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"You see them, don't you?" Noble whispered in the bushes. With Raja right next to him, his human head nodded, spotting three men who were dressed in armor with a symbol on the chest plate. They were oblivious to the group in the bushes, and Noble assumed that Mylo would somewhere inside its walls.

"What do you think we should do, Noble?" Lily questioned quietly while Sam was on her back like a piggy back ride.

"I don't know how they'll react to, you know. . ." He pointed to Raja as well as his own forehead, the black markings of his beast tamer branding. He sighed and rubbed his face into his hands.

"Even my magic has its limits. I can't hide something as powerful as that, Lord Noble." Cedar added while he on looked from the contents of his new home, Noble's red scarf.

That's when a small hand tugged on Noble's arm, and he turned his body to see a little girl with a smile on her face tugging on his sleeve. She motioned for them to follow her, and she was somehow nimble on her feet. Noble was hesitant at first.

"I want you all to stay here, " Noble said, and Raja sat up to offer to come along. Noble intercepted him before he could speak a word, "I know how to handle myself, and I want you to protect these two if they were to come over here, got it?"

Treading carefully towards the direction the little girl ran off into, Noble kept his senses up in case there was an attack on him. However, once he arrived at a small spot in the forest, he hadn't expected what he thought his brain was preparing for.

It was two children, including the little girl, standing in the middle of the forest. Once she heard the crack of the snow, both turned their head towards Noble with a smile on their faces. The little girl had beautiful black hair with orange eyes to brighten up her dark complexion. The boy beside her had similar features, but his hair was a little lighter than her jet black strands. She was smiling like she was insane, but the little boy had grown flustered and shy, hiding behind the little girl.

"Hello there, Mister!" The little girl giggled.

"Hello. . ." Noble replied with a pause.

"My brother and I found you up the mountain when we were trying to search for our little fox. You don't have a collar either, so I'm glad we caught you before you approached the royal guard, " She explained, and Noble's face turned a light pink at the reminder of that scene with Raja.

"I am glad as well, I suppose. This is my first time in this town. . . or this country at all, " Noble went on.

"I noticed. All magic users must have a collar, or we will sadly be punished, " The little girl frowned slightly.

"And how do you know I'm a magic user?"

"Well duh! I saw your big ole' cat up the hill! Quite big, wasn't he, Twixy?"

"I guess, " The boy now called Twixy muttered and opened up from his hiding spot, "We have not seen magic like yours, mister. You completely melted the snow around you, and that strange tattoo on your face started to glow as well as your eyes."

"Yeah! It was so cool!" The little girl squealed, "My name is Nyxy, and this is my little brother, Twixy. We are the only magic users in the town, sadly."

"The only two?" Noble cocked his head to the side, confused by the thought of just two magic users in one whole town. There had been many in the village of Meridth, and even the beast duds were able to conjure up a simple spell when they were old enough. It's not like Noble ever tried since it wasn't that strong until he bonded with Raja. That's when it started to kick off into a fast race of how overwhelmed Noble could become.

"Our mother always told us that we should help people, and my mother always told me that I had a sharp eye. You look like a person I could trust, so I want to help you!" Nyxy cheered, "Oh! and also Twixy does too! He can help you with your markings on your face! Don't wanna be harassed by the guards for mocking the heavenly children!"

"Did you say the heavenly children?" Noble blurted, "You know what? Nevermind. I'll accept your help."

"Oh boy! It seems as if your crew decided to flock to us!" Nyxy pointed behind Noble, and the huff of a certain lion entered his ears at the exact moment, "Makes it much easier. Especially that Aelurus with you! You know, Kitty, you have very beautiful white fur. . ." The very bright girl chased after Raja to rub his fur, and Noble chuckled at the confusion he sensed behind him.

"I apologize for my sister, " Twixy murmured, and Noble kneeled down, making eye contact with the boy, "She can get a bit over yourself."

"No need, " Noble answered. Twixy held out his hand full of leather collars with different color labels attached to the hard material.

"I can turn things and myself invisible, so I might be able to sneak you in. Only one at a time though." Twixy said, "Once you get inside, you'll have to wear these in order for you to stay."

"So, they're just labeling us?" Noble scrunched his nose.

"Emperor Valider thinks all who have magical blood need to be controlled because we're such a 'threat'. That's my mom

nside her bed with Sam right next to her, laying down with a tired but content expression on her face.

"Okay, okay. What would you like to hear tonight?" Helena laughed.

"Can you tell us one about Luna's children?" Twixy requested in a low voice, obvious that the small child was, in fact, tired and needed something to fall asleep to.

"Well, you always want me to tell the story of Aquarius and how he saved an entire capital of wounded civilians with just his healing magic. How about we pick another?"

"Oh! How about the eldest brother? Leo!! The priest at the church preached in his name earlier this morning for the upcoming tensions of the north!" This caught both Sam's attention as well as Lily's who was stalked behind the door, listening.

"Well, you all three know that Luna had twelve children, the first stars in the sky before she accepted the new spirits of the world below. All twelve were sons, and the first child she gave birth to was Leo, the eldest. When he was born, they say that he took the shape of a lion, a symbol of bravery, courage, and royalty. But Leo was not content with staying in the sky for so long, so he begged his mother that he wanted to walk with the humans under her sky. At first, she refused. She wasn't going to send her only son out into the world of the unknown, but with relentless begging, the Moon Goddess finally granted him access to the Alerea.

"His lunar power, however, was too much for the world to take, so he had to split into two parts. He took a human form as well as a lion form. They were two physically different entities, but they were one and the same. Leo named his second half, Tharros. Leo created the royal bloodline that still rules today in the country of Lunis. Leo had the strong traits, and sadly, Tharros had Leo's weakness. Tharros was weak to the world, and Leo often found the lion too weak to do much. He loved his partner so much that he sacrificed a part of his godly powers to help his lion in need. This power was stored into a stone and was called the first Beast Stone. It was said to be clear as the night sky.

"From then on, they were separated by the death of Leo's human form with Tharros with Leo's soul and power. He begged Luna that she revive Leo so that they may hold each other once more. Luna revived him, but it was at a cost. Every time that Leo's physical body would die, Tharros would die too. However, the second they die is when they are reborn again in a different time, but at the same time too. Leo would stay weak and sickly until he eventually finds Tharros once more, and they would join in the beast ritual to gain his power back. Leo was the first beast tamer, and he paved himself as an icon to look up to for courage. He also created this time loop that started the Rebirth cycle of all twelve sons. Every life they lived, a star was added to their own, creating the first constellations. All twelve were named 'The Fallen' because every time they reborn, they would come down as a shooting star."

The children were fast asleep by now, but Lily quickly raced back to the living room where a mat lay for her to sleep on. She couldn't believe her ears, yet she already had her suspicions from the start.

Noble and Raja were gods. They were offspring of the great Moon goddess. The marks on their skin only seemed to push her further into realization.

Noble was Leo.

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