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   Chapter 17 Chapter 8 Royal Blood

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"Quite the crowd here, huh?" Mylo commented, turning his head to look at the huge crowd huddling to the stage. Much laughter and talk surrounded the villagers as they waited for the spectacular event waiting to happen.

"Well duh, " Daley mocked, "More people would be here since it's the five hundred year mark of the festival's been celebrated under the moon." Her rabbit squealed, almost laughing at the poor boy for his lack of knowledge.

Mylo huffed, "No one told me."

"Alright, ladies. That's enough, " Noble intervened into the conversation, speaking his first words since the walk had started walking to the town center. A lot was on his mind, and an overcoming dread had seeped into his stomach for whatever unknown reason. It was only a speck at the first of the moon rise, but now it had blown out of the water. It was consuming almost his every thought, and it had to take his friends to snap him out of it.

As soon as the trio reached their destination, Noble could recognize a few faces and some foreign to his memory. Callum and both his parents were in the front, obvious that they were of higher status in Meridth. A couple rows back was a couple kid Noble had nodded to some time or another while passing each other in class. They were with their parents too. However, a big portion of the wooden seating had been cut off as villagers settled around it curiously. Noble could see a sign, but could not read it despite his good eyesight.

Daley's mother came to retrieve her daughter, even if she wanted to stay with her friends for the yearly event. Her mother was persistent though and pulled her daughter along the path to sit with her and her little brother, no father present. Mylo, on the other hand, dreaded to stay with her mother. By the look on his face, Noble couldn't turn down the pleading glint in his eye.

"So. . . could I possibly come sit with you?" Mylo hesitantly muttered, verbally approving Noble's thoughts.

"You know she will kill you if you don't sit with her, right?" Noble had mastered this conversation, as it wasn't the first time his goofy best friend had made such a request. Noble didn't blame him though. His mother was truly a force to be reckoned with.

"I know, but your mom will always save me, yeah? She's so sweet and motherly. The complete opposite of mine. . ." Eventually, Mylo had tempted Noble with his puppy eyes long enough for him to feel he couldn't deny his best friend.

"Fine, but when your mom comes to hunt me down like the snake she is, I'm using you as my meat shield, got it?"

"Thanks!" Mylo darted through the middle row empty for villagers to walk down.

It looked much like a wedding had, but with a completely different color scheme. A nice, long, dark blue carpet with the beast tamer symbol laid in the middle. Wooden benches were aligned perfectly along the worn out rug. The steps of the town hall had the same carpet trailing down with four great chairs signifying each elder. Above in the dome, the window glass glimmered in the moonlight, and when a full moon shifted up into the sky, it perfectly created a ray of holy lunar light. These nights are considered the night of worship, as well as holy holidays to whomever, celebrated the moon goddess' beauty and power.

With his very own beast stone dangling around his neck, Noble stepped one foot in front of the other while his eyes scanned the crowd for his own family. To his surprise, he found his mother conversing with Mylo in the middle of the benches on the very corner of the seat where it ended. Sam was in her lap curious to what was going on. It had only been her second time here at the festival, and Noble understood exactly where she was.

With a mischievous smile, Noble lifted her up in the air in a fit of giggles while shooting into an available space between to his mother and his best friend. She wiggled his arms and turned as soon as her big brother had sat down on his own. She didn't say anything though, only smiled brightly and turned back around, plopping back down on his lap. With a cocked eyebrow, Noble readjusted his scarf, effectively blocking the cold breeze on his neck.

Everyone snapped to attention as soon as the gong rang, signaling that the ceremony was about to start. His mother tapped her son's leg, forcing him to fix his terrible posture. Now, Noble had looked off the crowd, blending in just as effective than his mother's will.

"Hello everyone, " Elder Della greeted, "I'd like to first off welcome everyone. Anyone is welcome to celebrate here with us to the Holy Moon goddess and her new, eventful year. This year marks five hundred years of Luna's ascent into the sky and the crea

w dare you enter my territory with your filth and hurt my son."

"Anazella! Calm yourself! You had this coming!" Emperor Valider barked back, not afraid to point his heavenly blade at the woman, "I have been looking this whole time, and now I have found him! I have found you! My Empre--"

"Don't you dare call me that, " She growled back, her staff roaring with storm magic, "And don't think for a moment that I will ever be with you ever again, pathetic scum. I will never forgive you and what you did to our son."

Valider swung his sword, ranging close to his mother, Anazella, too closely. She retaliated back with a lightning bolt, "I have not come here to fight you! I have come here finally take my family back where they belong! You took them away from me! Please listen to me, Anazella."

"The last time we saw each other, you had my son and my daughter at the end of a sword to be executed. I will not let my children be slaughtered by you. You don't deserve to redeem yourself."

"M-Mother--!" Noble screamed in pain, but a hand was covered over his mouth. He was forcefully dragged backward by an unknown person.

Anazella turned her head to see her son being dragged by someone she trusted. She frowned at the possibility of this moment of being the last time she will ever see her son if she survived this. While dodging Valider's attacks, she screamed, "Protect him with your life!"

The person had dragged Noble to a spot where they wouldn't be seen for a few minutes. Noble muffled and screeched, and the person tightened their grip, silently barking in his ear in a feminine voice, "When I let go, I need you to not scream. I won't hurt you, and you me. Got it?"

Noble nodded.

The hand was removed, and Noble turned his body to see another unexpected surprise. It was Izzy, rocking her moondust and her frizzy red hair.


"Look, I don't have the time to explain now. We need to get you to Ms. Widow's house. Mylo and Daley are waiting for us there with your sister." Somehow in that moment, Noble knew not to question her orders. Even though she had treated him like crap during school hours, something about her voice had forced him to comply. Chaos was happening.

Izzy was acting completely different from her usual self. She was more stealthy and more aware of her surroundings. She was dominant and constant with her pushy actions to get the one she needed to protect to Ms. Widow's house. They had gotten there more quickly due to Noble's nimble frame and Izzy persistent encouragement to keep on.

All Noble could worry about other than the unbearable pain in his head was his mother. Who was she truly? Was she alright? How could she appear so powerful? Had the emperor called her Empress? So many questions kept popping up in his mind but stood out the most.

Was his mother alive?

However, Noble wasn't given the choice to ponder on the million dollar question. Izzy pushed him inside the home only to greet a woman in fur clothing. What stood out the most was the flowing white hair, her youthful, tanned skin, and of all the traits, her bright baby blue eyes.

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