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   Chapter 34 NO.34

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SCREAMS ECHOED UP the dilapidated walls, magnifying the sound. Chills splintered their way down my spine as the shrill human cries assaulted my ears. It sounded like a war was waging below us.

Six years of instinct kicked in and I skittered to a halt, the worn gravel rooftop sliding noisily under my feet. While my body halted, Triven's sped up. He glanced back for only a second before leaping over the edge of the building. Those were his people dying down there, his people in danger. But I didn't have people.

Did I?

I rushed to the roof's edge as Maddox and Arden caught up. Arden dove over the side landing on the fire escape. His feet had barely touched the rusted metal before he opened fire on the surging bodies below. Maddox spared one icy glare for me before joining the throng. Bodies were strewn in the alley, but they weren't ours. Their skin was tainted odd colors.


We were surviving, not just surviving but winning. Every member of the guard was still on their feet. I leaned out further but didn't yet join the fight. Torn.

Run or help? Run... or stay?

I could see Triven moving below me, his sandy hair easily visible in the dark. He moved with a perilous grace. Without shedding a bullet or unsheathing a knife, he advanced like a shadow through the alley, debilitating the Tribesman as he went. It took me a moment to realize he wasn't killing them; he was just rendering them unconscious. He moved with perfect precision.

ailant's throat, a thick trickle of blood running from beneath the blade.

Triven stood frozen, his gentle eyes wide but calm as they watched me. The knife fell from my hand. It sounded so loud as it clattered to the ground.

"I'm sorry." I said in a trembling voice. My body began to shake, but I didn't feel cold.

"Lyra." Triven whispered my name as he moved towards me, but I jumped backwards.

"I'm sorry." I shook my head, my eyes widening. I had lost control... I had almost killed him.

He moved towards me again and this time I did not move. His muscular arms wrapped around me, and despite myself, I fell against his chest.

"I'm sorry." Why couldn't I find any other words?

He smoothed my hair, "It's okay. We're okay. We have to get moving though, it isn't safe."

I nodded as he released me. Following his lead, I took Archer under the arm and we moved back towards the door leading to The Subversive bunker.



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