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   Chapter 18 Chapter 9 Bittersweet Reunion

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The snow was falling down at an alarming rate outside the cave. According to the birds, such weather wasn't planned for the night, and Raja could sense magic being used in incredible amounts. Lifting himself up on all four of his paws, Raja shook himself out of sleep. He guided himself to the entrance, dread-dripping in his head.

His head hurt for unknown reasons, and the nightmare he had just awoke himself from hadn't helped his growing pain. Despite being in freezing temperatures, Raja felt like he was peeling out of his own skin. He had a strong resistance, being a lion, so it wasn't as bad as he kept thinking it really was. With his tail swinging behind him, he stepped into the snow only to be slapped by freezing winds. He huffed, shaking his mane of the buildup of snow.

Maybe a walk would do him some good? Clear his mind and maybe heal the growing pains in his brain.

The rabbits nestled into their holes in the ground to protect themselves from the snow but furthermore from the predator walking around lazily. He had even spotted a deer walking on about, but quickly fled by the growl emitting from the white lion.

Then, it hit him.



"Noble, w-what's happening?" Sammy escaped from the woman's arms and entered his with a crushing hug following suit. The pain still ached, but knowing his little sister was safe and sound made it more bearable.

"I don't know, Sammy bear." Noble sighed, sinking to his knees with her in his arms. He dug his face into her tiny neck while she shook. Soothing rubs persuaded Noble that this was actually happening. Something so fast changed his life in little as a second. Noble refused to look up from his sister while the woman sighed.

"Noble, I need you to understand that you need to go as soon as you can." The woman said, tapping his shoulder lightly, "It is not safe for you, especially, here."

"Why?!" Noble suddenly screamed, "Who was that man to me? Why does it hurt so bad? What did he do to my mother?" Angry tears rushed down his cheeks as he set down Sam. With his fists clenched, he punched the wall, only to snap it with newly found strength.

"I understand you have questions, but it is not your time to have the answers. I need to get you ready to travel up the mountain, because he won't be able to go up there--"

"Lilla, let me the honors. This wasn't supposed to happen so soon yet." Mylo sighed. He walked out of the room with no other word spoken, leaving Noble with a silent Izzy, a crying Sam, and a tense woman that resembled Raja quite too well.

"Where am I exactly going?" Noble questioned after a few tense minutes passed by.

"We need to take you to that stupid lion until he leaves, " Izzy snapped, hate coursing through her voice. With scrunched eyebrows, Izzy lifted Noble by his shirt with a mad frown, "Get yourself together! I know you're weak and all, but you're just about the only hope we have to keep this mountain in tact right now. I promised your mother I would help you when the time came, and I need to ask you to be strong for her and your little sister."

Noble's eyes widened, and he stopped his shaking on the spot, clearly intimidated but more so inspired by her fierce speech.

Mylo entered the scene with a huge back pack on his back. Noble couldn't understand how he did it with all the weight on his back. If Noble didn't know, Mylo must have been carrying what three people could carry alone. Noble wasn't able to ponder on that thought either as the woman with bright blue eyes stepped in his line of vision.

"Unfortunately, your sister won't be able to come with you." She smiled sadly.

Noble turned his gaze to his little sister. The five-year-old resting on the couch, her face tear stained and flushed red. He frowned but knew that a five-year-old wouldn't be able to survive such a trip he was expected to take. He turned back to her with a determined look on his face, "I understand, but. . . please take care of her until I come back for her, okay?"

Her smile returned, and she bowed as her bright white hair rushed down with her, "Only if you do the same with my brother."

"Your brother?" Noble repeated. Mylo walked over behind and engulfed him into a much-needed jacket. Noble, however, refused to break the intense stare he had with this woman until it clicked, "Your brother. . ."

"Do know that your

recent, but a few hours old.

"Oh my god, " Mylo gasped as he handed Raja the bag. Noble was breathing heavily again, and Raja knew that he had to act fast in order to stop some sort of infection or the bleeding. Anything was better than what was happening now.

Shoving his hand into his leather bag, Raja assorted jars that he had saved for years now from when his sister was still alive. He thought back to how she taught him which was which, and how to treat a wound whenever father came home with a wound similar to Noble's. A pouch with a slave the color of light green caught his eye, and he snatched it.

Noble closed his eyes, visibly pale and getting weaker by the second. Earlier, he had fallen, completely unaware how nature hated him to the point of wounding him. He didn't know if it was sharp tree roots or sticks, but he was cut while trying to slip on another jacket much warmer than the other one he had. He brushed it off, knowing that he had to leave to live. Noble regretted how he didn't bring it to the attention of his best friend and somewhat enemy. When he opened them up once more, Raja was staring at him with worry as he took his hand in his.

With a whisper, Raja leaned in, whispering in his ear, "It's going to hurt. . . please hold on." That's when he dipped to his gash and licked it like he was a newborn cub. Noble screamed in agony, the stinging of the exposed flesh eating him alive from the pain. Thirty agonizing seconds later, Raja lifted his head, blood on his lips before he spread some kind of cream on his wound. Instant relief rushed through his torso, and Noble sighed in relief. A clean piece of cloth was placed around his torso, so nothing would touch the healing. Raja smiled at him before turning his head, "We wait 'til your wolf friends come."

Noble wasn't paying attention at that point. He was tired, cold, and numb. Izzy fled out of the cave, probably in search for wood for a fire. Mylo made himself at home by slipping off his backpack full of food and laid up against it, just as tired as Noble was. Raja, however, leaned himself up against the cave wall and pulled Noble in his arms with carefulness. Noble nuzzled himself into his body, every worry slipping out of his body.

Noble felt like he didn't have a worry in the world when he was being held in his snow lion's arms. He did nothing but make Noble feel like he was cherished by the way he protectively wrapped his arms around him and rubbed his back, careful not to touch his wound he patched up. He even felt a tail rub up against his non-wounded hip, but what made Noble feel better spiritually was when lips met his own in a sweet lip lock. Warmth spread through him, and Noble finally felt content for once that night.

Noble fell asleep in Raja's arms as the tamer was whisked away by Raja singing a lullaby as it seems in another language.

Noble was right. Raja was his hero.

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