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   Chapter 19 Chapter 10 Peaceful Eyes

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It was so cold.

Noble had never scaled the mountain this high before; therefore, it was much colder than his village down below. He would shiver in the pile of fur coats Raja kept discarding to warm him up only to appear again. Izzy had come back with wood for the fire, yet that didn't do much good. Mylo hadn't talked much since their arrival to the cave, almost as if he had cut himself off.

Mylo had been acting differently like Izzy had like it was some kind of persona they could finally recall too. The said boy had become more closed and silent, but somehow bitter when the mention of Daley popped up. He would snap and growl like an animal, and then grumble under his breath and close everyone out.

Izzy, on the other hand, had become less of a hag and more serious. She hadn't thrown insults like she usually did down at the village. Actually, she had done quite the opposite. She encouraged Noble to live and survive the pain consuming him for a little longer until her friends had arrived. She often acted submissive towards Raja's requests even if her personality begged to differ. She also explained while during the few times Noble could stay awake that the way she treated him was just an act. She explained that her Luna had sent her down to keep watch over him, but don't get too close.

Noble would ask why she had to watch him so closely if he were conscious enough to speak at least.

His condition had worsened, despite his snow lion's best efforts to stop the ongoing pain. The many slaves Raja had applied only numbed it for a short time until Noble began screaming again in agony. What that man had done to him, Noble didn't have a clue. All he knew was that it caused him to go into shock every so often. Bursts of fiery pain coursed through him like molten lava. It hurt worse at his forehead where it throbbed and grew. It felt like the emperor had dug a sword through his brain, forever twisting and turning. It was by far the worst pain he had ever felt in his entire life like he was being punished for his weakness.

Raja didn't feel any better. He felt so helpless. He couldn't help his human enough to permanently whisk away the pain, only temporarily until Noble passed out another time. He had used up most of his slaves on Noble, yet it didn't do much. The only thing Raja could do was hold him tightly. Noble found comfort in the action, and Raja was more than willing to give it to him if he was in that much pain.

During the night after Noble and his friends had arrived, Noble was groaning in pain and shaking by the battle of hot and cold in his body. His fever had gotten worse over the course of a few hours, and it was alarming for all three of them. Raja had told them that he would watch him through the night while they got much-needed rest.

For the first time in eleven years, Raja cried.

The boldest, fiercest, most feared creature on the mountain. . . was crying.

That was when Noble had woken up for the first time from his numb slumber. Small fingers caught the lion's tears, and he opened his eyes to see Noble weakly wiping his droplets away. Even though Noble's hand was freezing cold, Raja couldn't help the warmth spreading through his face. His heart stopped when the boy he was so fiercely protecting smiled at him through his cracked lips. Raja could have sworn his face had turned red once he whispered his words, "It's going to be okay, little one." before falling back asleep.

Though the little moments where he did regain consciousness, it gave Raja hope that he was at least trying to recover. Though his body was having a war within itself, Noble was trying each day.

It was nearing the time where the older brother sun dipped below the horizon, only the younger brother to light up the world barely. It was officially sundown. Raja held Noble in his arms, almost rocking him like a helpless infant. His natural nurturing tendencies he had inherited from his gentle lioness mother kicked in, and the whistles of his mother's lullaby flowed out his lips. Noble reacted every time he would hum or whistle because his muscles would relax in a way that he was finally peacefully sleeping. Keyword, peacefully.

"Raja?" Raja snapped his head to the side, spotting Mylo standing there looking as dull as ever, "Uhm. . . they're here. The wolves, I mean. Th

e could hear was his pounding heartbeat and just ringing.

"Have you bonded yet?" Obora muffled to Raja in her native tongue. She knew she didn't want the boy knowing what she was talking about. Mylo understood, and Raja spoke the old language better than the more modern tongue. His parents taught him otherwise.

"No, " He replied instantly, "I don't know how to bond anyways. These beast tamer ways are strange, Luna Obora." Raja had no doubt that he was destined to be at Noble's disposal, and you know what? He doesn't mind.

"No doubt, " She chuckled back, directing the group to a building Raja knew as the warm springs, "I will help you with that as soon as you get him washed and looking presentable. His mother would hate to know that he did the most important ceremony in a beast tamer's life in filthy condition."

Once the four arrived at the door, she shooed away Mylo, in which he disappeared on the spot. Being a ice demon on a freezing mountain, he would have endless amounts of energy to use at his disposal. Obora stepped inside and turned her body to face Raja's before he was able to enter with Noble.

"I trust no one with this job, only you. He is vulnerable in this state, and I fear if he does not get better on his own, we will have to take. . . drastic measures, my child. Be gentle, and soon I will come with an elixir that will make him able enough, " Obora paused before continuing, "I. . . hmm, nevermind. I will send someone to gather clothes. Don't take too long as we don't have much time."

Knowing Obora was a woman of mystery, she would be gone before he could reply. Raja was right, and he locked the doors with the latch. He wasn't about to let Noble bathe with filthy wolves. He deserved to have some privacy from others now, especially since everyone's had their eyes on him every since this all started.

Raja didn't blame them.

Noble was beautiful.

Noble was beautiful while he was sleeping. He was beautiful while he giggled and how he gazed at Raja like no other. Those silver eyes. . . they were mesmerizing, undeniable. His smile was more beautiful than the stars above, and Raja knew that he could rule the world. Every time Noble would stare at him, Raja's chest would jump, and his face would heat up. He didn't exactly know what to call this new feeling. . .

But in light of it all, Raja was going to treat Noble for the alone time that had with Noble. He deserved it more than anyone in this pack, anyone in that village down below.

Raja was going to show that, in such a short time span, this boy had captured his heart.

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