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   Chapter 0 Prologue

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Raja always knew what was best. Stay in the cave.

It wasn't his natural instincts that had come to show his true calling. It was simply common sense that had screamed to him multiple times to stay in the cave. His body would twitch at the mere thought of stepping outside into the countless blizzards of the mountains raging its fury. He would pace in between the rough, rock walls to find something to do, anything. His lack of social interaction made him impatient to the said walls who took his needs by handling his hits.

It had been a long time since Raja had interacted with anyone, any organism. He swore that he was going mental, but it was dangerous to go out. His brothers and sisters only proved that point by never coming back when they went to hunt for food in the wilderness. He missed them dearly, but what was outside the dark cave he brooded in was unexplored territory to him. The moment he stepped outside into the depths of the white, pure snow, Raja would die like his siblings.

It was unheard of.

Raja sat down frustrated out of his mind. He wanted so badly to be free of the hell he was trapped him, but he knew best. Maybe, it was his fate to live in this cave forever for the rest of his lonely life? Had the Gods cursed him with such an path of mental crossroads? He huffed for the millionth time that night.

Maybe, it was time to crawl out of protective shell of his home, his cave, and live a little. Already full grown, he shouldn't be the one lying around doing nothing but cowardly shrinking deep into the darkness of the cave. He was suppose to be fierce! He was suppose to be the one that forced fear into anyone blocking his path! He shouldn't be rotting away like the flowers under the snow!

Raja decided it was time. It was finally time to become what he was suppose to represent!

A snow lion.

The first steps under his paws were hesitant, filled with doubt and regret. Soon, Raja got the hang of the coldness that felt like heaven under his leather pads. Snow rained down from the sky with little flurries. His white fur blended perfectly with his surroundings. He was finally in his natural habitat, and a new found acceptance the snowy forest emitted made him feel his very essence. Raja was truly happy for the first time in years he was trapped in that cave.

Raja figured out that he was more curious than he came to realize he really was. He sniffed all the trees that reaked of pine. His already moist nose became more when a certain squirrel leap from one branch to another. Raja snorted out some air that instantly condensed the moment it reached the mountain air. Raja became quite entertained by the little act of nature.

A crack of a stick snapped Raja out of his childish trance. His blue eyes flicked to the unknown threat just as quickly as his ears snapped up in attention. His incredible hearing heard another twig snap, and now Raja worried what was beyond the bushes that was doing a poor job of being stealthy. He quietly padded in the snow stopping only when he heard muffled noises.

"I think it's somewhere around here." One deep voice whispered. The noise of paper unfolding enveloped Raja's ears. His animal instincts took control as he barred his teeth at the threat. He lowered his upper body, so he could pounce any minute on the intruder of the snowy forest. his tail flicked back and forth in anticipation of what might happen next.

"Myker, I don't think this was a good idea. I know a snow lion's hide is priceless, but none of the villages in the mountains have seen one. They're extinct, admit it." A very worried voice pushed on, urging his companion to stop his hunt.

The moment Raja heard his species and the dreadful information he wasn't ready for, he panicked.

They say that snow lions were mysterious hunter cats who had abilities that were similar to werewolves who lived not far from where Raja's family had lived. Nena, his older sister whom went missing before his older brother, Tiga, went missing, had taught him to shift his form in case any threat were to hunt him down for his priceless pelt, specifically humans. Nena was beautiful as a human. She had the most biggest green eyes any lion would drool over which made up for her small body.

"Close your eyes and focus on your inner energy, little brother," Nena confidently stated in his head," Image yourself as one, and when you feel ready, open those big blue eyes of yours."

Raja felt a pang of sorrow in his rib cage once he heard his lost sister's voice in his head. He had missed her so much since she was the only one to give him attention in his litter. He was labeled as the runt, so naturally he would be shunned and thought useless and weak to his den. No time to mourn, Raja, You need to focus. Raja quickly sent a prayer to the gods before preparing himself for his not so much painless transformation into those things.

Raja felt it was weird to be a human. His surroundings suddenly felt colder because the lost of his fur all across his body. As a replacement, he was given white furs that warmed his body. His legs froze from such harsh weather as his face began to redden by the cold temperatures. His legs wobbled for balance as it was the first time in ages that he had transformed. In fact, it was the first time he had since his sister fled to

gather food for him and herself.

Raja's cleverness took hold of his actions as he acted like he had been traveling through the mountains on a trail snowed over. Running his pale fingers through his white sheet hair, he was stopped by the same voice that was searching for a certain lion to kill.

"Oi! You there!" The first voice yelled out as Raja acted like he was surprised to see humans this far in the mountain. Yet, he was truly surprised. They were truly dedicated if they were trying to find him. How Ironic.

"Hmm?" Raja barely knew how to speak. He could only speak in simple terms such as "yes" or "no" questions and words that he was taught by his older sister.

"Hi! My friend and I are looking for a certain cave around here, and since you're the only person I've seen for miles, I was wondering if you saw such a thing?" The man had a heavy coat on the color of the leaves in the fall while his hat matched. The look of tiredness took his face, but hope also escaped his dull expression in hope that Raja had an answer. His friend glanced over to his friend worriedly. His brown hair clouded his eyes and was wearing something similar as his friend. Only a dark navy hat that covered his head was the only difference according to Raja.

"Umm. . ." Raja pondered on his answer. He would be stupid to lead them in the direction of his own home. Deciding quickly, he finger pointed behind him. The man who appeared to have a map signed in relief. Raja assumed that this was something to look forward to for the humans.

"Thank you very much! Do you know how much farther we have left?" The man begged, oblivious to the fact that he had been tricked into the wrong direction.

"I say about a mile." Raja simply put it. The faster these humans were farther away from his cave, the more time he could explore the forest around him without having to worry that he would be hunted down.

"My name's Myker, and this is my buddy, Colt. What's your name?" The name called himself Myker held out his hand which confused Raja. Noticing his confused stare at his hand, he laughed," Not from around here, are ya'?" Raja shook his head no," It's a greeting to shake hands when you meet someone."

Raja understood what he meant and shook Myker's hand awkwardly. It was silent after the shake, and Raja started to grow tense. He sensed something wrong carrying with these two men. So, Raja quickly grew suspicious of the two, glaring at them.

"Myker, you're making him uncomfortable." Myker's friend, Colt, informed him. Myker only grinned at the statement.

"Colt, do you know what a snow lion can do?" Myker asked, and red flags coursed though Raja's instinct," They could disguise as something else to protect themselves. Remember when Mona saw a women that looked just like Raja here? Well, it turned out she was one too. She changed and attacked our own sister. Lucky, Papa came to intervene before she was killed. I think her name was Dena or Dene?"

Oh no Raja thought. These men had killed his beloved sister, because she was trying to defend herself from what horrors she was placed in front of her! It was an act of violence against an unique predator that was known to possess extreme loyalty. Putting two together, Raja had assumed that Dena made friends with a human, the thing she warned Raja about doing! Dena was dead. . .

Raja snapped.

Raja let his instinct take hold of him as he furiously released his pent up anger that had resided in him too long. Even though he had an answer to where his sister had been these months, he was beyond enraged of the news. He now knew what meant most to him was dead, not breathing, with of the gods now. Not singing with him anymore.

Blood stained the white snow as it also stained the mouth of the outraged snow lion. Raja yelped at what horror he had created in front of him. The man was dead, but he could do something about his friend, Colt. His emotions had gotten the better of him, and now he had blood on his paws. His blue eyes turned to Colt, who was now quickly losing blood because of the huge mark that imprinted his jaw.

"L-Leave me be! Please!" Colt begged," I-I have family at home to feed. I promise no one will bother you!"

Raja let him go as blood dripped from Colt while he fastly escaped as fast as he could travel.

Colt had returned to the village in tears. The villagers panicked that he was barely breathing by the time he arrived. Soon after Colt recovered enough to be conscious, Colt told stories of a frightening beast called the Snow Lion. Colt also explained that this Lion was an force to be reckoned with, and any who met this white-coated lion would not survive.He preached to never, ever travel in it's territory or their fate would become his. Villagers intrigued by the power that Colt had explained began to see this lion a spirit god of the village.

Raja had made it clear that no one was going to mess with him, especially when it came to his sister's murderers. Few had encountered him, fearing his growing power. He had let them go unless they pose threat. With proof, Raja was titled "Protector of Ourea" or Protector of the Mountain Gods.

It confused Raja, but it helped him greatly when seekers would seek him through the white snow of the endless winter seasons.

At least Raja now meant something.

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