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Meridth Village located high above sea level and hidden away by the Uala Mountains, Early July. The sky littered white flurries onto the tops of wooden plank roofs. One single breath would be blown back by the forceful winds of high snow tops. Men, women, and children were huddling for warmth waiting for the event of the year to show itself to the whole village.

"Hmm. . . I don't see why people get so excited for these kind of things anymore. Kind of useless seeing someone make a fool of themselves in front of the whole village?"

"Tell me about it. I can smell it from here, good Lord."

"How can someone get so. . . how do you say it? Unprepared. Yeah, those are the words."

"When you think of confessing to a girl at last second."

Noble and Mylo continued to stare at the anticipated crowd that only grew more in numbers. Both best friends had predicted that this was an bad idea without having to think for one second. In a blink of an eye, the news seemed to spread around the small population of the school, soon branching out to the whole town. Noble hadn't been so disappointed since that one time where a little girl had brought an frog to class, spreading a disease that attacked almost everyone. Mylo simply just enjoyed the drama as it feasted his eager curiosity to it's full capacity.

"Oh! She's coming!" Conner, a fellow classmate of Noble and Mylo, announced. The crowd soon began to chat among themselves until a small figure turned the corner to reveal, Daley, a very smart young women who sat next to Noble in their Human Studies class. She looked frightened at the amount of stares she was receiving, and her face soon flushed a deeper shade of red.

"Let's go have a closer look?" Mylo suggested, and Noble agreed. Noble lifted his scarf to his face to shield his mouth from the cold. This runny nose and cough wasn't going to torture him more if he were to protect himself from mother nature's wraith. He followed suit behind his best friend as they stole a front seat view of the priceless event that would take place in front of their eyes.

Noble never came close to becoming friends with Callum Monshee who nervously twitched in his position in front of the audience. He was one of those boys who bragged about how wealthy his family was, or how his spirit partner was better than anyone else's in the school. He was one cocky son of a gun, but watching him wither under the shy girl's gaze was priceless.

This bully had been crushing on the smartest girl in our tiny, little abode you would call a school for ages. Naturally, students would gaze at him and think that he could pull off that bad boy look, and Daley would drop her fur pants for him right there in front of obvious students. Noble personally thought that this was by far the most ridiculous thing he had ever seen in his nineteen years of life. Why would Callum with the snow panther partner be crushing on the shy nerd whom had a rabbit for a partner? It still confused Noble til this day.

Daley approached Callum slowly, weary of the stares she was getting. One person even had to gut to wolf whistle as she slowly walked over to the nervous, sweating in the coldest mountain, jock. Callum glared at the troublemaker and turned his attention back on his prize. Daley inspected the crowd with her beautiful green eyes before turning her own attention to the jock.

"H - Hi Daley," Callum barely manged to say under his breath.

"Hello Callum. How are you this fine morning?" Daley sounded rather confident although her posture said otherwise.

Mylo elbowed Noble's side to get his attention in which he purposely wiggled his eyebrows and made immature kissing noises. Noble snorted, holding in his laughter. One wrong noise out of his mouth would ruin such an moment that would most likely never happen again.

"I - I'm doing fine. I just have one question to ask you." Callum gulped in his breath he had been holding onto for at least the whole day and motioned for Daga, his snow panther partner and spirit sprinted out of the blue holding a sign on his white neck.

Daley gasped as the folk around Noble only chuckled at the reaction of the small female. The sign read "Luna Festival. You & Me together?". Stars were scattered on the board with the big question while the moon hid in the corner. Noble held in his breath, amazed how the the girl who hid in plain sight got asked, but Noble didn't? That's right. No one did know what Noble preferred? Plus, it wasn't like they noticed to care.

Noble and Mylo had to hold their mouths, so their laughs wouldn't echo through the mountains to awaken the animals. Noble held onto Mylo's forearm in hope that his best friend could anchor him, but both failed. Noble swore that his side would be hurting for a while after this.

"Why would I go with an egotistical dickhead who couldn't think with the right head?" Daley had plainly insulted the embarrassed jock in front of her. Callum's face wasn't red of blushing for his crush, no. It was flaming hot just like his hot-headed ways. His fists clenched in fury as he was publicly - in front of the whole damn village - humiliated. Daley smirked at her words were getting to the stubborn jock, so she decided to add fuel to the fire for the fun of it,"Actually, I saw you flirting with Izzy a few days ago. You guys are certainly close. Only natural to put the school whores together for the Lunar Festival. Remind me when the baby comes, because you can obviously see the bump forming!" She blew a kiss,"Ta - ta!"

Noble held out his hand while his laughter only made him wheeze into his scarf. Mylo wheezing with his smaller best friend slapped five gold pieces in said hand. You see, Noble and Mylo made a bet the very morning they heard about the confession and ask. Noble instantly propped up from his sleepy daze, and placed a bet that Daley would full out reject Callum. Mylo begged to differ, saying even though Callum was a complete asshole, no one would refuse him.

"Oi, Dud! What are you laughing at?!" Callum finally took notice to the two boys who were now almost passed out by the lack of breath. Noble and Mylo only grinned wickedly before another voice decided to interrupt.

"Bitch! You didn't just call me fat! Whore at that!" A full head of ginger-red hair rudely pushed through the crowd and over to Daley, who was now fighting off her own laugh. Izzy's snake wrapped around her hand and hissed at Daley. Both were shooting her venomous looks of disgust and hatred.

"Only speaking the truth, Darling." Daley threaded on thin ice, and Noble could only admire her brave act to stand up against the red-head queen of the village.

Izzy was a very stubborn girl who only acted nice towards you if you had something she wanted. Other than that, her face was always in bitch mode. She would snap at random town folk no matter the age for no reason, and even one time went as far as injuring one of the teachers for giving her a bad grade. There were a lot of similarities between the bad girl and bad boy, but both knew for a fact that they were complete whores and wouldn't admit it.

This would of ended in a cat fight between the two if one of the elders of the village hadn't intervened before Izzy drew her cat claws. Noble and Mylo ran over to Daley once the elders collected Izzy to punish in town hall. The rule was simple in the village. If there was anything that disturbed the peace we had took so long to establish, you would be sentenced a short trial or as long as years, depending on the severity of the act against the peace.

"You okay, Daley?" Noble worried about his friend. He wiped his frozen tears away as Daley winked at Noble. Daley wrapped her arm around Noble's waist while doing the same with Mylo.

"Man, you don't know how good that felt to say." Daley giggled,"It was so worth it, oh my god."

"My side still hurts from laughing so hard." Mylo coughed out the rest of what he had left in his body from the laugh session.

"We can fix that, can't we? Let's go to Noble's house then." Daley suggested, and Mylo agre

ed with no question.

Noble's mother was the witch of the village. She was the healer of all, and the one that judged criminals if they were innocent or not. my mother had a firm grasp in the community, and she did whatever she could to help around. She knew that everything wasn't always going to be peaceful like the elders had hoped it would. Noble admired her dedication and willpower to keep up with such energy-consuming villagers, and one day, he hoped that he could get out of his weak sickness and become as strong as her one day.

The three best friends walked past the marketplace and onto the main road where housing would only be down the road. Snow littered the ground and refilled the gaps of foot prints left behind by the three friends. Mylo was the first to push the wooden door of Noble's tut to finally escape to the fireplace to warm up. Daley and Noble looked at each other and simply giggled to themselves.

"Big Brother!" Sam, Noble's younger sister, came running down the hall and hugged her older brother's leg. Noble smiled sweetly, breaking away from Daley's grip. His pale complexion was noticed by his mother trailing to greet her son, and she instantly started to worry.

"Noble, sweetie. You need to be next to fire stat before you get any worse. Now, Sam, please go fetch me some blankets for your big brother please?" Sam nodded with her big, heart-warming smile and sped off into the hall once again to gather what her mother had asked for. Noble's mother only sighed and pulled her son into the living room where Mylo was huddled as closely as he could without burning himself.

"Ma, I'm fine." Noble urged.

"No, you're not. It's one thing that you're always sick to the bone," His mother complained while forcing Noble to sit close to the fire,"Being a Beast Dud is your other weakness. If you had your beast already, then you wouldn't be so sick like you are."

Noble was tired of hearing it over and over again. "You're an Beast Dud, Noble! Looks like you're never going to feel an companionship like I do!" was what was screamed at him internally everyday when he wondered around the school to race to his classes. His teachers looked down on him like he were a troll, and it made Noble feel extremely self-conscious about himself because of it. He always hoped that he would one day find the beast in the wild built just for him, and most would find it by now. Noble was one of the unlucky few that hadn't.

A Beast Tamer was a magic user that used the use of animals as a form of magic defense, attack, or just as a friend. It is said that a Beast Tamer only had one partner in their life time and would always develop a special bond only those two could embrace. On the other hand, a Beast Dud was technically a person whom hadn't gotten their beast partner before sixteen or simply did not have one at all. The beast may of died or got hunted. Everyone assumed that Noble had been one of these duds just because he hadn't found his partner, or called spirit sometimes.

And God, how Noble hated he was different.

"Gee, thanks mother. You love me that much, don't you?" Noble smirked sarcastically. His mother gave him a dirty look, and Mylo nudged Noble.

"If you were going to be salty, I would of brought my deer meat for you to savor."

"Oh, shut it, Mylo." Noble growled, but cut back once he felt small arms wrapped a blanket around him. Noble's unnatural grey eyes gazed back to see his little sister smiling brightly at him before circling him to sit in his lap.

"Thank you, Sam."

"You're welcome, big brother."

Daley chose to talk with his mother about the scene that happened before they arrived to the homely abode of Noble's small family. His mother giggled at how Daley had reacted to the boy and sympathized for the boy who he obviously knew was Callum. Daley's dirty blond hair bounced every time she would laugh or simply move her curls. Daley was a very independent women which was confused with her innocent appearance. Noble knew how she felt, but he was exactly how they described, Weak, small, etc. His mother would sometimes exit the conversation to watch the soup boil before going back to the small talk.

Noble and Mylo were starting to get extremely bored as they waited for Noble and Sam's dinner to finally cook. Noble was content though. He was with the people who didn't judge him at a glance. They gave him a chance, and well, his little sister made him feel like he meant something. Sam looked up to him like he were her life support. Noble felt that same as he wouldn't let anyone touch her when she first arrived late April a few years back. Noble felt himself hold her closer to his thin frame in possessiveness. He wasn't going to let anyone touch her, even if he were weak.

"Dinner's ready! Help yourselves! I've got a patient to take care of at town hall. Be good kids!" Noble's mother made it clear that she was leaving with her heavy fur coat and boots,"Noble, honey, make sure Sam gets her fill, will you?"

"I'm not that stupid, mommy!" Sam pouted, sinking in Noble's lap.

"I know, but you can never be too careful. I'll be back before the moon rises fully in the sky." and she was off.

Noble, deciding it was a good time for a sneak attack on his sister, started to tickle the life out of his five year old sister. Sam squealed under his fingers while he discreetly picked her up and back into his arms. Sam latched onto him for support as Noble got up onto his feet to get to the kitchen. Noble found Daley still at the kitchen table, but with Fluffy, her rabbit partner. Her small hands stroked the white fur of the snow hare of the mountains.

"Hiya, handsome." Daley winked at Noble which resulted in an dramatic eye roll,"and beautiful! You're growing so fast, Sammy!" Sam giggled like her adorable self. Her light brown hair similar to her old brother's swayed to her hips as she leap down form said brother. She ran over to Daley, giving her a big hug and gushing over the stupid hare again.

Mylo came soon after, eager to get his hands on a warm bowl of soup even though he had been by the fire for at least an hour by now. Noble prepared four bowls of soup, setting one for each chair that was present at the table. Mylo immediately shoved his way to the soup, soon burning his mouth in the process. Daley was at least smart and blew on it before taking a sip. She moaned in pleasure at the heaven in her mouth. Sam sipped the soup like she always had since she was introduced to the stuff. Noble just simply sat down and prayed to the gods and goddesses before digging in.

"So, Noble." Daley said,"How have you been holding up recently?"

"I guess I'm doing okay." Noble replied hesitantly,"I have to keep my scarf on though. Mom rubbed some herbs in it, so it would prevent me from getting sick and all." Noble sipped his soup, gazing at the bowl as he lifted it.

"No, I meant. . . the other news." Daley smiled sadly.

"Oh. . . that."

"Noble, you don't have to - " Mylo tried to assure, but Noble cut him off.

"I mean. . . being a beast dud isn't that bad, is it?" Noble muttered,"Even though it gets rubbed in your face almost everyday."

"Well, you never know. Maybe, you haven't met your partner yet?" Sam intervened. Her small pink lips curved in a bright smile that always seemed to cheer Noble up,"Maybe, you're a late bloomer like my teacher at school! Remember Mr. Redd?"

Noble hummed his answer.

"He's got a hawk as his partner, and he said that they met in the wild when he was almost twenty-five!"

"Listen to the girl. You have hope." Mylo grinned and slapped his hand on Noble's back. Noble silently groaned at the spurt of pain erupting in his back now, but ignored it in hopes it would go away.

"Let's just not worry for now, and enjoy this amazing bear soup that your mother made us, shall we?" Daley suggested.

"Sure." Noble answered.

Until it was time to put Sam to bed, The three best friends talked, played chess, and told stories about themselves, totally oblivious to reason for what the next may bring.

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