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   Chapter 23 Chapter 14 A White Lily

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"Excuse me, miss?" A little hand tugged on her coat, and she turned her head, spotting the little girl with a small frown on her face. Lilla smiled and extended her arms for her to jump in.

"Didn't I tell you to just call me Lily, Sam?" Lilla said, and Sam snuggled into her lap like a little cub to her mother. The young woman smiled sadly as she stared into the fire. It had been a long time since she got to hold a small child in her arms, not since she was forced to flee the home she knew and loved. . .

And her brother.

"I'm sorry, Ms. Lily." Sam replied politely, "It's just. . . my head really hurts. I'm not sure why."

"Oh really?" Lilla leaned back, gazing into Sam's hazel, almost grayish eyes. She looked just like her mother.

"And I've been having these thoughts of big brother, " She muttered and gazed down at her own fingers, "I really miss him."

"I know, sweetie. I'm sure you do." Lilla whispered, her smile faltering at the statement. She could see so much grief in this little child's eyes. Her life was a paradise one day, and it was brutally ripped from her the next. All Lilla could do is keep her here, keep her safe until someone comes to rid the village of mages crawling around, left to help rebuild after Anazella's and Valider's clash of magic and swords. With their food supply running low after just a week of this mess, Lilla couldn't just escape her warded home that protected her identity. If they were to find out. . .

"When do you think he will come back, Lily?" Sam asked, acting wiser than most five-year-olds. She shuffled in the woman's lap, deciding it was time to remove her discomfort of her position. Her head ached and burned, one mystery to be solved quickly.

Lily continued to watch Sam get alarmingly sicker by the minute as the little girl began to deteriorate. With her forehead burning up as well as her nose, Lilla rushed into the small kitchen where she retrieved a makeshift first-aid box she had created herself. Rushing back just as quickly, the woman dropped to her knees only to gaze at the five-year-old confusingly. Sam was up and with a smile on her face.

"Big brother is here."

Lily's eyes widened when the sounds of a dangerous roar seized the silence of the outside.


The journey to the village wasn't a timely one, that's for sure. Somehow, the ritual had made Noble's lion quick on his feet, quicker than before. It may have just been his increase in size, but Noble doubted that. Raja had become more agile, quick, lightweight in a sense. Noble could notice since the lion he rode on bore no heavy breathing and his muscles moved quite often at a much quicker pace. In all of that, Noble achieved not falling off. It felt as if he did such a task a million times over.

However, Noble wasn't expecting what he would see as soon as he reached his home, his village.

Mylo hadn't warned him, even Noble wished he had. The Beast Tamer choose to not directly enter just yet, but there was a clear view of the town hall from his point of view. The pillars were wrecked, and the dome had fallen in the result of that. Burn marks littered the ground where snow once was. Windows were shattered to glass pieces while the steps were no longer usable. This was only the first of the destruction Noble would come to spot once he got a closer view of his village.

Noble leaned down onto Raja and laid his head on top of Raja's mane. Mylo dipped low since he had seen the threats Noble had dipped for. A couple men, obviously foreign, stepped out of the damaged town hall with grim expressions. They were holding staffs and laughed among each other like they owned the place. Noble fought to growl as well as Raja. Behind them were familiar folks in chains, the elders.

"Are you seeing this, Mylo?" Noble whispered and gripped the gray slightly tighter.

"This is horrible." Mylo commented, "When I came to check on the village, they weren't there. None of them are supposed to be here. Why?" Mylo continued to mutter to himself with curses and rants. Noble would do the same, but he was too busy debating the overwhelming sense of wanting to do something about this.

Noble wanted to save the one place he ever knew.

"We need to save them, everyone, Mylo." Noble gritted his teeth, "We have to do something about this."

"Do you think I don't know that?" Mylo huffed, "I see it as you jump in there, and I could easily get them to safety while you distract them. Simple plan."

"There's a chance of others we don't know about spotting us, you know." Noble pointed out, and Raja huffed out a breath of cold air, "Then again, I doubt we can just sneak them out with the mages that close to them either."

"Exactly, my point, dumbo."

"Oh shush it, " Noble muttered with a small smile.

Mylo disappeared out of thin air shortly after. Noble felt something grew inside him, nervousness but confidence at the same time. He had never felt confident with himself ever, and it was an enj

esty, Noble was done with them since he wasn't much of a bright star pupil they always wanted. Though he couldn't lie that he felt a bit sad letting that go. it felt as if he was breaking off a small chunk of what was left of his home.

Raja stood there, staring at the elders as they begun to shrink under his glare. Raja just shook his head and hated the fact that his head hurt now from the mysterious move Noble pulled. He hadn't exactly remembered much, and it was all Noble's doing. His eyes had become bright and had actually emitted light for a split second before he whispered something and blinked back to reality. Raja huffed and stayed silent before following in Noble's tail.

"They don't deserve you, Noble, " Raja muttered while he took Noble's hand in his. Noble to the side, staring at the lion's face until he turned back to follow Mylo.

"I know. . . I was never good enough for anyone before I met you." Noble admitted, and he stuffed his face into his red scarf, hiding his small frown, "Now that I have you, I feel like I can overcome any obstacle in our way."

Raja chuckled, giving a tight squeeze to Noble's hand, "Oh, I know."

"Um, Raja?"


"I love you."

Raja closed his eyes with his grin growing. Those words melted his heart, "I love you too, Indah."


A knock entered the two girls' ears, and Lilla hesitantly glanced over to Sam who started jumping up and down.

"It's big brother! I saw him come!" Sam ran over to the door, and before Lilla could stop her, the door flew open. Mylo gazed at Lilla while Sam flew past the demon and straight for her older brother.

"Noby!" Sam giggled, and Noble couldn't have felt more content and happy in that moment as he crushed the little girl in a hug. Raja stood behind him, his view making him unable to look upon the door inside the house. When he turned his blue eyes to look at Sam staring back at him while she hugged her older brother, "You're the big kitty, aren't you?!"

Meanwhile, Mylo stepped inside with an exhausted sigh. Lilla tensed, knowing full and well that her brother was only a few feet away from her. Was she ready to face her little brother?

"You have the expression that he's going to kill you if he sees you, Lily." Mylo chuckled tiredly, "It's going to be okay, I promise you."

"What if he doesn't forgive me for coming back for him?"

"You serious doubt your brother is going to? You had your reasons to stay in hiding to keep from becoming a prized pelt." Mylo jumped slowly to his feet again, "Plus, he could take care of himself. You fully know who he is."

"Yes, I do." Lily sighed before joining Mylo.

"Raja, " Noble breathed, "I would like you to meet someone for me."

With a confused glint in his cerulean eyes, Raja hesitantly followed as Noble blocked the door with a smile on his face. Sam, who was in his arms, smiled with her brother. That's when he stepped aside, and the world stopped completely for the snow lion.

There stood a young woman with smooth, copper skin. Her eyes lit up in a gentle, blue flame of bright blue. Her long, braided white hair laid on her back while her white fur coat showed off her curves.

With a sad vibe emitting off her, she opened her arms for an embrace, "Hello, Raja, my little brother. It has been a long time, hasn't it?"

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