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   Chapter 16 Chapter 7 Crystal Heart

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Music filled Noble's ears as soon as he stepped foot into town. It was soothing to the young man's ears since his tension with his mother had subsided yet. He walked ahead of his two girls because he didn't want to cause any drama. His mother wasn't dumb, and it was only a matter of time before she could figure out something was up. So, it was best to stay away until she decided it was nothing to worry about.

The night sky was truly beautiful. The stars glimmered brighter than usual in celebration for the new lunar year. Noble couldn't help but wonder if all those worthy souls up in the night sky were celebrating too? Maybe, Luna was rewarding them with feasts and endless wishes for another good year. All those stars, after all, need to please the goddess as well as the inhabitants back down on her blessed citizens.

Noble's moondust started to glow under the moon's light like glitter on his skin. The reflections of the lantern light also reflected off his skin and every glitter-infused citizen of Meridth. He shivered to himself and despised the lack of jacket he currently did not have on. It had to be extra freezing tonight, with Noble's terrible luck. The only thing that was considerably warm was his neck and a part of his red-tipped ears. His torso was only slightly warm, so Noble would have to find a fire quick.

Noble hadn't noticed his lack of clothing until his little gang had finally arrived at the festival. The lanterns had glowed like firelight in the night sky, mimicking the stars like it should be. Children laughter and crunches of the ice under the villagers' feet entered Noble's ears, and he sighed a frosty breath. Many tamers were wearing attire much like his own as well as been painted with the abundance of moondust the village of Meridth had. Venues full of different types of stalls presented a warm entrance to the Lunar year.

Noble had been wishing that nothing would go wrong this year, not like there had been anything of the sort. It was all getting ignored by everyone except Elders' nods and gazes towards the boy as well as the elderly themselves gawking at the almost young adult. They gawked at every young'un since they had been in the very same place decades before his time. Daley and Mylo would also accompany him on their trips to stalls with homemade food from every village as well as merchandise to purchase. Just a few years back, some of the older folks had started a competition to see who had the best beast, meaning who was the strongest.

Of course, Noble wasn't able to take part but only watch from afar with his little sister on his shoulders.

Noble fixed his red scarf to cover his mouth and nose, distinctly smelling cinnamon and mint as herbs from his mother's worries. The devil herself walked past her son with her daughter holding her hand, but stopped in front of her eldest with her face gleaming with unnatural youth, "I expect you to have a swell time, my boy. Do you need anything before I take off with Sammy here?"

"Maybe a little more gold pieces to buy something. Perhaps a little more for food and gifts for friends." Noble replied his hands in his pant pockets. Five gold pieces flipped around inside with his fingers dangling.

"I reckon little Sammy wants to go get some treats herself, so if you need me, " His mother said while pulling out more than enough gold pieces to last him, "Don't bother to ask someone. I'm sure I'll be somewhere with a little giggler on my shoulders."


"Alright, alright. I'm off. Please tell your friends I said my hello, " The older women reminded before starting to walk off herself. She stopped herself though, turning her head to meet her son's gaze once more, "Don't forget to go to the temple when the ritual is ready, ya' hear? Even if you may not have a partner, you're still required--"

"I know, Mother. I've done this every year." Noble rolled his eyes, but his mother's stare was still swirling with doubt, "I'm sure Daley will drag me if she has to."

Noble's mother was off like the wind, and the light brown-haired boy was there by himself with his shoes buried in snow and his heart buried in his chest deep. He closed his eyes for a moment, prayin

ndust just like he did.

"I think we should be getting to the temple anyway. That reminds me, that's really something on your neck. Someone smuggle you a beaststone?" Mylo pointed to the stone on Noble's chest, and he blushed deeper. Mylo realized the thought he caused his best friend to blossom and grinned evilly, "Is someone going to get together with his lover boy?"

"Shut up!" Noble snapped almost right after Mylo's taunting statement.

"Don't tease him, Mylo. Let him be with his boyfriend, and everything will be fine." Daley commented behind Noble.

"Sometimes, I hate you guys." Noble groaned while he joined the walk to the temple with the two.

"Nah, you love us." Daley laughed.

"Let's just go get this over with then. . ." Noble muttered under his breath as he followed the stars to the temple that would soon cause him to flee.


Her fingers tingled under the moonlight as the dark-skinned half-mortal, half-wolf sat in a moonbeam. Her beads enriched her jet black hair, and her robes were as clean as the snow outside her doorstep. Her enhanced hearing sensed the noises of the outdoors, her home. Her breath was visible in the frosty air, but that did not stop her from breaking her stance of praying.

She sensed it, something happening down below. Something drastic, yet she knew just exactly who it was, or who they were. Her ear flicked, sensing a lonesome creature hunting in the forest as well. By the crunch of the stone the creature was emitting, it had to be a predator. She felt some sort of threat towards the unknown hunter, but the growl she almost heard after had snapped her in place. She knew who that was too.

Suddenly, the door opened to find a soldier, hunter werewolf, interrupting her state of praying and conserving. Her link with the moon goddess was severed, and she groaned. She wouldn't be able to get that strong of link until the full moon a few days in the future.

"Is there a valid reason you should be interrupting your Luna while she is in such an important, fragile state?" The Luna barked, and the soldier faltered his strong stance.

"I have gotten reports of the village down below. Complete breakout and our spy are completely vanished along with the boy."

"The boy is gone?!" She jumped to her feet, suddenly her mood changing to calm to fatally worrying, "But I swore that she was to protect him! Protect him from-- I promised Luna!"

"We sent out wolves to search, but the lion is not making it any better on us and--"

Something pinged inside the Luna's head, "Follow the Lion!"


"Do you get it?! The lion is the boy's protector and spirit! You need to make peace and follow him! He may have something to catch scent!"

"Yes! Ma'am!"

"Whatever you do, make sure no harm comes to the fallen tamer."

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