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   Chapter 6 Chapter 6 Paint of the Stars

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It had been a couple days after the incident in the town center. Eyes would stare at Noble each time he would pass them in the snow covered tiles of the sidewalk. A new scarf, almost the same color of his previous article of clothing, was wrapped around his neck to cover his mouth and nose. Hands in the white fur jacket he couldn't seem to let go of, Noble just walked around the town, staring at the lanterns being hung above him.

The Luna Festival was held each year to celebrate the moon goddess and what she had given to her followers. The enormous country of Lunis on that little planet they called Alerea. It contains celebrations that consist of feasts, dancing, music, and overall interaction. Lanterns were a biggie in the tradition each year. It is meant to symbolize those we have lost, and mimic the ascent to Luna's sky. Souls become stars in her easel of moon dust if they were worthy of divine paradise. So, in more basic terms, they are honoring our dead friends, family, and the founders of Meridth. On the more positive side of the festival, there is many proposals of marriage as well as romantic feelings rising to the surface. Noble was never going to be one of those people, as sad as it is, but it was going to be alright. All he needed was his little sister and his friends. . . Right?

Noble had to collect himself quite a number of times on the walk as he would cough harshly, despite the herbs his much harsher mother had stacked inside the fabric. His chest hurt tremendously for the whole day, but he had grown prone to ignore the aching throb. It was normal to see him ache every so once and awhile. He was weak to sickness, and even the intensity of the coughing was alarming him.

Then, he thought back to why he was on his little soul-searching walk.

"You cannot just go running away from your responsibilities," The ring of his mother pierced his ears as she and Sam walked inside the little home,"One of the elders told me what happened, and I have to say I'm rather disappointed in you."

Noble stayed silent, in hope that she would give him a break. Then again, she didn't know that he had met his partner for life, his animal soul counterpart. His silver eyes stared into what seemed like nothingness.

"Not only that, but you had the audacity to kiss the thief as well?" His mother slammed her bag of supplies on the floor next to the kitchen. The redness of her anger was still settling on her pale face,"I should restrict those two from coming here for the next couple weeks."

"Big brother?" Little arms wrapped around the teenager's neck, and Noble snapped out of his emotionless gaze. The little body of his little sister rested on his lap while Sam herself stared at her older brother with worry,"Are you okay? Did that scary man hurt you?"

"No. . . he didn't." Noble's face softened at his sister that was beyond her years.

After that, he did nothing but hold his little sister until he couldn't take his mother's scolding any longer. It was understandable to why she was yelling at him. Running off into the woods for a second time when told not to the first time? His mother was beyond pissed at the thought of almost losing her child in that cursed forest again. Sam wasn't fairing any better at the thought of her older brother magically disappearing one day either. Plus, the incident that had happened in front of the whole village only added on his family's grief.

"Can't please 'em all, can you?" Noble whispered to himself, laughing dryly at his just as dry humor. His throat was like a desert though, and the dry winter air wasn't helping one bit. The boy grabbed both ends of the scarf laying on his chest, tugging it longer but tightening the space in between the fabric and his mouth.

Lanterns were beautiful at night, Noble declared inside his mind. He could just stare at them for hours on end until he was able to lift one up and force it to the night sky. It happened every year, but Noble never got tired at the sight. However, something was oddly painful about the image to Noble. His little sister would always tell Noble that he looked so longingly and painful while he watched every lantern swirl across his face.

"Oh, look who we have here, huh?" A deep voice snapped Noble out of his endless gaze

t I am." With a paint-stained thumb and a jar of moondust, Noble's mother did her best to try and create art on Noble's skin. She painted his arms in traditional Lunar designs that elders had permanently scarred into their skin. She had even taken off his warm scarf to paint his sensitive neck. He had laughed the whole time she tried, and for what seemed like forever, she finally got to his face. Two lines were painted on his pink lips and the swirls that the first beast tamer had been implanted on Noble's cheeks. She stood back when she was done, looking proud of her masterpiece.

"Well, what do you think, Ma?" Noble waited for a response, but Sam was the one to beat her to it.

"You look like this man in our book at school. What was his name? It was this pretty boy with pretty hair and pointed ears - "

"Niles, the Hero of Hellu." Their mother identified,"Said to conquered most of their land and met the both brother suns, Hesperides and Orion. He is the one who watches the great desert that connects Lunis and Hellu."

"Yeah, that guy! I think?" Sam's eyebrow lifted, and she glanced at her mother confusingly.

"Well, thank you, I guess?" Noble's voice was dipped in doubt and dried with confusion. Their mother chuckled before motioning for the both of them to follow her. She sat on the kitchen table with the jar of moondust on her right and several brushes on the left.

"Usually, I do this myself, but I think you both deserve to do it. Do you mind putting my marks on now, sweethearts?" Both of her children's' eyes shined a the rare opportunity. Sam carved badly painted roses and animals while Noble did his best to keep the same tamer marks she painted on him. He wasn't an artist, not nearly as professional as his mother was, but this activity was oddly calming.

Noble felt closer to his family now because of it.

"Noble?" The boy turned his head to find warm eyes staring back,"Tell me what happened with that thief."

Noble's muscles tensed at the mention of Raja. The last time she spoke to him, it was bitter and hateful. Now it was calm and collected. What changed now?

"First off. . ." He trailed off,"He most certainly isn't a thief. What was in his bag was handcrafted by who knows, and what was inside was barely enough to be worthy of being called 'stolen'." Noble's voice was stern, but collected like his mother's,"Secondly, I can't really explain it. . . It just was the blur of the moment for him. Daley pushed him towards him anyways."

"Were you feeling nervous? Big pit in your stomach with a patch of some sort of warmness in your head?"

She took the silence as a yes.

"Noble - "

"No, don't you say a word." Noble frowned, lifting his bag of supplies over his shoulder while he neatly placed his newly herbed scarf around his dried neck,"Let's just go, shall we?"

And they went.

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