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   Chapter 5 Chapter 5 Dud No More

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"What the hell!"

"Well, someone go catch him!"

"What's he to Noble?"

Noble was like ice, frozen in his spot and pale as the moon above. He heard voices questioning the scene that had just happened in front of them, even going out of their way questioning the poor boy to death. He was flabbergasted, surprised, refusing to believe what his partner really was. So, Noble did what he did best.

He ran.

He ran until his lungs heaved and burned like a fire place. He ran until his feet refused to run another step again in front of him. He just ran like he did with all his problems. He didn't even know where he was running. Hell, did he care? No. He needed to be alone, away from reality for the moment. He needed to recollect his thoughts before he had a panic attack that was creeping up on him closely.

"I am in some deep shit," Noble cursed to himself out loud. He fell to the ground littered with fresh snow face first, but Noble didn't care. He had to escape. Once his face began to burn off the numbness, Noble leaned up against a pine tree, still having the support of the snow around him. He just couldn't believe it. He COULDN'T believe what the handsome "thief" had shown him when he stole his lip's virginity. It was like a play in front of him, reenacting his lonely life and his lost sense of purpose over his isolation.

"Raja," Noble whispered. The name slipped out of his chapped mouth like it was made to say the lovely name. It was the perfect name for such a beast of the mountains. It was such a brilliant name for his destined spirit. If Noble could, he would engrave it into his skin if he were strong enough by the Wizards at the end of the mountain. He couldn't though. Noble was a coward to do such an act. God, he was already shaking off the bitter cold slapping him in the face. With added anxiety, he was scared of what will happen to him, to his snow lion. Noble felt hurt that his animal darted to the forests of the snowy caps instead of staying with him, with his beast tamer.

Noble had already known that he was a weakling from the start. He had been rejected many times to only have Daley and Mylo as friends, not like he was complaining. Don't get him wrong, he loved his two dear best friends like he did his family, but meeting new people would brighten Noble's spirit more. He wanted to be a role model to Sam, so she could grow up strong, stronger than he was. Some would say he was strong. He survived the early bullying and hid in plain sight in high school. No, he wasn't strong. He was hurt, and he was a coward, period, end of discussion. It hurt even more when his very own spirit had run away from Noble. His only chance of standing out, not becoming even weaker.

Noble couldn't blame Raja for his escape. Hell, Noble could basically see why Noble was so unfit to tame a creature so strong. Noble was so unfit to wield such power at his disposal. The Snow Lion rejecting his beast tamer? Noble wasn't surprised, and this point on, he would continue to assume that he was unfit.

Then, there was the other side of the story. Raja whispering to him seductively,"It's going to be okay, little one." before darting away into the snowy abyss. Those words had a profound effect on the light brown-haired boy. Was it going to be okay, Raja? Noble asked himself.

Yes, a small voice replied in Noble's head.

Noble thought back before the incident happened. As a child, Noble was a very curious kid who took a shine to myths. He didn't know why, but it just intrigued him like a thorn in his side waiting to be pulled out. Out of all the myths, the Guardians of Luna had caught his eye the most. The Snow Lion was obviously the most recent and second most frightening of the guardians. The Ancient Angel Dragon was the first. The mythical beast only popped in existence when the mountain was in trouble or when invaders would be harming its inhabitants. The Snow Lion was a different story. From rumors, the legendary Snow Lion had more than one lion in its pride. There used to be a whole family of lions in that myster

y grinned, and the man could only chuckle,"Say, I've never seen you around here before. Are you new or just a traveler?"

"Oh, I use to live in this town when it was a wee little village." He said, running his hand through light, straight brown hair,"Just visiting, I suppose, for the Luna Festival."

"Oh fun, The Luna festival is real fun now," Mylo laughed, looking back at Noble while he paid no attention to the two men talking,"But - " Mylo turned his head, but the man wasn't there anymore. The traveler disappeared into thin air like magic. He must have been born in the lower towns where common magic without spirit animals was a thing.

"Mylo, you look like you just saw a ghost." Noble popped in front of his best friend to see him dazed and confused before being snapped out of it by Noble himself.

"It's. . . nothing. Why don't we just go back to your house before your mother starts to worry."

"Alright. If you say so."


Raja sat in the snow, glancing down at his shaking hands. It had a fair amount of hours after his big scene with the beautiful village. His enhanced nose was stuffed in the red scarf, warming the front of his neck. He still felt sparks coursing through his fingertips. He smashed them in the snow and shook them about, but nothing could quite get the sparks to find their way to the skies once more.

There would be no doubt that the whole mountain village of Meridth would be searching for him once more. The snow lion did not know if they were present to the knowledge that they knew what he was. They would most likely be searching for a criminal with stolen possessions when in reality it was quite the opposite. He may have stolen his special one's scarf to have a piece of him, but it was merely an infraction at most. He wasn't able to retrieve his bag in the first place, leaving the poor white lion in a very upset and horrid mood.

His bright blue eyes were a little duller as he stared at not only his shaking hands but the blood of a deer sprawled across the polluted snow. His tummy full of food for the day, he was wondering if he would move or not. It was more of a decision than a required choice. He was, to be honest, at war with himself at the minute's time. He hated killing forest animals, but it was eat or starve himself for another day. He hadn't eaten in awhile, so it gave him the excuse to kill an innocent animal to fill his stomach for much-needed food.

What Raja needed to really decide was how he was going to face the moon-eyed boy again. He was filled with so much determination in every step, despite his lack of physical strength.

Raja was going to figure it out though, he swore to himself.

Why was this boy so special?

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