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   Chapter 25 Chapter 16 Forgive the Dead That Is Alive

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"Noby! I'm hungry!" were the words that zapped Noble from his dozing off, almost even falling asleep. The little body in front of him jumped up and down by energy Noble wished he possessed, but he was deadly tired. He didn't even know how long that has been traveling through the endless forest.

"I think this is our cue to stop for the night, " Lily said.

"Raja, " Noble whispered while he leaned down to his now perked up ear, "Find us somewhere we can rest for awhile. I can sense you're tired too."

Noble wasn't lying. Raja's legs ached from their eight-hour switch between running and walking down the mountain. His paws screamed of pain, and he knew they would blister at some point from nonstop movement. What Raja needed was a good stretch and alone time with Noble. They had barely gotten any at all after what was happening. That would be his fresh breath of air.

The white lion eventually found a small opening to a cave not far from where they had stopped. It was a mystery to how long the descent of the mountain will exactly take, but both Raja and Noble plead it be not too much longer. Though it wasn't as cold as Meridth Village, it was still considerably breezy and dry.

For the whole trip, Noble couldn't shake off the thoughts of a traitor in their midst, and he didn't want to start the great friends he was gaining now. Mistrust is something that no one should ever have endure, but it seems like fate had it another way. Mylo was missing too, maybe waiting for them to finally reach the end of the mountain. Could it be him? Who knows?

After slipping inside the cave, Noble slid off his lion to help the two ladies off Raja's back. They landed with a thump onto the slippery floor of the wet cave. Cedar finally awoke from his slumber inside Noble's scarf. He decided to huddle himself inside since it was the warmest he could find. Noble didn't blame him, and since no one could see the fae except Noble, he permitted it. He flew out and stretched with his wings flapping like a hummingbird's.

"You look like you're gonna pass out any minute, Lord Noble. Do you need a jolt to keep going?" Cedar offered. Noble questioned how this little guidance fairy could shock him awake, but Noble couldn't question it. He had been discovering more knowledge in these last two weeks than his whole life.

"Sure, why not?" Noble whispered within earshot of only him and the male fairy. Cedar smiled widely, and with a flap of his wings, Noble suddenly felt a jolt of enormous electricity in his neck. Noble hissed at the pain, but it did work wonders with his tiredness.

Apparently, his hiss was loud enough for the other three to hear him.

"Are you okay, Noble?" Lily asked while she snatched a piece of jerky out of her bag. Sammy instantly stole it from her grasp and popped it in her mouth with a satisfied hum.

"Oh, I'm jolly, " Noble replied with a small hint of sarcasm. Of course, none of them caught on to it, and that pushed the beast tamer to sighed audibly.

With Raja still a cat and refusing to speak to either one of us, Noble walked out into the falling snow with his hands clenched. The idea in his head felt completely rash and selfish, but since the trip started, Noble felt he needed it dearly. His body clicked with his demands, and Noble knew that he had hidden the cave with his newly discovered magic. His magic was beginning to surface with Noble, and it molded with the beast tamer as time went on. Noble could feel it in his gut, the magical essence of his own life force. It was almost like a silent friend, willing to listen to him and his lonesome demands.

When Noble glanced back, all he saw was just snow. He nodded to himself, thanking his magic for listening to him and being obedient. He memorized the area before he started to walk in a random direction. The Fallen Tamer huddled in his coat and scarf for warmth and wandered until he found a cliff on looking a valley of trees. It wouldn't hurt just to sit down and relax, would it? Even if it was snowing on him? He had done it millions of times back up the mountain.

Noble sat on the edge, but not too close to falling. He crossed his legs and finally pushed that breath he didn't notice he was holding this whole time. He imagined himself in what warm weather felt like when he closed his eyes. Would the birds squeak freely? Were the trees and flowers around him exotic and colorful? Vibrant even? Noble smiled to himself as his muscles began to relax by thems

out to wrap around Noble's leg while his teeth sharpened. With the contact of his deadly fangs, Noble groaned in frustration like Raja was teasing him almost. Noble felt his intense energy flow out of him, and Raja felt the energy enter him.

When Raja pulled back, his eyes no longer felt the need to drop. His feet felt as good as new as well as his legs stopped aching so much. He panted while he watched Noble lay back in a fit of heavy breaths. His lips were swollen and red from the sharp daggers of the snow lion's teeth. His whole face was red, and his light blonde hair was even messier than it was before. An intense feeling inside Raja's gut surfaced again, feeling the need to claim him again. He ignored it though because he wouldn't be able to stop himself this time around.

"Holy Luna." Noble gasped out between his heavy breathing. He sat back up and noticed that his theory was correct. It seems like direct, intimate contact like that would transfer some of that pent up energy Hikari had bestowed on Noble. He guessed it wasn't a hoax after all.

"Thank you, " Raja smiled fondly before helping Noble up to his feet, despite feeling a tad weak.

"Anything for you." Noble breathed back before tapping Raja on the back, "We need to get back. . . We're not far from the cave."

Raja nodded and quickly shifted back into the huge lion that he was. Noble noticed he also looked way better than before in his lion form as well. Though it cost him some of his much-needed energy, he would immediately give it to Raja if needed. As soon as Noble climbed on, he heard a crack of a stick nearby. Both Raja and Noble turned their heads towards the source. Nothing came of it though, so the two rushed off Godspeed towards the cave where the girls hid safely.


"You idiot!" A girl named Nyxy slapped her brother's head, "You almost got us caught!"

"I'm sorry! I had a scratch!" Twixy, her younger brother, yelped. Both of them dropped down from the tree they were hiding in, "I swear I didn't try to!"

"But did you see that?" Nyxy squealed. She ripped off her gloves as she ran her fingers through the warm grass, "That man completely melted the snow with a blink of an eye! Did you see his eyes glow? It was a blink, literally!"

"Do you think he's a magic user like us?" Twixy muttered while rubbing his collar, branding him a magic user. It was law by Emperor Valider that all magic users wear it, so he had control over the overuse of magic in Lunis.

"Oh, definitely!" Nyxy screeched, "We won't be the only ones in the town with magic! but the best part was that other man! He turned into a lion, A HUGE ONE! Do you think he's an Aelurus?"

"A cat shifter? Definitely." Twixy nodded.

"And that moment they. . . oh boy, I'm glad you weren't able to see that."

"Why? What happened?"

"Nothing! Nothing! Let's get there before them! They don't look like they're around here. . ."

"Let's catch them before the royal guard does!" and they were off.

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