept that it was apart of who he was today.

In those times. Idos grew lonely. Bella, his fiance, didn't count. Everytime he would try to talk to the crazed lady, she would go on a rant that he had finally limited her allowance to two thousand gold coins from five thousand. It was crazy how much she spent in only a day. If she kept binging on these shopping spree, he would have to take the money away from her. He was allowed to do that until they got married. He was trying to stall as much time as he could from marrying her, always using the excuse of politics and upcoming rebellion.

Luckily, Emperor Valider was visiting a village not far from the Lunis border, so Idos would have some breathing time from court meetings for this we

ek. Meridth was the village's name. Why he was visiting? He wanted to expand the territory into the mountains, but the villagers and animals living inside begged to differ on the matter.

Idos decided alone time would do him best. He organized all the paperwork about the mounts in a pile next to this chair before exiting the house. Once he entered the outside, the many grunts and calls of soldier's toughening up sounded from the left. A row of soldiers ran past him while Kelin lead the troop. The stables were not far from the entrance, and in no time, Idos finally arrived to the smell of horse poop and burnt hay.

Lee, the stable boy, caught Idos walking into the stables and ran to him to greet him.

"Heya', Lord Caeles. I was wondering when you would drop by! I got Moonwing all saddled up and ready! She's itching to get some wind under her feathers." Lee directed Idos towards the enlarged portions of the stables until a completely black Griffon jumping at the sight of its master.

The eagle lion hybrid had been a solace of sorts to Idos. Not even six months ago, he came across a cave where a ruined nest lay with an abused black Griffon weeping inside it. The mother had thrown out the rejected runt and left her own nest, so Idos decided he would take the hybrid under his wing. With special care, Moonwing grew into a fine bird to call an powerful weapon and mount. The melanistic griffon was a blessing to say the least.

"Yes, yes, I missed you too." Idos whispered as Moonwing nuzzled the soft part of her head into his chest. He rest his hand on her beak before rolling his body around to mount the lion bird. She trusted him with anything, because you can't just force a griffon to cooperate. You have to earn their trust through bonding.

He had about two hours before dinner comenced and requests started. Moonwing walked carefully out of the stables lead by Lee before being released from her restraints. Idos learned how to handle to rush of the wind and the pace with just on arm. He would twist the reigns around his left arm and pray to Luna that he would stay. of course, Griffons were intelligent enoug to realize that their rider was disabled.

With one loud squak, Moonwing zoomed through the air and to the city center where his library stood.


"What the hell happened to him?" A random teenager whispered to his friend. Idos had three books stacked to his left side as he read a book about how to preform a healing ritual to snap bones back together. He read to most random topics, intrigued by the concept either way, but the teenagers were unaware that he could hear every word.

"Dude, don't go talking crap about him. He can behead you if he could!"

"Pft, sure he can. He hardly looks the type to even touch a sword. I bet he would even scare a wench with that disgusting nub." The teenager held in his laughter while his friend glared at him.

"I've never talked to him, but you're on his property, dumbass. He's the Lord of this land." The friend smacked the teenager in the back of his head, earning an wince.

"Oh shit, is he? Can he even hear us?"

"Just because I am disabled does not mean I am helpless, " Idos joined in and looked up from his healing tome, staring him straight in the eyes, "I suggest you go back to studying and listen to your friend. He is wise enough to not insult a Lord, especially the most powerful."

Turns out, they moved to the opposite end of the library. Idos didn't bat an eye as these kinds of insults were normal when he was out in public. He had slipped off his outerwear where his lack of arm was on display to see. He didn't care for the crowd as this was his library. He could do whatever he wanted with his library.

"Ah, Caeles, glad to see you here today. Lord Alaven donated some tomes to the library if you want to have a look." Jessla, the librarian hand picked by Idos himself, smiled at him. Her white hair neatly wrapped around her head with a wrinkly smile that melted anyone's heart.

"Did he?" Idos again sat his book down to join Jessla, "What's he donated this time? How to clean a clock with a tissue only? How to grow a tree properly? Maybe even the adventures of Captain Snappy and his trust firstmate, Chipper. I was hoping he would have the third book for me to read, even if it is a kids book."

"Ah, no. Nothing of the sorts." Jessla laughed, "He requested that these tomes be placed high so no man could reach. One of em' looks kinda creepy though, all black tome with weird text on the front."

"May I have a look?" Idos asked politely. Jessla lead him to the storage room where a trunk of books unfamiliar to Idos lay on the floor. He opened it up to see an array of tomes from how to summon a animal spirit to even a chemistry textbook. Then, he spotted the book Jessla was talking about. She was spot on with her description as it was a black leather bound with strange lettering on the front.

"Explore those books, Caeles, and I will be back to add them to your collection." Jessla encouraged before setting off back into the library to find a stan to roll them around in.

The pages of those mysterious book were made of parchment and smelled of must. This book was most likely older than Idos himself, but curiosity killed him like the cat. He opened up to the first page to see nothing until he randomly turned to an interesting page. It was definitely a tome since the language was immediately try to adjust the language to match his own. Idos had known for a long time he had mage blood, but he didn't tell a soul. Mages were the only ones able to read a tome successfully.

However, the contents of the two pages in front of him alerted him greatly. The left page read:

How to summon a MORPH DEMON

Basic information: These demons are usual are able to mimic human appearances, and ever morph demon is different, depending with their environment. They tend to like to show off, play, and often try to get humans to join them in their fun. When under a contract, they are loyal til the end. Once the contract is completed, the Morph demon will take the soul of the one it struck a deal with. Morph demons are the quickest and easiest way to enter the REALM OF SHADOWS (Lust Demons being the second), the portion of stars CANCER has claimed. Then there, they will serve as CANCER's citizens of light in the darkness of the REALM OF SHADOWS.

WARNING: If you EVER break the contract of a Morph demon or it is not fulfilled, then they will use your skin as a part of their body. It is a memento of betraying the demon's trust as they wear it proudly.






The page had a picture depicting where to put each item, but the next page had gotten even more interesting.

How to summon the ALPHA MORPH DEMON

Basic information: The alpha is the most powerful as with other alpha of other breeds of demons. He is playful, loyal, and the only morph demon able to steal DRAGON parts to stitch to his body as a memento. Usually seen with a dragon tail, horns much larger than a normal morph demon, he is able to adapt instantly to any situation, even go as far as to be able to look human himself. He will always be found with people of high rank or wealth until he is summoned once more.






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