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"I'm sorry I didn't get the deer meat for you, Raja." Lily sighed, and the little boy frowned disappointingly towards her. They use to always find deer around, but after the poachers entered the woods, Lily wasn't able to hunt without being caught. It was beginning to get worse too, and she had to make the most important decision of her life.

With their parents already killed off without even a drop of mercy, she was the only one able to take care of Raja who looked up to her for comfort and protection. However, she wasn't able to give it any longer, and she had to flee before the emperor would find her once more. She had gone to the werewolf village, the Gamma Pack, seeking a watchful eye towards her little brother as she traveled down the mountain in seek for the Mistress of Midnight.

"You will watch him from a distance until I come back?" Lily fiddled with her hair with her newly made bag around her shoulders.

The dark-skinned Luna smiled and nodded, "I owe your father for many debts. See to the lion cub to have a safe life until he is able to defend himself."

She fled down to the village when the villagers held out welcoming arms to any strangers. She was given a home to stay while she, at night, hunted in the night. While in her time, she thought about her brother, but she needed to find the great witch to help her.

All her instincts pointed to a small cottage outside the village where smoke drifted from the chimney and the fire was lit ablaze from inside. She found that a woman, looking a wink older than her twenties, answered the door with a little child in her arms. The child had a red scarf hiding most of his face, but it was clear that he had recently been laughing. His silver eyes filled with exhaustion.

"You took your time getting here, Lily. Come in. We have much to discuss."

The white lioness was welcomed into the home where the little boy fled into another room, silencing the small whine of another child.

"Do not mind him. He isn't much of a talker. Now, I know why you're here, and I think I am able to help. Though, some things require. . . sacrifices."

Lily's expression turned grim after her conditions were set, but she composed herself, "I fear for my little brother, but I will do everything, anything to keep him safe from him."

"We are similar in a lot of ways, dear Lily, " The Mistress of Midnight chuckled as she gazed over to her children, "We have a deal, White Lioness."


His sister stared at him with hope that he would come to fully accept her after years of abandonment. It was after all those days where Raja felt like he had no meaning than to just hunt and survive to live. So many emotions were swirling through Raja's head that it began to hurt. He didn't know what to feel since he had never felt so many at once. Unknown to her excuse to why she left so long ago, Raja just continued to clench his fists until his knuckles were as white as the snow.

His brain came to two choices. Should he run and embrace her until there was no more life in his dear older sister? Or rage at her for abandoning him at a young age to defend himself on his own? The years of loneliness that caught up with him in the moment? It was all too much.

Raja did what he only knew.

He ran over to the small lady, cheeks stained with falling tears. He dropped to his knees in front of her, and she kneeled down to his level with a genuine, sad smile.

"Words cannot describe how sorry I am, my little lion." Lily wrapped her arms around his neck, and Raja instantly caved into his sister's warm body. He sobbed loudly into her coat while Lily just weaved her fingers through his fluffy white hair. His body lurched and shook, and Noble watched in heartbreak as he saw Raja in his weakest state he had ever been, "Yes, I know. I am so sorry, Raja."

"Is the big kitty Ms. Lily's brother, Noble?" Sam asked in a whisper.

"That's correct, but why don't we give them a moment, okay?" Noble closed the door quietly, and he walked to the chair on the small porch where he plopped down with his own tired exhausted sigh. Mylo did the same next to him.

"Why did the bad guys take mommy?" Sam randomly brought to attention. Noble's body tensed at the mention of their mot

ble's held-out hand. She could sense his discomfort, but decided to not question her brother's internal conflicts. All she hoped for was his safety and the smile he should have on his face.

The two walked back out into the snow while Cedar just lazed on Noble's shoulder, "The lion of yours might see me as well, and I don't want to become cat food."

Noble turned his gaze, unable to chuckle at Cedar's attempt to lighten up the beast tamer's mood. It kept bothering him that there was a traitor in his group. His anxiety and suspicion would be on his top priority list, as much as that disturbs him completely. Enough was on Noble's plate right now, and it was just about overflowing with pressure and stress. He had to stay strong though because he was always going to be that person everyone would look to for answers no matter how severe the problem may get.

Not long after the long walk from the sibling's home, Noble caught sight of Raja leaning against the home he had wept in. A grim expression stained his lips only to notice someone approaching. Raja ran over to Noble, completely oblivious to the fairy on his shoulder. Noble managed to balance his weight from the impact as he stretched his arms around the lion to comfort him. Over his shoulder, Lilla stared at him with a sympathetic gaze before hiding behind Mylo.

"Where have you been?" Raja pulled back from his death-like hug, "I was worried when I couldn't sense you anywhere near."

"We went back home to get some stuff!" Sam giggled, "I even found Mr. Bear! Ms. Lily! I found Mr. Bear!"

"Oh, how cute!" Lily sadly giggled back, kneeling down to watch Sam present her number one treasure.

"That's it. I didn't really find anything there that really had any importance." Noble chuckled.

"Ugh, RUDE." Cedar groaned.

"We need to get going, Noble." Mylo joined the conversation before poking Raja to turn, "If we start now, it won't be long to find the village at the edge of the mountain. We can sleep there at the inn."

"You've been there?" Noble asked.

"I've been to many places, Noble, " Mylo sighed, "Far more places than you'll ever know."

The conversation ended there with awkward silence with Cedar to point that much out. Noble didn't know how well it went with Raja and his eldest sister. Raja wasn't in the mood to discuss it either since he shifted right after the conversation died. Noble complied with the silence and helped Sam onto the great white lion. Then, Noble slipped on easily, and Lily was helped on by Mylo. The ice demon told him that he would be right behind them, so they wouldn't have to worry about him.

That one sentence kept repeating in Noble's head while they traveled down the mountain.

When one betrays the Fallen Tamer's trust, only a guidance fairy shall seek him and comfort his restless sleep.

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