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   Chapter 20 Chapter 11 Temptation Breaks Loose

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(*Fans self* Oh boy, this chapters gets Hot if you know what I'm saying. Just the right amount too. I'm sorry, but I had to. No hate comments, please! Thank you )

"I need you to wake up." A small voice in Noble's head whispered faintly.

"What?" Noble replied, realizing that there was no one there to hear him talk to himself in the blank space of his mind. He sighed, wrapping his arms around his knees that were up against his chest. With his chin rested in between the gap, Noble begged for the mysterious voice to reveal itself.

It was every time he would gaze off into the little world in his head. It was always a female voice, urging him on to open his extremely heavy eyes. Did she not know that was just as painful to perform such a task? Though there was nothing here other than himself, he. . . rather be here than where it hurt the most, even if his Raja was there to comfort and greet him when he arrived once more to the real world.

"They need you, Noble. Wake. Up." The voice demanded, and Noble toppled over, face first, into the abyss of nothingness.

Noble huffed, jumping from his hunched position back to his feet. He glanced around, frustrated. Even if he tried, it would take hours for him to get enough focus to slip back into consciousness only to be sent back here. Noble was on the verge of just giving up. Each time, it got harder and harder for him to achieve what seemed like impossible to him.

"You will get nowhere if you don't push yourself. Wake. Up."

Noble was shoved off his feet once more, but with more force, than he was expecting. He face-planted into the ground, but it was just enough to zap him back to reality. That was by far that fastest he had shifted from consciousness and unconsciousness. Noble's eyes blinked rapidly to wipe away the blurriness.

His head wasn't hurting as he thought it would, and he was surprising. . . relaxed. A good kind of warmth surrounded his cooled off skin, and Noble blew a breath of relief. The air was moist, that was for sure. He knew he wasn't in the cold, dry air anymore, and until the blurriness in his eyes faded, Noble would ponder where he actually was. That's when he moved his foot and felt the current of warm water but. . . something else too. Another foot? Noble thought.

A cloth slid across his cheek carefully, cool of the warm water it was dipped in. Water droplets slide down his cheek and dripped off his neck. Noble tensed by the foreign hand, and it was pulled back, losing the heat that was once there. With a few more blinks, Noble finally came to his senses, and he wasn't expecting what he first saw when his vision was restored.

It was Raja, on his lap, shirtless--potentially naked if he were to look down-- in all his glory. He had a curious but relieved glint inside his heavenly blue eyes. With a cloth in one hand and the other holding himself up on the ledge behind him, Raja smiled brightly, dropping the cloth next to Noble's head. Noble had never been so relieved yet frustrated in his life. This was a new world record. He was about to question where he was until Raja leaned down to kiss his forehead.

"Elixir is working?" Raja questioned to himself, resting some of his weight in Noble's lap. Being much lighter in water, Noble was able to take it, but he was too busy exploding like a fire spell that his face was becoming. He had never seen Raja without his fur coat. In fact, he hasn't much of his skin in the first place. Noble wasn't about to admit that he liked it out loud either.

Raja tilted his head and stared at the boy for the answer he was waiting for, and Noble snapped up, groaning when his back cracked. "I-I guess so. . . M-My head i-isn't hurting as m-much, " Noble stuttered in reply. This had to be the most uncomfortable, yet comfortable position he had ever been in yet.

"Good." Raja grinned and shifted himself in his lap to relieve some of the pressure on his legs. Noble thanked the moon goddess that both of them were, in fact, wearing something under the water, so he was free to look down if he pleased.

Noble was scared to look down though, as something felt even more uncomfortable if he had. He shifted his legs, and oh boy, did that make things worse for Noble.

"Are you okay, Indah?" Raja rested a hand on his forehead, checking for any signs of a fever. Noble's eyebrows furrowed, heating up under the touch of Raja, "You.

scarf Raja must have stolen back when he first escaped into the forest, "You can have it."

Raja's bright blue eyes sparkled, and the lion gathered the scarf into his hands, stuffing his face until the red fabric. Noble giggled before he began the slow process of changing his wet shorts and drying off. Raja respected his privacy and didn't turn to look back until he was sure that Noble was covered. Once he actually was dressed and to his feet, Raja stole one of the many white fur jackets he created every time he shifted and wrapped it around Noble.

Returning the favor with a light blush on his face, Noble stole the scarf and ushered Raja to dip down. He wrapped it around his sun-kissed neck, and Raja purred to his touch, worsening the blush on Noble's face.

Noble didn't quite know how he was able to walk on his own two feet with the stitched up wound, with the aid of Raja holding his hand for balance, but he somehow found the strength to keep at his side. He was in more formal attire than he was prepared for, but he didn't complain. Anything was better than the bloodied tight shirt he was forced to wear.

The two boys looked inseparable as they stepped outside in the snow. Some residents stopped to stare, and Noble only shifted closer to Raja, suddenly feeling shy around these strangers. Raja forced them to stop when a woman with a guard following her footsteps stopped in front of them.

"Ah, Noble. It is nice to meet you at last. I do wish that you feel more like yourself?" The women asked before she realized that he knew nothing of her, "How rude of me! My name is Obora, and I am Luna of this werewolf pack. I am the one to help with your grave wound there."

Finding his voice, Noble answered, "Thank you, and it is an honor of meeting you, Luna."

"Just call me Obora, darling." She laughed, "But we have more important things to attend to that involves yourself." She gestured with her hands to follow her, and Raja snapped into command, forcing Noble to follow anyways. Noble gazed at the lion for a second, with his cheeks red and his blue eyes straight ahead, he brushed it off. It was only when he entered a tall building similar to the town hall of his village Noble had truly felt reality crash down on him.

Noble wasn't with his mother anymore. His village most likely destroyed by that wretched man you would call an emperor. He couldn't even find the precious beast stone Miles had given him as a gift. The only thing that had been positive up until this point was Raja.

Wasn't it always, Raja?

"You are still not fully healed, it is sad to say, my child, " Obora stopped in her path, intentionally placing both boys under the dome where the full moon would shine down on. Noble tensed as soon as his eyes caught sight of his beast stone dangling from her fingers, "We have not much time, so I must ask you to hold his hands. It is time to officially bond with your spirit."

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