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   Chapter 22 Chapter 13 The Tamer and the Tamed

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"Stay right there for me, " Noble instructed. There were two chairs facing each other. Noble in one while the other Raja patiently awaited what Noble was going to command next. His blue eyes following the silver ones staring at him intensely. Raja had to soak in the major changes Noble had gone through, but more importantly, what he saw while the ritual was taking place.

He saw himself watching himself with a smile on his face. Raja was smart enough to know that he wasn't in his own body at the time. He watched himself from the point of view of Noble walking down an isle of sorts. The navy blue carpet underneath him littered of white flowers. Many people stood from their benches to stare lovingly towards him, all dressed as they were meeting the king. Though something did lay heavy on his head, Noble couldn't stop smiling like he couldn't either.

They joined hands as soon as Noble reached the end of the isle where Raja and a man waited there for them. Raja was crying, tears spewing from his blue eyes. Noble's eyes started to tear up, but he refused to start crying. At least, not until all of this was over with.

"We have all come here in celebration of these two of many heroes of Lunis. Not only in celebration that the war is over, but that of joining in love, by the approval of Luna, in holy matrimon--."

"Raja?" Noble snapped his lion back to reality, and Raja shook his head. The lion hadn't inherited anything he would have expected. He hadn't tested his speaking skills to see if they improved neither did he do much physical work, even if he felt like running down the mountain and back. Noble gathered his hand in his, rubbing his thumb across his fingers, "You haven't talked since we completed the ritual."

Raja gazed to the side, not willing to tell Noble that he had this terrible feeling in his stomach. He felt like at any moment, this power holding in his abdomen would explode, forcing Raja to shift back into a lion. It burned every time Noble would gently caress him like he was doing, and it was driving the lion completely, and utterly mad. Something wasn't right. He needed to release this pent up energy or whatever it was.

"Come." Raja simply mumbled, grabbing Noble's wrist and pulling him along with him. The whisked by many of the wolf shifters in a hurry, and it was starting to worry Noble immensely. Something obviously wrong with Raja, and it was like he could sense it on his own. He could feel Raja's worry like it was his own.

Was this what it felt like being a beast tamer?

Raja dragged him from building and into the snow. He unraveled his red scarf, unwillingly wrapping it around Noble's neck where it felt more natural. Noble's eyes widened when Raja released a grunt of pain, instantly clutching his stomach.

"Raja?" Noble breathed out. Raja backed away from Noble and started to shake, "Raja?!"

"Don't come closer! L-Leave me be!" Raja screamed out, earning the attention of a few shifters walking by. Noble was taken aback by the sudden cold voice barking out of Raja. Though his eyes told another story, his voice felt like venom that poisoned his tamer like a snake bite. That's when he collapsed into the snow, violently shaking.

"What's--?!" Noble took a step closer, and Raja growled loudly, preventing Noble from coming any closer if he didn't want to get hurt. A pair of arms grabbed his, pulling him back from his close position with his lion. The connection between both Raja and Noble was strong, and the tamer could feel every ounce of anger Raja felt only a few feet away.

"He is feeling the effects of the ritual. He needs to suffer through it until you are able to intervene." A dark voice whispered in his ear. Noble gulped, unable to identify who was holding him back. By the dark skin, it was most likely the pack alpha holding him back from his lion, "It is only the first hour of your transformation, and this the first of many trials you will face."

Noble was forced to watch as Raja was torn apart and put back together in his own body. With his various noises of painful grunts and hostile growls, he had attracted a crowd watching at a distance.

"Lilla. . . I'm sorry!" Raja gasped out, and Noble's heart broke in millions of pieces

e could.

"Thank you for everything you've done, Luna Obora, " Noble thanked, instinctively gripped the beast stone dangling from his neck, "I promise to repay you."

"No need darling. All you need to do is take care of Raja for me. He can be a troublesome cat sometimes, " Obora giggled before waving, "Be safe."

With Mylo magically sitting behind Noble thanks to his magic, Noble waved back, "I promise I will do all I can to take care of him."

With that, Raja bid no warning to dart into the woods, out of the pack and into the vast wilderness he knew so well.


Anazella sighed and leaned against the iron bars of the moving jail cart. With her hands tied together and her staff stolen from her, there was only so much she could do. Her children have ripped away from her grasps she had tried so hard to hide from the Emperor. She was dirty and not bloodied yet. That would happen when Valider would become impatient with the lack of information she would never give up. She would go through the more vigorous torture and say not one whisper about those two special kids.

She was being taken back to the capital, the city where she had tried to hide her kids from for so long. At the hand of a loved but secretly ruthless ruler, she couldn't take it anymore. Being a subject this his mental torture only to find that he had evil intent towards their miracle son and their daughter, she had to escape from the hell. Living with a man with no feelings was hell in itself. She had to give up her title of 'Empress' so her children would have a better future.

The choice of location was simple. Noble was of special circumstances concerning his origin and blood. Born with an ancient symbol on his face, it was easy to escape to the only known village of beast tamers in the whole planet. It was out of Valider's reach, at least until now. Luckily, those marks hadn't appeared enough for him to notice, but being born of magical blood, Anazella easily caught it.

She had to do everything in her power to protect the children the Moon Goddess had given her. Anazella had been born infertile, and praying for a miracle seemed the only option of creating an heir the emperor demanded so violently for. Luna answered her prayer and presented her with a child. Not much was known about the child, but Anazella took him in instantly, thankful for the great gift. It had come with a price, and with it, no words would be said to the child when he came of age.

Anazella would fulfill Luna's request and protect her children at all costs. The image of her son all grown up with that lion as his partner entered her head, and she smiled sadly. She knew Sam was safe, and soon, her son would come to save her, hopefully.

All she could say about Noble was that he was destined to follow a dangerous but heroic path.

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