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   Chapter 36 NO.36

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HIS LIPS FIT seamlessly with mine. As my mouth pressed feverishly against his, he reciprocated with a ferocity that made me purr. He wanted me just as I wanted him, maybe even more. As his hands moved against my body, a tingling sensation spread over my skin like wildfire. Every part of my body lit like a struck match. My mind wheeled and my heart ignited. And I felt something for the first time, something other than hate or fear or guilt. I felt alive.

Somehow, we made our way to the bed. Triven was careful to keep me on top, to let me stay in control. While his hands firmly held me, I knew he would stop the second I asked him to. Only I didn't ask.

We lay pressed together, mouths moving in unison until we couldn't breathe. When I finally pulled away, gasping for air, his lips trailed my jaw before resting next to my ear. We laid in silence listening to each other's breathing. Beneath me Triven's heart hammered against his chest.

My lips grazed the cut on his neck and the guilt came back. Carefully I ran my finger over the healing skin. Then surprising myself, I kissed it. Triven's arms closed around me.

"I thought you were going to run." He whispered in my ear. There was pain in his voice, as if the idea hurt him. "When you were standing on the fire escape. There was this look in your eyes and I thought you were going to run."

I pressed my ear to his chest. "I was going to. At least I thought I was going to."

He ran his hand through my hair. "I'm glad you didn't."

I was silent. I was glad I stayed too. Wasn't I?

His fingers sought mine, the pads running over my bruised and raw knuckles. Even his gentle touch stung. I balled them into fists, ashamed of what I had done. He pressed his cheek to my forehead, closing his hand protectively over mine.

"Lyra, what you did... it was—"

"Dishonorable, " I cut him off. "I lost control. I felt like... like I lost who I was. When I saw that man on top of Archer, I just snapped. It was like watching my mother... I have never lost control like that. Never. I mean, I have killed people before— I'm not proud of it— but it was always a kill or be killed situation. But tonight... I... I... Then I turned on you." I buried my face in his chest. "Triven I never meant to hurt you. I would never... And my parents, what if Arstid is right? What if they were the cause of your father's death? You should hate me Triven. You should want me to suffer for what they've done. For what I have done. I am not a good person. Why did you save me Triven, why didn't you just let me die in that alley?"

The words began to pour out and I couldn't stop them. They had been eating away at me. He just held me tighter and let me sputter out on my own. Once my breathing calmed he spoke.

"We have all done things we're not proud of. None of us are murderers by nature and no one could ever blame you for what y

beats as I thought and he retracted his question.

"Never mind, sorry to ask. I understand you don't want to talk about it. Can you tell me why you picked the name Lyra though?" He stifled a yawn. "It seems to suit you."

"When my parents died, I was only eleven. I saw the whole thing happen, my mother's rape, both of my parent's brutal murders. I remember biting my hand so hard I nearly gagged on my own blood. I wanted to die with them. To forget everything I had just seen. But my mother had told me to survive and I couldn't bear to let her last words be forgotten. When I finally got out of the storm drain, I realized a large part of me died in that alley with my parents. Maybe that's why I remember so little of my life before then. Their sweet eleven-year-old child no longer existed. And I was what rose from her ashes. Just like a phoenix. 'Lyra' means phoenix in a language called Nymildean" I swallowed thickly.

"It's the perfect name." Triven's breath warmed my ear. He no longer sounded sleepy. I shuddered, not knowing if it was from being cold or from dredging up old memories. Reflexively, I pressed my back farther into him seeking a comfort that I'd never known before. His arm wrapped over me, anchoring me to him like a safety line.

We lay in silence as the weight of the day dragged us into the world of sleep. Just before I drifted away, I offered him something I hadn't given to anyone before, the last piece of my old self I had left. As I whispered in the darkness I could feel sleep taking me. But before I succumbed, I heard the sound of my name as he repeated it. It was a name no one had spoken in six years, and a shiver ran down my spine.



Not so interesting but am important chapter for tons of reasons!!

Also are you guys watching any seasons or drama serials??

I'm watching Sherlock and Iron Fist and They Are Great!!!

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