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   Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Big Brother, Sick Brother

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"Ah. . ."

"Don't you dare, Noble Embers!"

"Ah. . ."

"Oh my god, no - "

"Ah. . . CHOO!" Noble sneezed for the forth time that morning only after waking up mere minutes before. His mother gazed at him disappointingly since his daily sickness had seemed to amplify since yesterday. Noble shrugged under his two blankets his mother insisted he wore around the house, almost chuckling when he heard his mother huff behind him.

"Good morning, big brother." Sam slurred, rubbing her eyes from the sleep still within them. Her similar light brown hair shot in different directions while she dragged her little white blanket that meant the world to her behind her small body. Noble only smiled down at his little sister, picking her up even if he had layers beyond layers on.

"Good morning to you too, Sammy Bear." Noble whispered before carrying her into the small living room of their cottage-like house. Sam rested her head on Noble's shoulder, falling half asleep it seems. Noble gently shook her, and Sam groaned, content to stay in her position forever.

"Alright, Sammy honey. You need to wake up, so you can go to school." Their mother sighed, stealing her out of Sam's arms,"Don't you remember? The Luna Festival will make school out for a whole week."

"Yeah, I know." Sam still sounded like she was about to fall asleep again.

"I need you to bear school for another three days, so you can finally sleep in, okay?" The witch sat her daughter down on the couch, which Sam in turn stood up to wake herself up. Noble stood in the hallway watching to scene happen in front of his eyes. He couldn't help to laugh that Sam, his five year old sister, is acting like a lazy teenager like himself.

Noble excused himself from the living room to go fix himself up in his own room. Stepping inside, he closed the door with a kick and went straight to finding suitable clothes to go to school in. He picked out a wool brown long sleeve that was a little too big on him made by the seamstress in the village. He wore his regular form fitting pants while he slipped into his big, lighter shade of brown, fur coat. He basically purred every time he slipped into the soft heaven he refused to take off.

Satisfied with his choices, Noble moved to the bathroom that held a semi-medium mirror to fix his out of control hair. He just stared at himself, sinking in just how he is and how he is always going to be. He was small, that he hated to admit. He hated just how much he was related to his mother, but different at the same time. He had very pale skin, since sunlight around here was basically out of the question. His bright brown hair curled everywhere, listening to no one even its head it inhabited. He had also inherited very high cheekbones that Sam and his mother didn't have. One reason to hate himself. Another was that he had these big bright grey eyes, again another trait Sam and their mother didn't beautify with their charm.

"What makes you so different?" Noble asked his twin in the mirror. Of course, the Noble that was staring back couldn't answer that question. Noble, however, had hope that something would answer him. After stupidly gazing at his weak self in the mirror for a good ten minutes, Noble gave up and escaped the small bathroom of the Ember house. He walked into his mother serving Sam a pieces of boar meat that the village had provided yesterday to give to the families would couldn't exactly hunt for their families.

"Noble, come and eat before Daley comes and fetches you." His mother ordered, and Noble obeyed. His bare feet instantly froze from lack of heat in the room, and he fought the urge to shiver. He sat next to his little sister who had fixed herself up to look presentable, finally. The boar meat that was placed in front of him wasn't exactly what he had in mind of breakfast, but his mother taught him to be grateful he even had food in front of him in the first place. He dug in.

Just as Noble was finishing his breakfast, a knock rang through the cottage. Before he could get up to get it, his mother waved her hand, binding him to stay in his feet. Daley and Mylo stood in the falling snow with small smiles on their faces. His mother practically shoved them into the cottage to take shelter from the gentle snow that littered their clothes.

"Heya there, Noby." Daley winked. She held onto her strap of her school bag while her rabbit partner rested on her shoulder. She wore her simple attire with her white fur jacket similar to Noble's, and black pants that hugged her plus size legs. The curvy girl just stood their in glory, not caring what the world thought about her body.

"We better be going. I don't want Ms. Widow biting me again." Mylo mumbled, but nonetheless made his presence known by his grumpiness. Must of fell off the wrong side of the bed, huh? Noble thought, cracking a smile.

"Yeah, give me a second." Noble replied to the grumpster in the corner sulking. He cleaned his plate of leftover boar meat before grabbing his boots that easily slipped onto his feet. Once he grabbed his own leather bag, he walked over to his little sister who hadn't expected the sudden kiss on the cheek.

"Going already, Noble?" Sam pouted, her bottom lip folded.

"Yes, but I'll see you when I get home, alright?" Noble reassured Sam, which she gave a kiss back onto her older brother's cheek. It made Noble feel all bubbly inside.

"Come on, Noby. I think Mylo here is going to squat a load if we don't get going,"Daley glanced over to Mylo, trying to hold in her giggles. You could see the annoyance off his face.

"Yeah, I'm coming." Noble said back.

"Ah, don't you dare forget, young man!" his mother stopped Noble by yanking him back by the hood of his jacket. Surprised at the sudden action, a scarf was wrapped around his neck while one side was pulled up to shield his mouth,"I don't want you getting any more sick than you already are. I want you able to go to the festival without having to cough every two seconds."

Noble rolled his grey eyes before walking out into the falling snow without an word to his mother. His two best friends followed, catching up to him. Each one hooked to both of his sides as they walked down a busy road full of vendors. They talked of normal things, like how they were excited about the break coming and how rumors can just fly through people's mouths like songs.

It didn't take long until they all got to school, safely Noble might add. Noble hated how he had to separate from his best friend, but would soon see her again in Studies of Man two periods later. Once they got to the school, hey soon separated to go to their first period of the day. The first period of the day for Noble was Religion. It was a small class that surrounded the beliefs of the village of Meridth.

"Hey, you okay?" Noble asked Mylo, grabbing his arm before he walked into the class. It was mere minutes until the man would ring the bell outside indicating that students should get to their classes, and Noble took the time to bring his foul mood to attention.

"I'm fine. Just had another fight with my mom last night." Mylo replied. His mother wasn't the most motherly mother in the village to say the least. She wasn't the friendliest either. She was so strict and ruled like she was queen of the village while Mylo was carefree and laid back like he always had been. Opposites tend to disconnect with each other, and it was no surprise to Noble that they would fight.

"Don't worry about it, man." Noble slapped his back,"It's going to be okay. You're always welcome at my house. You know my mother likes you even though she doesn't act like it."

"Thanks. Noted." Mylo cracked a small smile before dragging Noble into the classroom with him. The other two students were already there while the teacher, Ms. Widow, sat at her desk waiting for the bell outside to ring.

"Hello, Ms. W." Noble greeted, and Ms. Widow smiled her wrinkled smile back in response. She looked very intimidating on the outside with her scars sprawled across her face. She use to be a hunter back in her day, but in reality, she was a very sweet women.

"Alright, class. I would like you to get your text books out, and turn to page twenty three." Ms. Widow said after hearing one of the men of the village ring the bell manually outsi


Noble opened his bag to grab his small text book. Flipping through the front, he finally found the page and stared at it. Learning about animal myths today, eh? Sweet Noble thought and smiled to himself. He rested against the back of his seat while his scarf hid his face. Only his blue eyes pierced anything that would be under his intense eyes.

"Today, we will be leaning about guardians of the moon goddess." Ms. Widow began,"First, we will begin with the Hawk. The Hawk is said to guard the skies of the mountains, and whenever we heard it, it is a warning sign of a blizzard about to crash down the mountain terrain. In the holy texts in the churches of Luna, it is said that the first hawk had two eyes. One eye possessed the see the future and the other the past. It helped with predicting the disasters."

One girl raised her hand.

"Yes, Maddy?" Ms.Widow stopped.

"Doesn't Mr. Redd have a hawk as a partner?" The girl named Maddy asked. Her long black hair ran down past the chair she was sitting in while her knit hat still hugged his small head.

"That's correct, but you know that isn't the first one, I'm afraid." Ms. Widow chuckled. "Any more questions before moving on?"


"Alrighty then, let's go on!" Ms. Widow cheered.

For the next thirty minutes, Noble stared at the book, somehow side-tracted with the deep thoughts keeping his mind busy. Mylo even had to snap him awake by smacking him in the head behind him. Mylo held a chuckle at how his insanely smart best friend was falling asleep in class. That never happened.

"Last and mostly the most interesting, we will be talking about the Snow Lion." Ms. Widow announced, and Noble, like a stick, snapped into place. He didn't know why he was so interested now since he had been dozing off for the past forty-five minutes of class, which he rarely happened the him. Why was he so interested now?

"This guardian is the most recent of the myths for Luna. Snow Lions have been living in the forests of the mountains for centuries, but only been discovered by Elder Colt a few years back. I think you are were almost thirteen?" Ms. Widow explained,"Anyway, Colt had gone out to explore with his friend for the Snow Lion itself. Lions are usually as big as a panther, so it was often to walk past them. We have known about them in the past for their pelt. It's priceless and very expensive. Wow! I'm getting off topic, aren't I?"

"Girls gotta swoon over the expensive stuff, huh?" Mylo smirked. It was very visible that he had recovered from his morning stick in the ass. Noble felt good that his friend was finally feeling better.

"I suppose so," Their teacher giggled,"Back on topic, the one Elder Colt encountered was very big. Three times bigger than the normal size of a Snow Lion. He also explained that they're big cats were able to shapeshift," Okay, Noble was very interested now,"Colt had met a man with hair was white as snow when he was on the hunt of the pelt. 'The man also had a very beautiful face' Elder Colt explained, 'It was a tactic to lure his human prey in. Then, he would attack them and finally finish them off.'"

"So, why didn't Elder Colt survive?" Noble blurted out. He blushed when four pairs of eyes glanced at him in curiosity.

"Well, Elder Colt said that he pleaded that he had his children to take care of at home. Even though he saw his friend be murdered in front of his eyes, he saw something in the Snow Lion. Snow Lions are wise and are able to judge people for their worth. So, it's natural at Colt, who survived the test from the special Snow Lion, became an elder. Others have caught a glimpse of the big cat, and it was proven that this guardian was real. To this day, no one has disturbed the lion in the wild. It is said that the legendary Snow Lion will come when it is needed, and when the ultimate judgement is taken place. Any questions before the bell rings?"

"Is it possible to tame a beast like the Snow Lion? Is it even possible?" Noble asked, earning the attention of the other five Margare around him. He sighed, feeling stupid for asking such an question.

"Well, it is possible." Ms. Widow smiled and smirked at the same time,"If you're strong enough."

Then, the bell rang.


Noble was minding his business as usual, walking down the small hall that was crowded with students going to their last periods of the day. Little kids also ran past Noble as the school housed all levels of learning. He frowned when he couldn't see his little sister. Usually, he would of saw her by now when roaming the halls between tiny breaks. He made a grave mistake when he bumped into a head full of red hair.

"Hey! Watch it!" Izzy snapped. One of her minions were talking to her before Noble had accidentally bumping into her. Izzy frowned at Noble with a sour face, instantly recognizing who he was.

"I'm sorry," Noble mumbled, trying to escape before a scene happened. As dramatic as Izzy was, she grabbed his arm, yanking him back to his previous position.

"You're the whore's friend, aren't you?" She spat, obviously talking about Daley. Noble didn't answer. He tried to avoid as much eye contact as much as he could, but his face was painfully gripped, forcing him to look into boring brown eyes,"Answer me before I give a something to avoid me about."

"Y - yes. . ." Noble whispered, regretting that he didn't listen the first time. God, this is why he hated being weak. He just couldn't stand up for himself. He still had his scarf covering his mouth, and Izzy took it as a sign of weakness to reveal. She wanked it away, exposing really nothing out of the ordinary. Thinking quickly, Noble coughed in her face loudly, with force. Izzy loosened her grip on his arm and scarf, and he made a bee-line to the doors that led out of the school.

"Dude, you okay?" Mylo suddenly scared Noble, and Noble jumped back in horror. He then realized that it was a ally instead of a predator and sighed happily. He loose scarf hung across his shoulders lazily, and he quickly fixed the small problem to become his mask once again.

"I'm fine, just panicked a little."


"Well. . ."

"Because that stupid hoe of a Maglarin had almost hit him one." Daley entered the conversation, rubbing Noble's back soothingly. Noble glanced over to his female best friend only to notice the big red spot on her cheek,"Don't worry about it. I gave her one back." Another one of her unique winks.

"Thanks. . ."

Noble hadn't been feeling exactly himself since school started, and he didn't want to verbally say it out loud in front of the whole school possibly hearing him. So, he grabbed both of his friends, surprised by his new found strength, and yanked them to the road where it lead to his house. Another surprise that they stopped at Daley's house instead of his own. Noble needed to be somewhere other than where he could be targeted again.

Once we were up in his best friend's room, Daley arched her brow in question,"Are you sure you're okay, mister?"

"Look, I'm fine. Just some real weird feeling in me." Noble described,"Like something bad was going to happen?"

"Like a gut feeling?" Mylo said.

"Yes, exactly like it!"

"Well, why don't we stop worrying about things, and occupy ourselves with something else, shall we?" Daley suggested, and both boys agreed. Noble, however, still felt weird, like in a trance. It was weird, yes. He wasn't going to say it out loud either. Next thing he needed was for his best friends to call him crazy or weird when he didn't have the confidence to take it. He hadn't realized that his friends were trying to talk to him, questioning him while he was in that deep thought bubble.

Noble had finally snapped out of some trance he was in. It was like his body was taken over by autopilot. He suddenly forgot why he was so nervous in the first place. Something was just telling him mentally to escape it, because something bad was about to happen. He just felt it. It was a gut thing, really, Noble said to himself again. He brushed it off though, just glad that he wasn't where the bullies fed off of misery. He was with his friends he trusted, and he was content. When his friends finally were done questioning him to the bone, he said,"It's simply nothing. How about we go for a walk around the grounds?"

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