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   Chapter 21 Chapter 12 The Fallen Tamer

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"So hold on tight."


I can't believe this is happening. was the only thing Noble could think after what he heard from Obora, the Luna of this isolated wolf pack in the mountains.

Noble never thought this special day would come when he finally became an official beast tamer. It seemed like an impossible feat to him since of his age and his physical status. He was in no condition in any section of his life to take on being such an artist of an ancient magic, so to speak. No one in the village of Merdith believed in him, and truth is told, he hadn't either. He was just weaker than the other kids. He was always that child who would get the sickness that everyone was just about immune from at the age of six. In fact, he got it every year until this day.

The question was, what was going to happen to him during this ritual in the first place?

There had been many rituals that always had a different result. Depending on your spirit, it will factor what ability or change you'll go through. Callum, naturally, got faster and a lot stronger. Daley. . ., he missed her so much, had gotten more patience and a gentle nature. She was motherly and nurturing. It was helpful to Noble when he needed to be comforted, and she was always at his side at an instance.

A number of things could happen to Noble. He could grow a heck of a lot more stronger, and perhaps taller than what docile giant he already was. He knew for a fact that he would gain magical abilities with the pact with Raja as every beast tamer obtained. Then again, he had his doubts. Would the ritual go bad? Would he possibly. . . die? It was possible to die if you weren't strong enough for the process to overcome you, to inch into your mind and absorb your life force.

"Think not negative thoughts, my dear Noble. I will make sure all goes well." Obora assured, seemingly reading the anxious boy's mind. Maybe he was just his worried facial expression, or how tightly he was holding the poor lion's hand like he was giving birth. Either way, Noble was nervous yet excited. In a couple minutes, he would become official, and Raja would be a part of his life until the day they died.

A couple werewolves approached behind them to make sure they did nothing funny of the sort. It wasn't like Noble had the energy to pull some kind of attack, and Raja looked as if he hadn't gotten much sleep these past couple days. They were both tired, and it was definite that they were to get some kind of sleep as soon as they were done. Noble could feel just about how tense these wolves were with the presence of the snow lion, a beast shedding no energy to rip them apart in two seconds flat. Little did they know that this ruthless killer was nothing but a gentle kitten that loves being pet.

After a couple more turns, Obora leads to a pair of double doors. Noble felt his mountain lion tense next to him for some unknown reason. When Noble stared closer, he noticed a gold decorative plating symmetric for both of the doors. It was the symbol of the moon with a small dot inside. Little wings, similar to hummingbird wings inched out both sides. Something stirred inside his stomach, watching as his brain recognized it but rejected the offer of completing the process, defusing any information Noble may obtain for this memory.

Obora pushed the doors opened with ease, and an enormous room with a crystal dome entered their sights. It was strikingly similar to Meridth's town hall, but the view? No one could beat it. Noble had pushed Raja to guide him over to the window as it revealed vast snow top mountains. Anyone could see the snowy terrain spread for miles on end. Noble hadn't seen something so beautiful as his own eyes were beholding.

That's when Raja gazed over, seeing how amazed Noble had been at the amazing view, to slide his arms under his. Like a child with his father, Noble was raised to Raja's level of eyesight, the view more whole, and epic in its own rights.

That's when all the fun ended.

"We must prepare with haste. I am sorry to ruin your moment." Obora tapped Raja's arm while she impatiently beckoned the two to follow her to a pool in the middle of the room. The both of them were so mesmerized by the view that they completely trailed past the pool with a small, flowing waterfall. It had white flowers floating side, and the rock on top of the waterfall had the same symbol as the door.

"I did not know you had such wonders, Luna Obora." Noble said in respect.

"It is simply what you must do when you live so close to Luna herself, " She giggled, "There is a monastery not far from here. A very beautiful one at that, my friend. Only the holiest may enter, or if you a

. Noble didn't react, laying as still as he could with his quickly deteriorating body, "Hikari! Please don't leave, NO!"

The last thing Noble heard before being zipped out was the screaming of Raja as he wept in utter, miserable grief.


Noble opened his eyes to reveal a mirror being held in front of him. What stared back at Noble wasn't him but it was at the same time. He still had his silver eyes, bright and full of life, thankfully. However, the changes he began noticing had set him on the path of having a panic attack. Instead of brown curly hair, it was blonde, just like those. . . men in the memory. He had the exact same marking on his forehead and nose, and instead of freaking out, Noble. . . started to cry.

Glancing down, he was no longer a small, frail boy he uses to be. The clothes that were too big on him were now perfectly form fitting to his body. It must be why Obora had given him such big clothing in the first place. When Noble lifted his hands, the mark of the beast tamer was on his palm like an inked tattoo. Did that mean Noble had gotten Raja's physical traits? He lifted his arms to his head, only to realize that what around him wasn't air, but water.

Noble was just floating there, below the water gazing at his own reflection. A hand reached into the body of water, and Noble, without any control, reached for it. He was pulled from his peaceful yet endearing pool. He caught his breath, and as soon as he opened his eyes once more, he spotted familiar wooden doors. Many pairs of eyes stared at him, but the only ones that mattered were the bright blue ones staring back.

"Raja?" Noble whispered, his voice a small amount lower than before.

Not much changed about Raja, but it alerted Noble that this was real. The symbol identical to his own was stitched into his copper skin. Noble trailed his long fingers against it, reassuring himself that it was actually there, and to his surprise, it was.

Everything was happening.

But more importantly, he was finally bonded with him. Finally.

Noble's tears turned happy, and Raja could only hold his face, smirking and catching the teardrops with his own fingers.

Obora narrowed her eyes to the two men with a smile on her face. With her two fingers, she killed them and laid them on her heart. "I have fulfilled your request once more, Luna. Only a matter of time that you soon turn your grace to those two." She pushed past her fellow werewolves, all of them aware who these two were now. Positioning herself in front of Raja and Noble, she slapped both of their backs, finally able to stop from holding back from her strength, "Congratulations, Noble, Raja. May I welcome you to the world of magic but also obstacles. . ." She paused with her grin growing, "May the Fallen Tamer rise again."

She left without letting anyone contact her. Noble now knew that this was going to impact his outlook on everything. Everything in his head looked so different and more real, less hazy. Yet those words she whispered under her breath had spooked Noble. It sent chills down his spine.

"May the Fallen Tamer rise again."

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