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Fly Til Dusk (boyxboy) (CANCER - BOOK 2) By MoonlitFigures Characters: 6573

Updated: 2018-01-05 18:09

Whoa, I never thought I'd see the day that I write a sequel (kinda?) to The Great White Lion. I'm super excited to share with you all that of a new story of more gods, demons, magic, evil emperors, and let's not forget DRAGONS! I haven't forgotten Raja and Noble either. They'll appear, I promise!

Thank you all for coming to read my books. It means a lot to a writer like me. Please feel free to follow me for updates, vote, and comment positively!

But serious thought, Thanks.

"We're losing him!" One voice shouted. Another replied, but it was all too much for him to focus on listening. All he heard was ringing, constant ringing in his head. Black spots littered his eyesight before he would eventually accept death freely.

He had never felt something so painful before.

He drifted in and out of consciousness, unaware at how much blood stained his lips or his robes. The poor seventeen year old hadn't a clue to where he was. All he remembered was talking to his father in their carriage back to capital. They were debating politics, sadly the usual topics his father was only interested in. Then, his little sister Charlotte, at the age of seven years, started to scream.

It was all just a blur from there.

Though he did remember those bandits shouting in language he barely studied. They were of the elvan dialect, but he did understand "Arm" and "Cut". They also said something about an Sagittarius offering, and that definitely came to mind. Of course, every noble in Valider's court was of Lunar religion. It only made sense; the emperor was of Luna's faint bloodline.

His silver eyes cracked open three days later. His mother, whom was very injured, lay in a chair across the room, resting her eyes. A healer, with the collar wrapped around her neck, walked inside to find that he had awoken. She dropped her bowl of herbs before approaching the teenager.

"Don't over exert yourself Milord, " The healer rested her hand on his chest, pushing him back down onto the bed, "You have grave wounds that must not be moved until it is healed."

"What has happened?" The teenager asked in a low voice, careful not to wake his mother up.

"I do not think it is I that shall be the barer of bad news, " The healer replied, "Perhaps, your bride will inform you? Or do you want me to wake the lady of the house for you?"

"If you insist." He was against the idea, but he needed to know what happened in full. There were only bits and pieces in his head, but he seemed none the wiser thinking upon it. It hurt his head just to think. Come to think of it, his right arm was numb as well as his left. He wasn't able to move even if he tried.

"Oh, you're awake!" The sound of his mother's high pitched voice entered his ears, and he winced. She noticed before setting herself in the stool next to the bed. She turned to the servant, "Please, finish your job, so I can explain what happened to my son."

The elf nodded before mashing the herbs quickly and sliding the mixture into a noticeable gash on his stomach. She bowed respectively before running off to who knows where.

"What happened to me, Mother?" His voice cracked. It was rough, hoarse, weak.It was not his usual strong, respectable tone he was so use to hearing himself. Something had hap

pened, and it was bad, very bad. He could even see it in the sadness of his mother's eyes. Not even the warning from the healer could have prepared him for the explanation his mother gave him.

"Bandits raided our carriage." She said simply, "They stole all the books we were going to store in our library just for a quick gold coin on the market. Then, they had the nerve to come into our carriage. . . It was all bloody, my child. I could only see the dead bodies of your father, Charlotte, and Laura. You were hanging onto life, gasping for air. There was so much blood." She paused, tears running down her face, "They even went as far as to cut off your arm, clean in half. They were going to sell noble blood on the black market. You would be dead if one of the servants of house Avalen hadn't found our carriage in shambles."

The sight was horrifying.

That's why it was so numb. He didn't have a right arm. All that stood was a nub wrapped in bloody bandages and cloth. How he couldn't feel it? He didn't know. He didn't know what to feel right now. It was all. . .life-changing for the teenager. Never again will he be able to write perfect cursive ever again nor ever swordplay with his father once more. What, all for a bloody birthmark? Is that why that they decided to chop off his limb for spare coin? Now, all his friends were going to laugh at him, call him names, and leave. He just knew it.

All to make his mood worse, his bride-to-be stepped into the room with a fake worried expression.

"Oh my heavens! You're awake!" She went for a hug, but his mother held out her hand, signalling his lack of arm, "Oh my. . . Y-You, OH MY BLOODY LUNA, That is DISGUSTING." Her weak stomach could not handle to gruesome sight, and her stomach contents spewed out in the bucket shoved in the corner. The wounded teenager looked away, fearing his worst thoughts coming true.

"I'm sorry to bother you, Lady Aria." Kelin, his father's knight commander, stepped into the room. He turned his head over to the boy and nodded his head, "I have come from the emperor's request to perform the ceremony here. It was a direct order."

"That's quite alright, Kelin, " His mother ushered the commander in before closing the door shut.

"I am sorry for your losses, and I do hope you will heal in time." The two guards that followed Kelin stationed themselves near the door while Kelin himself pulled out a familiar sheathe. He instantly recognized it as his father's own sword. Kelin pulled it out with the hilt that bore a Ruby gem, and a frown enveloped his lips.

It was all too painful for him to imagine.

"I bestow onto Idos Caeles, eldest son of Xavier Caeles and only living heir, the lordship as proclaimed by Xavier Caeles when claiming his son for the first time. Idos Caeles shall inherit the Caeles estate, all businesses in ownership of the house, and the Lunis Library of History and Magic. From this day forth, he will make every decision, command every soldier under his ranks, and gain all lands and serfs from Xavier Caeles, " Kelin sheathed the sword back into it's holder before propping against the bed, "As Knight-Commander, you have full reign to order me to do your biddings. Congratulations, Lord Idos, you have become a very powerful person."

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